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I have reached my saturation point. Riled by O’Reilly, hammered by Hannity, besieged by Beck and  lambasted by Limbaugh. Each presenting different views of the same underlying phenomenon – governmental malfeasance, corruption and complacency. With O’Reilly and Hannity, we see an recirculation of  Fox’s paid consultants pontificating on the issues of the day – balanced by various other talking heads with an opposing view. Not really solving problems as they help to profitably fill the 24/7 broadcast day.

Enough …

I am tired of endlessly watching the near real-time chronicling of President Obama’s foibles and the actions of his deeply flawed appointees. Or the endless reactions of the opposing politicians who are more party to  the problems than the solutions.

Enough …

The tea party movement is exactly what it seems; an uprising of the normal people who are fed up with their government at the local, state and federal levels. Nothing more nor less. Of course, there are those who are beginning to investigate how they can harness this growing disaffection to advance their own political agenda.

Enough …

Truth-be-told, both parties are filled with liars, cheaters and others who act only in their own self-interest. Both parties claim to be for smaller government, lower taxes, a better economy and the curtailment of waste, fraud and abuse in both the government and private sector. Yet, over the years nothing has been done. The inner cities are still cesspools of decay, crime and corruption. Minority populations are exploited and lied to by their own leaders and the government – useful only when it comes to staged media events and at the ballot box. Somehow their leaders seem to be above it all, siding with the majority of manipulators and throwing scraps to their respective communities.

Enough …

I am going to reduce the time I spend watching cable news, listening to talk radio, reading politically-oriented newspapers and magazines. I am not giving up, I am just moderating the flow of distracting information which keeps all of us so bound up in the minutiae of the on-going battle that we lose sight of the goal: providing a decent lifestyle for ourselves and our families.

Bottom line …

I am going to think more about what we are about to do in 2010. Already in California, I can see the main candidates running for the governorship and to replace Senator Barbara Boxer are flawed people who seem to be in the same mold as their predecessors. Nothing new here. No bold initiatives. Same old. Same old.

Perhaps, I will be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps the Republican Party will find their balls and put forth a party platform that makes sense, both fiscally and socially. An agenda that normal people can adopt without becoming one of the religious crazies or conspiracy theorists.

Perhaps the democrats will throw out their crooked representatives and clean their own house. Returning to American values rather than trying to become the party of perpetual power and moving the party towards socialism to satisfy their far-left base.

But, all-in-all, I have very little hope that any of this will happen. While the people send millions to help candidates, the special interests are spending tens of millions. It is a sucker play. And I hope that I am not the sucker.

We will see what happens tomorrow.

-- steve

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