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As people well know, scientific climate modeling as well as econometric modeling is extremely complex and dependent on the ability to describe a particular phenomenon in mathematical equations, the assumptions used to build the model, programming expertise and the quality of the input data.

Therefore, I would like to present the real global warming model:

global_warming = (money4 + special_interest_ advantage3 + media_attention2 + reputations) /political_friction

all to be summed over the additive incumbency of the current Administration and Congress.

There is no doubt in my mind that the pursuit of faux science is conditioned by the billions of dollars being pumped into the government agencies, scientific institutions, the salaries and perks of scientists and the research grants and subsidies conferred on the special interests.

Need I remind you that many a truth is spoken in jest.

-- steve

* Yes, I know that there is no scientific basis for this formula – just as there appears to be no scientific basis for claiming that global climate change is caused primarily by man’s influence on the climate system and/or that the climate models, data and assumptions are correct.

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