Senate Report indicts global warming researchers and the EPA's reliance on flawed science

I can imagine that the global warming scientists are trying desperately to tweak their assumptions, programming and data to produce models which show the plateau of global temperature and its subsequent decline … so once again they can point to their models and claim that they are valid as representations of future climate outcomes. Followed by a new set of dire predictions and a call for a political solution to the problem which enlarges government, raises taxes, rewards the special interests and further curtails our liberties.

Perhaps they will do their magic by simply adding back enough overlooked temperature measurement stations to create the desired result.

Of course the real answer to the analysis of global warming, global climate change or the impacts of weather-related population and economic dislocations is to start with “honest brokers” without a self-serving hidden agenda and a neutral funding source that does not demand fealty to a political system.

There is no way we can let the current crop of weather researchers re-build the observational data. They have a biased agenda to restore funding to their institutions and reclaim their tattered reputations. Even the peer-review process in climate journals cannot be trusted as they were either complicit in putting forth a biased agenda or were ignorant of the manipulation of those outside their immediate sphere of influence. Both which produced suspect “peer-reviewed” literature and brought formerly reputable journals into the realm of distrust.

Interesting reading …

The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works has  released a report titled, "‘Consensus' Exposed: The CRU Controversy." The report covers the constantly erupting controversy surrounding the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit’s (CRU) emails, programming, datasets and documents that were published by a whistle-blower; apparently from materials prepared in response to a United Kingdom Freedom of Information request.

According to the Senate Committee … 

“The emails were written by the world’s top climate scientists, who work at the most prestigious and influential climate research institutions in the world. Many of them were lead authors and coordinating lead authors of UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, meaning that they had been intimately involved in writing and editing the IPCC’s science assessments. They also helped write reports by the United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).”

“The CRU controversy and recent revelations about errors in the IPCC’s most recent science assessment cast serious doubt on the validity of EPA’s endangerment finding for greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. The IPCC serves as the primary basis for EPA’s endangerment finding for greenhouse gases.”

“Instead of moving forward on greenhouse gas regulation, the Agency should fully address the CRU controversy and the IPCC’s flawed science.”

“The scientists involved in the CRU controversy violated fundamental ethical principles governing taxpayer-funded research and, in some cases, may have violated federal laws.”

“In addition to these findings, we believe the emails and accompanying documents seriously compromise the IPCC-backed ‘consensus’ and its central conclusion that anthropogenic emissions are inexorably leading to environmental catastrophes.”

“An independent inquiry conducted by the UK’s Information Commissioner has already concluded that the scientists employed by the University of East Anglia, and who were at the center of the controversy, violated the UK’s Freedom of Information Act.

“Another independent inquiry, headed by Sir Muir Russell, is investigating allegations that the scientists in the CRU scandal manipulated climate change data.”

“In our view, the CRU documents and emails reveal, among other things, unethical and potentially illegal behavior by some of the world’s preeminent climate scientists.”

Quite an indictment of the leading proponents of climate change research and the political agenda which serves their own self-interests.

Will it sway the Obama Administration?

However, it is unlikely that the Obama Administration will acknowledge the truth and attempt to use these flawed findings to enlarge government, raise taxes and implement a command and control structure over all producers and consumers of energy. In this manner they provide for the perpetual control of political power and severely curtail the freedoms of all American citizens. Complicit in this charade are the media who often turn a blind eye to the Obama Administration and the special interests who will turn billion dollar profits from the artificially created “cap and trade” marketplace. Something that would make those who were prosecuted for ENRON-style manipulation look like mere children. 

Listen to Senator James Inhofe as he releases the report …

In spite of a rather inarticulate presentation by Senator Inhofe, he makes a serious charge against the  EPA who is pursuing the clear and present danger of a socialistic “command and control” centrally-planned political system which is destined to destroy our current economy; and possibly our nation.

In fact, the EPA’s action is an attempt to do an end-run around the Congress and administratively pass rules and regulations rather than facing a straight up and down vote on the climate control issue. In fact, the entire action could be challenged on the basis of the Executive Branch of Government usurping the Constitutional legislative function of the Congress.

Bottom Line …

The good citizens and taxpayers of the United States, and specifically in the State of California, should be well aware that public policy based on flawed science is threatening to destroy the fabric of our nation – and our formerly golden state – and rewards those who have perpetrated the biggest scam in the history of the world. Belay that, the second biggest scam in the history of the world, the first being the Islamic religion as the religion of peace.

We need to stop this madness and elect honest brokers who will represent “we the people” rather than their own self-interests and those of their “special interest” friends.

Above all, we should target the corrupt democrats who have brought us to this tipping point and those complicit republicans who have enabled their actions. We need a return to Reagan-style conservatism before this nation devolves into a third-world nations, run by puppets bought and paid for by the oligarchs.

Read the report yourself and decide for yourself whether or not the current crop of politicians are selling us out to the special interests – and quite possible hostile foreign special interests.

-- steve

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