Senate Report indicts global warming researchers and the EPA's reliance on flawed science


It seems that the three of the most potent weapons of the far-left socialists are political correctness, multiculturalism and moral equivalency.  Many times hiding behind minority candidates who are not shy about playing the race card and labeling their opponents as bigots and racists.

Take a moment and recall the actions of those members of Congress, mostly democrats, who belong to the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Hispanic Caucus – who openly advocate, not for the entire population of the United States or even their own constituency – but those of similar race or ethnicity. By definition this is bigotry and racism!

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is often complicit in ruining the careers of those who challenge these “special” people – even knowing that they might be among some of the corrupt politicians in the land.

Well I am tired of watching corrupt politicians play on their color and ethnicity to push a Marxist ideology or a policy of personal and political corruption. Backed by shadowy handlers who call the shots and help themselves to the public treasury.

It’s time to stand up and call these people out. It doesn’t matter what a politician’s color, race or gender might be – especially if they are incompetent, complacent or corrupt. Or if theY are flat-out loons with very strange ideas and conspiracy theories.

It is not racist to say that a Black person is incompetent or is pursuing a self-interest agenda which reflects the general Marxist leanings of Black Theology – a Marxist trick to create a new class of victims in their struggle for the mythical utopia of “social justice.”

In any event, their constituencies should be reminded just how corrupt and out of touch these politicians are – explaining that politicians on both sides of the aisle claim that they are for eliminating waste, fraud and abuse and support community values – until you realize that nothing has really changed in years except the political power and profits of the politician and their special interest friends.

Amazingly enough, members of the Black clergy who should know better, gravitate towards these false prophets and sell out their congregations for “walking around money” and the promise of minimal support. Ask yourself, with all of the religion, time, effort and government money – why was the war on poverty not won? Why do inner cities, especially those controlled by the democrats, remain cesspools of crime, corruption and special interests? Could it be that those in government have siphoned off much of the money to enlarge government, pay-off worker’s unions with outrageous salaries, benefits, retirements and onerous work rules? The greatest burden on government today is their pension obligations and the need to feed the special-interest beast. Corruption and incompetence abound at all levels.

Could it be that the power structure has enabled an entire race of individuals to shirk their responsibilities as citizens and as fellow human beings. Destroying the family unit and producing males who simply impregnate every willing female to create the largest group of government dependent citizens in our nation's history? Stiffiling individualism and achievement. Allowing for second-rate education, general lawlessness and a lack of discipline within the community? Deliberately encouraging people to remain separate and apart, in language, custom, dress and manner -- to avoid assimilation into a much larger group of responsible citizens? And all to pursue the political power and profits that come with managing large groups of government-dependent citizens? Make no bones about it -- there are significant profits to be made in crime; mostly by those who criminalize behaviors and reap the rewards of prosecuting people. No wonder the democrats are called the party of lawyers -- everything is about creating the conditions which make Americans wrong and dependent on the government.

The time has come for citizens to speak up. To call a spade a spade. (No racial inference here). To tell these legislators who seem so self-important that they do not reflect the views of the country and to sit down and shut up!

Who does Obama think he is? With a marginal victory – comprised mostly of those who were disaffected with the Bush Administration, the Blacks who wanted to pursue an historic opportunity, the unions and other democrat constituencies who believed that Obama was malleable enough to pursue his far left agenda, Obama does not represent America or Americans. He is a symptom of their malaise – not a solution to their problems. Especially by taking the United States further left towards socialism and big brother government controls.

And what of the democrat Congress who has told the American public to shut up and go along for the ride. The corrupt majority leaders, Pelosi and Reid, are even willing to sacrifice weakened members of their own party in order to achieve what they believe will be their crowning achievement: a perpetual democrat government in control of every facet of our nation and your life.

It is time to speak up. To shout I am mad as hell and will not take it any more. To tell these clowns to stuff their healthcare initiative and go away. Their healthcare has little or nothing to do with health. It is about perpetuating political power and controlling the purse-strings.

Well, I for one, suggest that you come to your senses and see where these so-called leaders are leading us – right to hell in a handbasket.

Call them and tell them their time is up. There is no reason why we should let multiculturalism, moral equivalence and political correctness bring our nation down to third-world levels. Obama might not think we are an exceptional nation and that is his right. But his grasp on history is majorly warped and wrapped up in his early teachings. We can no longer excuse his behavior. He may be the most articulate, telegenic, "cool" person on the planet -- but it is all a fascade to soothe the public into acting against their own best interests.

We do not need to give equal time to evil and certainly not to an artificial religion which has but one goal: global dominance and the death of all non-believers. We do not have to take care of every last person at the expense of destroying our current healthcare system. Yes, it needs repair -- but it must be repaired by "honest brokers" who do not cut deals with the very people they deamonize: the pharmaceutical industry, the medical equipment vendors, the insurance companies and others who will record windfall profits if Obamacare passes.

When the hell are we going to get off our collective asses, look at reality and call a spade a spade.

-- steve

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