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Disgusting: AARP plundering seniors to support democrat policy initiatives ...

First, AARP appeared to sell out senior citizens by promoting the Obama Administration’s healthcare initiative which would mandate a $500 BILLION reduction in Medicare programs (Primarily Medicare Advantage) and institute a “best practices” policies approach which would severely limit healthcare to senior citizens. All apparently to further the “for profit” part of AARP which sells insurance and other goods and services to senior citizens – using it’s non-profit foundation as its “propaganda” arm.

AARP does it again …

It makes me mad when AARP uses current events and demonizes the financial institutions to raise money that can be used by AARP to promote radical far-left democrat policies which may have a severe adverse impact on senior citizens.

Help us hold Wall Street accountable

The big banks are putting a lot of pressure on Congress to stop its plans for strong financial reform. We can't let Wall Street get its way.

AARP is running a full-scale grassroots campaign to help Congress rein in the kinds of reckless behavior that led to the financial crisis – and protect consumers.

What? The Congress and the government was the proximate cause of the entire financial fiasco.

1.  Legislation removing all previous safeguards that were designed to protect the public against another great depression were removed.

2.  Congress demanded that financial institutions and the large government agencies promote housing and financial programs to those who could not afford to purchase a car, let alone a home. By counting welfare payments as permanent income. By threatening financial institutions with audits, fines and penalties if they did not make unsound loans to almost indigent borrowers.

3.  The Administration, under Clinton, Bush and Obama, clearly abdicated their oversight of the financial world and allowed rampant fraud and greed to reign supreme.

4.  Both parties continue to take millions in legal bribes, I mean campaign contributions, and do the bidding of industry lobbyists.

To believe that the current legislative effort is any more than to provide cover against the growing anger of an outraged public is to be foolish and naive. These are the dung beetles that created the dung heap and to believe they truly want to reform a system which has provided for their personal, professional and political benefits is crazy.

You will notice that the democrats, the party of lawyers, has not said one word about reforming the current tort system which rewards trial lawyers with riches beyond belief. Much of it coming directly or indirectly right out of the  taxpayer’s pocket.

So why should we give money to AARP to support the very people who created the mess in the first place?

Here is AARP’s latest attempt to persuade seniors to give it money … 


When it comes to cleaning up Wall Street, the big banks aren't giving in without a fight.

And neither are we.

We need 2,500 donors to our large-scale Consumer Protection campaign by Feb. 28.

Make a donation today – and let's make sure Congress fights for us, not the big banks.

Get this: The same big banks that helped create the financial mess are now spending millions to prevent us from cleaning it up.

I'm tired of watching Wall Street get rewarded for bad behavior. AARP is launching a large-scale campaign to help make sure Congress stands up and enacts tough reforms that protect consumers.

But the big banks certainly won't let this happen without a fight.

We need 2,500 donors to our Consumer Protection campaign by February 28.

Make a $5 contribution and help us reach our goal so we can be sure we have what it takes to help hold Wall Street accountable.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs or their life's savings in the financial crisis – all because Wall Street couldn't control its greed. We've spent billions in taxpayer dollars to bail them out. And now they want to continue to do business as usual, as if none of this ever happened.

It's got to stop. Congress is considering some basic reforms that would not only hold Wall Street accountable, but that would protect the Americans who play by the rules.

Our job is to make sure Congress doesn't cave to Wall Street's well-funded lobbyists. Help us take our grassroots advocacy straight to Capitol Hill, as we meet directly with key lawmakers and launch powerful ads to help pass needed and important reforms.

Make a donation by Feb. 28 – and help us ensure we can fight back against the powerful efforts to derail financial reform.

Without your help, the folks that got us into this mess just might be able to persuade Congress to look the other way on their bad behavior. Thanks for all you've done to make sure we win this fight.


Barry Jackson
Senior Manager, Grassroots

What complete and utter bullshit. The democrats in Congress, as well as their Republican counterparts, are not interest in cleaning up the incestuous cesspool that is Wall Street. Not when so many members of Goldman Sachs and other so-called prestigious Wall Street firms are serving in high positions in the Obama Administration. And certainly not when members of Congress and the Obama Administration continually attempt to manipulate the mortgage marketplace through their Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac chicanery.

Truth be told, I believe that AARP is positioning themselves to receive large grants to provide educational outreach services to senior citizens and other more personal benefits that would accrue to AARP’s senior management.

Bottom line …

The non-profit AARP is nothing more than a shill for their for-profit enterprise. And that any and all donations received by AARP might be used to lobby for pro-democrat, pro-Administration policies which are anti-senior citizen.

Nobody asked me if I want AARP to support the corrupt democrats and the Obama Administration. Nobody asked me if I wanted AARP to support programs that cut healthcare to senior citizens and further screwed up their financial future.

Screw AARP and its senior leadership.

-- steve

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