Beware of Celebrity Trickle Down Charities
Reconsidering John McCain''s reelection to the Senate ...

Where are the Republicans? Is Massachusetts a beginning or a fluke of a disaffected citizenry?

Yes, a Republican won the interim “Kennedy” Senate Seat in Massachusetts over a democrat who campaigned with former President Clinton and President Obama. But does this signify a resurgence of interest in the Republican Party? I think not. Especially considering how many democrats and independents actually voted across party lines and supported Scott Brown.

First, the Republicans remain leaderless and rudderless, operating more on happenstance than a planned strategy.

Second, Massachusetts voters, be they democrats or independents were not voting so much for Scott, but against the general political environment.

An arrogant Congress who, in essence, told the people to sit down and shut up.

They crafted their legislation in secret, behind closed doors with only the party faithful and the special interests present.

The cut special deals with the special interests in exchange for limited opposition if not outright support.

They passed 1000+ and 2000+ page bills that no one could read nor understand.

They told the public that their legislative efforts were cost effective and would have a neutral effect on the deficit and overall national debt. Demonstrable lies which used subsidiary bills and un-costed extensions that merely ceded additional powers to the various agency secretaries and ill-defined commissions, boards and panels.

They made no effort to seek bi-partisan agreement and input.

They seemed to be oblivious to the signal they were sending to the public: this bill is so damn good that we need to bribe individual politicians with multi-billion dollar carve-outs to seek their support. Proving that both the leadership and their members were corrupt, complacent or ideologues.

This is reminiscent of the anti-Bush vote – nothing more nor less.

Third, democrat legislative efforts seemed to be more about extending one-party rule political power in perpetuity by embracing central planning and implementing a “command and control” political environment which would make ordinary citizens more dependent on their government – and especially the party in power.

Fourth, how many people noticed that the taxpayer’s hard-earned funds were being channeled into organizations that could be described as “community organizers” – with the sole purpose of building a cadre of supporters that could “get out the vote” in the upcoming 2010 and 2012 election cycles. It is no accident that many of these funding initiatives break in 2010 and in 2012.

Fifth, we the people are appalled at the creation of a class of super-citizens – also known as government bureaucrats – which are being guaranteed “jobs for life,” medical care for life, salaries matching the private sector and a retirement package that can’t begin to match the private sector for generosity. A new class of self-perpetuating, self-sustaining bureaucrats that is fast reaching a “critical mass” where they can simply vote for the party that keeps them fat, dumb and happy.

Sixth, hard-working Americans are worried about the rise of the “entitlement” class which is being promised more and more for their votes. With the Obama Administration and the current congress, handouts seem to be the order of the day – all to buy party loyalty where none really exists.

But worst of all, the Republicans are sitting back and watching the democrats destroy their own party …

There seems to be little or no real work behind the scenes. As a conservative, I would hoped to have seen the emergence of a conservative agenda that repudiated the profligate spending of the past. I would hoped to have seen the Republicans reform their primary process to prevent an extremely small number of “states who can be bought” from dictating which leaders might survive and go on the ballot. Where crossover voting and other shenanigans did not produce “weak sister” candidates like John McCain.

I don’t see a push for voter identification. If you need a picture ID to enter a federal building, fly on an airline or drive a car – how about preserving our most precious freedom – the freedom to have our vote counted honestly and accurately? And don’t give me the crap about the poor being disenfranchised. They can get a picture identification card at their DMV for little or no expense. For those who vote without ID, a confirmation process could be provided.

So where are the Republicans today? Or are they waiting for Scott Brown to announce that he is thinking of running for President?

About the man ...

Scott Brown appears to be a good guy, unafraid to speak his mind. But the Republicans should remember he is a Republican operating in a heavily democrat state and has a long history of dealing across the aisle to get things accomplished. He appears to be a moderate to fiscal concervative and I believe he is more of a liberal when it comes to social issues. We know he is passionate for veteran's affairs and has a very thin record on significant issues. Before the Republicans annoint this candidate, they should move beyond his likeability and really examine what he does in the next two years. Above all, he will represent Massachusetts first -- whether or not he can move beyond supporting his state and dealing with senior Senator Kerry to concentrate on what is good for the nation. There is always the problem that Scott Brown will morph into a RINO (Republican In Name Only) -- and the hope that he will grow into a national leader.

Bottom line …

Unless the Republicans get their platform together and start showing some leadership, the democrats may find a way to manufacture a resurgence which will thwart the constitutional checks and balances that make the 2010 election cycle a necessity. Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Gingrich and Beck can’t provide leadership – they can provide enlightenment – but not leadership. It is time to re-build the party on conservative principles and preparing for the cataclysmic clash that will soon be upon us.

-- steve

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