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Underwear Bomber: Let's Make A Deal?

Déjà vu: Janet Reno and Alberto Gonzales …

Once again it appears that the Department of Justice is being hyper-politicalized and taking direction directly from the White House and its radical political activists.

How else could you explain the published reports that claim the “authorities” are offering Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab some form of plea bargain in exchange for information on his co-conspirators, his training and other operational details – or to secure a guilty plea.

Lawyers will be lawyers …

I can understand the career and media ramifications of securing a rock solid guilty plea when things could go wrong at trial. Especially in the era of citizen/activists with their own personal agenda (becoming famous, writing a book, making a racial or political statement) sitting on the jury. Even the defense’s attempt to exclude Jews from the jury pool and the prosecution’s attempt to exclude Muslims from the jury pool is fraught with danger. One need only remember the O.J. Simpson debacle to note what can happen when evidence is badly handled, investigators are compromised for their personal foibles and the case is dissected in the media. All good reasons to use a military tribunal system.

To what benefit is a public trial in federal court?

We all know that President Obama is trying to demonstrate to the world that we are open, fair-minded and compassionate when it comes to legal matters – but what compassion should be extended to a person who was one-mistake away from killing hundreds of Americans – including additional hundreds of people on the ground?

His guilt is self-evident …

There is no doubt that the bomber acted as charged. He did so in front of numerous witnesses, in a closed environment and was self-incriminated by being burned in the process. There is actually no need for a jury trial – the matter should be procedurally handled by a military tribunal, followed by the death sentence. No long court proceeding which would turn this terrorist into a martyr or give additional publicity to his cause. To think that the death sentence may be off the table in return for cooperation and a guilty plea is abominable. Especially because it will cost the American taxpayer millions of dollars to deal with this terrorist, not to mention the many millions required to handle this case in the federal judicial system.

I do not care if Eric Holder believes that terrorism is an act of civil disobedience rather than an act of war, the conclusion of this event needs to be the death penalty. Already our enemies, both foreign and domestic,  are laughing at us for projecting the image of power and then having no resolve to use it to protect our citizens and our interests. Make no mistake, our enemy only respects strength and the will to use it. Unfortunately, many of them are willing to die for their cause and will continue to pursue terrorist actions until they get what they desire.

Conservative Republicans are the only answer …

And by conservative Republicans I do not mean RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and the others who are quick to hop across the aisle to assist the democrats in pursuing their radical ideological agenda. The people who say nothing about the beheading, mutilation, rape and torture of Muslims as a routine practice in countries without human rights – yet decry enhanced interrogation techniques which will save American lives.

We need to remove the democrats and their complacent Republican counterparts from our government. They have make America less safe and appear unwilling to do what is necessary to protect Americans from terrorists.

I want to know that we, as a nation and in terms of self-protection and survival, are still committed to destroying any country which should attack us with weapons of mass destruction; be they nuclear, chemical or biological. Not a proportionate response, but an overwhelming retaliatory strike against the country and its citizens. For it ultimately the citizens, not the politicians, who serve as a counterbalance to political ambition and craziness. With this card on the table, we might see how far a civilian population is willing to go in protecting their own lives when the chips are down.

Bottom line …

The best chance for America to recover and return to a position of power is for the American people to look at what the democrats have done to America in the past – and what they are attempting to do now – and say NO at the ballot box. It is my belief that the current crop of democrat politicians – no matter what they call themselves – are a clear and present danger to our republic and represent an existential threat to our safety and security.

-- steve

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