Obama: State of the Union -- rhetoric, not results!

The Republican Party must think I am stupid ...

I just received another computer-generated personalized letter ostensibly from Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The missive contains the predictable “Your immediate action is required” opener and purports to be a “2010 Obama Agenda Survey” which,  truth-be-told, is a thinly disguised fundraising gimmick to make me think that the Republican National Committee actually cares what I think.

Blah, Blah Blah …

Like the boy who cried wolf, how many times can you demonize the opposition, explain the dire consequences of inaction, claim that you desperately need money to fight the evil opposition and suggest that the recipients $25 is the last thing standing between freedom and Armageddon.

As one who has designed list management system and automated letter writing software, I am unimpressed by the package, its format and especially its message.

Pure evil …

Some of the questions in the Obama Agenda Survey:

1.  Do you agree with Barack Obama and the Democrats that taxes should be raised for the sake of “fairness,”  regardless of the negative impact is it likely to have on the economy?

2.  Do you believe that the federal government has gone too far in bailing our failing banks, insurance companies and the auto industry?   

3.  Do you support amnesty for illegal immigrants?   

4.   Should English be the official language of the United States?

8.  Do you believe that the best way to increase the quality and effectiveness of public education in the U.S. is to rapidly expand federal funding while eliminating performance standards and accountability? 

Yada, Yada, Yada …

Want my money?

1.  Tell me who is likely to be leading the Republican Party. I know it isn’t Rush Limbaugh and I pray it’s not John McCain or Newt Gingrich.

2.  Tell me what the party platform is likely to be.

  • We support English as the official language.
  • We do not support automatic amnesty for illegal aliens.
  • We need to counteract the toxic effects of the unions in government and education.
  • We are fiscal conservatives and we believe that no company is “too big to fail.”

3.  Point out the candidates and their history and their  positions.

4.   Tell me how you spent the money in the last election cycle and how you plant to use it in the 2010 election cycle.

5.   Don’t give me that “secrecy” crap and tell me we need to hide our strategy from the evil democrats.

How it should be done …

It is my belief that we should be open and inclusive to the extent we publish our conservative agenda and invite others to join us. As former President Reagan said, “Bold colors, no pale pastels.”

Treat me as an adult. Not as some child to be manipulated with socially-engineered reports and surveys which are little more than fundraising devices. Realize that this is not a team sport – with Tee-Shirts, Hats and secret decoder rings.

It is time to eschew manipulation and lay the agenda out for the American people. Until then, go pound sand!

And for those of you who view this as an “us” versus “them” game and should settle for RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and a “democrat lite” agenda –just to win and place an (R) on the roster;  it is now time to realize that we are fighting a real enemy who wants to transform America into an unrecognizable socialist republic.

If the leaders of the Republican Party does not realize this fundamental truth, they should be thrown out on their collective asses.

Perhaps we need to clean up the party too!

In the final analysis, both parties have claimed to be fiscally prudent, socially conscious and scrupulously honest – with ethical candidates who will serve as honest brokers for the people they pretend to serve. Both parties have cut deals with the special interests. Both parties have bad actors whom they continue to protect. Perhaps, we not only need to clean our incumbents, but the party regulars who have been corrupt, complacent and incompetent in their pursuit of political power.

Time for a clean sweep – both within the party and the candidates they support.

And what good does it do to elect aisle-hopping RINOs like John McCain who appears to be more about pursuing the democrat agenda than promoting a tough, but honest, Republican agenda.

Perhaps a wise man was absolutely correct when he said: there is only one party of “property and wealth,” and it has two wings – the democrats and the Republicans.

-- steve

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