Jerry Brown: left-wing loon pleads for another chance to impose socialism on California
The Republican Party must think I am stupid ...

Obama: State of the Union -- rhetoric, not results!

Obama, the actor, once again proves he can read a TelePrompTer and incite the partisan crowd to jump up and down like trained monkeys ...

Once again we see the President of the United States, standing before a captive crowd in the Congressional Chamber – saying only one thing: All you democrats out there, don’t cut and run … the American people have short memories and won’t blame us for turning terrorism into an ordinary crime, trying to subvert healthcare with a cockamamie 2,000+ page bill that few read and even fewer understand, for allowing people associated with Goldman Sachs to permeate the government, for spending beyond our wildest dreams, for siphoning money to corrupt community organizers and for promoting the higher costs, inefficiencies and lack of productivity with union labor.

People have short memories … so you need to stand with me and perhaps I can send your district or state a few extra billion as a thank you.

All-in-all the speech was well-written by anonymous speech writers and spin-tested for maximum effect. Delivered with clinical efficiency and little emotion by the TelePrompTer reader who happens to be President.

My biggest complaint was the inclusion of a single line ...

"We are working with Muslim communities around the world to promote science, education and innovation."

President Obama is the President of the United States, not the world, and our own inner cities are struggling to survive. Saudi Arabia is spending hundreds of millions to promote their 12-century Whabbist religion which disregards fundamental human rights and imposes barbaric punishments for the slightest infraction. Let them educate their own people.

We need to stop Obama’s plan to turn America into “just another country” which must listen to the dictates of such corrupt international organizations as the United Nations.

We need to stop Obama’s plan to keep spending until our economy and nation collapses into socialism.

We need to stop Obama from promoting the unions which always results in higher costs, inefficiency: replacing merit with mediocrity, innovation with stagnation and rewarding seniority instead of performance.

We need to stop Obama from subverting the next election by channeling funds to community organizers and other democrat/left-wing organizations who will stump only for democrats.

In short, we need to replace Obama – and in the meantime replace the Congressional democrats who are imposing their socialist will on America.

For a man who cannot bring himself to decry terrorism … he is a terror unto himself.

-- steve

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