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Jerry Brown: left-wing loon pleads for another chance to impose socialism on California

The return of Governor Moonbeam …

Once again, left-wing loon, ex-Governor Jerry Brown aka Governor Moonbeam” is thinking about running for California’s top job. He looks older and wiser – and even sounds conservative -- but he is still a proponent of far-left liberalism as practiced by the current crop of democrats and complacent republicans.

If you think a democrat leader like President Obama and a democrat Congress headed by people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are dangerous to our nation … consider what a Governor Jerry Brown and the democrat legislature could do to California.

The California liberals never seem to learn and it is doubtful they will even change  …

It’s bad enough that the democrat socialists tried to impose cap-and-trade (AB32) in California to assist in “healing the planet” by responding to so-called “global” warming; but now we are faced with a new “single payer” healthcare system from a gay San Franciscan, Mark Leno.

“The proposal, which is estimated to cost $200 billion, would eliminate private health insurance in California and replace it with a state-run system, which would be provided to every California resident. That system would be overseen by a new state agency that also would ultimately decide what services the coverage would entail.”

“The price tag would be paid by pooling all state and federal money currently spent on health services, which would require federal approval, along with a payroll tax that would be paid by both employees and workers. In a previous incarnation of the bill, that tax was set at 16 percent. The financing is not part of the latest version. Backers also think the single-payer system will greatly reduce administrative costs, which also would help pay for the system.” <Source>

Consider the implications of this democrat-backed proposal …

A health system costing $200 billion in a state which is flirting with insolvency and a mega-billion dollar deficit.

A health system that would be run by the people who cannot seem to run the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) without chaos, corruption and personnel issues.

A health system which would be overseen by a new state agency which would decide what care Californians were “entitled” to receive. Does “death panel” sound familiar?

A health system which will consume all of the state’s current healthcare spending and an additional payroll tax of almost 20% of your income.

A health system which is said to reduce administrative costs in the face of increasing unionization of the healthcare industry and government workers. Unions which result in increased costs, reduced efficiencies, replacing innovation with mediocrity,  merit with seniority and providing a lifetime sinecure for lackluster bureaucrats and failed politicians.

Senate Bill 810 …

“There is hereby established in state government the
California Healthcare System, which shall be administered by the California Healthcare Agency, an independent agency under the control of the Healthcare Commissioner.”

“No health care service plan contract or health
insurance policy, except for the California Healthcare System plan, may be sold in California for services provided by the system.”

“This division shall be known and may be cited as the California Universal Healthcare Act.”

“This division shall be liberally construed to accomplish its purposes.”

Welcome to open-ended state-sponsored socialism and the death of free-market capitalism in California.

It seems California democrats need to be schooled once again …

With the national defeat of Obamacare, one would need to be crazy – or an ultra-liberal far-left San Francisco minority -- to think that this healthcare initiative would benefit California and its residents. It appears that the legislation has little or no protections from the special interests and out-of-work politicians that would wreak havoc on what little is left of our personal freedom in California.

Kiss our Constitution and personal freedoms goodbye …

It is not beyond the pale that the democrat-led legislature and a democrat-governor would impose restrictions on the Second Amendment on the theory that gun control is a public health issue and needs to be controlled.

It is not beyond the pale that democrats would criminalize or heavily tax those who wanted to eat Twinkies and Ho Ho’s – that it unless they were part of a religious experience or used for a deviant sexual practice.

Compounding both debt and interest …

With the California State Treasurer claiming we need to raise our already sky-high tax rates or face a financial Armageddon, the introduction of this bill is not only irresponsible – but foolhardy. It is believed that the temporary California sales tax, which will expire later this year, will be re-imposed or even increased. Schwarzenegger is already begging for federal funds to protect his “legacy” so he can leave office having handled a “technical deficit.”

So why is Len0 introducing this bill, if not to set up an issue to be exploited by Jerry Brown in his gubnatorial run  -- an issue that would appeal to the illegal aliens and others in the “entitlement” movement?

 The clear and present danger of electing Jerry Brown …

But the clear and present danger would be electing a governor like Jerry Brown whose philosophy and past history suggests that he would openly embrace the concept of single-payer healthcare, global warming restrictions and other such far-left liberal nonsense meant, not to solve the problem, but to exert and perpetuate democrat political control. Keep a sharp eye peeled for the likes of ACORN (possibly under a new name) and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) as they try to use socialist Alinsky’s  community organizing tactics to push a Brown candidacy.

-- steve

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Reference Links …

S.B. 810:Leno: Single-payer health care coverage

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