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Backdoor Gun Control -- Media Blast: Walt Disney's Grandson New Poster Boy for Ammunition Control Crowd ...

The gun control people who are pushing tighter ammunition purchase restrictions are all atwitter at a high-profile case involving Walt Disney’s grandson.

From the Associated Press via NBC News …

“Walt Disney's grandson may be wishing upon a star that he doesn't end up in prison.”

“Patrick Disney Miller was charged Thursday with an additional 19 felony counts stemming from an arrest earlier this month. The 42-year-old was previously charged with a single felony count.”

“Cops say they found 13 handguns, a rifle, an illegal assault rifle and various drugs at the defendant's Woodland Hills home. Thanks to a 2005 drug conviction in Fresno, Miller is barred from owning guns or ammunition, say prosecutors.”

“LAPD officers obtained the search warrant after running a background check on Miller when they discovered he had allegedly purchased ammunition, according to the D.A.'s office.”

This arrest is said to front the attempts of ultra-liberal California legislators to mandate state-wide ammunition controls involving a centralized database which can be data-mined by law enforcement at will and matched up against felons and others who have broken the law or should not be allowed to buy ammunition.

Of course, this inconveniences and punishes the much greater number of law-abiding citizens and does little to advance crime control. Especially since hardened criminals and others are not likely to purchase ammunition through conventional channels.

There is also the possibility that further controlling ammunition will give rise to an uptick in crime as it will promote a greater market for black-market ammunitions. If criminals do not obtain weapons through legitimate means – what are the chances that they will purchase ammunition which requires photo-id and fingerprinting once a law goes into effect? From my way, there is a slim to none chance of this happening.

This type of propaganda push is what drives liberal do-gooders to confuse gun control and crime control. There is no further explanation of how the LAPD discovered that he allegedly purchased ammunition.

Bottom line …

The politicians are hell-bent on disarming the American public in times when governmental actions are rising towards the very type of taxation and freedom-restricting tyranny that so concerned our Forefathers when they wrote the Second Amendment.

We must remain vigilant so that our freedom and rights are not slowly eroded, one step at a time, by those with a hidden agenda of subjugating the American people by the continual creation of crises which demand some restrictions on freedom and onerous omnibus programs such as healthcare and cap-and-trade.

For those of you who are gun owners, support the NRA and your local state associations. For those of you who are undecided, take a gun safety course and learn the facts. And for those of you liberal do-gooders, I would like to remind you of two basic facts:

One, the police cannot be everywhere they are needed and their is no legally-enforceable requirement that they protect any individual citizen; and

Two, a disarmed public is open season for those who break the law and prey on unarmed citizens.

If you do not want to protect yourself and your family from drug-addled criminals, that is your business. Do not dictate laws which would prevent me from exercising my God-given right to self-defense.

-- steve

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