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Are the liberal democrats guilty of institutional racism?

There is something deeply disturbing about the democrat party. Comprised mostly of liberal do-gooders, I am struck by the manner and speed with which they managed to built a coalition of the disaffected and the do-gooders to assume control of both Congress and the Administration. Culminating in the election of the first Black President in the history of the United States and the creation of a veto-proof super-majority in Congress.

Of course, to achieve this historic feat required a corresponding historic confluence of events which could never have been predicted.

First, the breakdown in political ethics which produced corrupt and complacent politicians who were pursuing agendas of personal and political self-interest. Cutting deals with the special interests to raise campaign funding and voter support.

Second, the breakdown in journalistic ethics, perhaps conditioned by the corporate ownership of a mainstream media which was facing financial difficulty due to the rise in alternative news sources. Both talk radio and the Internet made information appearing in newspapers and magazines look stale and dated.  The new media allowed two-way conversation which engaged their audience and there was little or no need to compress and condense the news into convenient and cost-effective sound bites.

Third, the actions of a President who was characterized by the mainstream media as an incompetent, cartoonish figure who through misguided cronyism or incompetence managed to engage the United States in a prolonged war and disable many of the regulatory checks and balances needed to keep Wall Street greed in check.

Fourth, the abrogation of  financial regulatory policies and the unwillingness of our regulatory agencies to investigate and  prosecute the financial fraud which led to the near-collapse of our real estate market and economy. Seemingly to the benefit of fat cats who pocketed hundreds of millions and, in some cases, billions of dollars as our economy cratered. 

Fifth, the appearance of an unholy alliance between key unions and community organizers who knew that they could, legally or illegally, exploit the almost perfect polarization of the population to push the election past the tipping point and secure a win for the democrat party.

Sixth, the willingness of a coalition of people who were told that they were victims of the system and entitled to a larger share of the American Dream without a corresponding increase in personal initiative and effort. All supported by well-intentioned people eager to prove that they were not racists or the oppressors of underachieving Americans.

And seventh,  a decades long dumbing down of the American public, characterized by an increasing fascination with mindless entertainment activities and the almost deification of celebrities.

And it is this last item that I find most distasteful. Especially since rudimentary analysis seems to indicate that the dumbing down of the population was a long-term political strategy of the far-left and was achieved through the control over school systems by malevolent teachers’ unions.

I am not the only person to note that the democrats have done much to destroy the productive capacity of blacks in society and to openly exploit their dissatisfaction for purposes of political gain.

Walter Williams, a distinguished economist  whom I admire greatly seems to have touched on a curious paradox within the democrat party. A party which openly promotes victimhood and achieves its political power by pandering to those victims with promises of greater entitlements which, as I have said before, do not require a corresponding increase in the level of personal initiative or achievement.

In an editorial piece for Investor’s Business Daily, Williams notes …

“Teacher Union Holding Back Black Students”

“Detroit's (predominantly black) public schools are the worst in the nation, and it takes some doing to be worse than Washington, D.C.”

“Only 3% of Detroit's fourth-graders scored proficient on the most recent National Assessment of Education Progress test, sometimes called ‘the nation's report card.’ Twenty-eight percent scored basic and 69% below basic. ‘Below basic’ is the NAEP category when students are unable to demonstrate even partial mastery of knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work at their grade level. It's the same story for Detroit's eighth-graders. Four percent scored proficient, 18% basic, 77% below basic.”

This should serve as an indictment of the local and state political entities which exert great control over education and the unions which manage to interfere in the financial and educational activities of almost every school system in the nation.

“Michael Casserly, executive director of the D.C.-based Council on Great City Schools, in an article appearing in Crain's Detroit Business (Dec. 8) titled ‘Detroit's Public Schools Post Worst Scores on Record in National Assessment’" said: ‘There is no jurisdiction of any kind, at any level, at any time in the 30-year history of NAEP that has ever registered such low numbers.’ The academic performance of black students in other large cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles is not much better than in Detroit and Washington.”

And what do these large cities seem to have in common? They are ruled by essentially as democrat fiefdoms which are hotbeds of unionized political activity.

Money is not the answer …

When it comes to educational excellence, money is never the complete answer. Other factors such as in-school discipline, parental support of the educational process and the uncompromising leadership of educational institutions all play an equal, or perhaps, larger part in achieving academic excellence.

Here in Los Angeles, we see a billionaire interfering in the educational process to build an outsized monstrosity of a modern art high school to stroke his ego and to serve as one focal point of his real estate redevelopment activities. We see the unions making it next to impossible to discipline poorly performing teachers who manage to secure tenure with little or no effort on their part. We see an explosion in salaries for teachers and administrators even in the face of abysmal academic performance. We see political interference in the educational system to accommodate the needs of illegal non-English-speaking aliens who often impair the learning activities of others in the same classroom. Unfortunately, this mainstreaming of unqualified students does not appear to be done for beneficial reasons, but to keep the ADA (Average Daily Attendance) high enough to keep the money flowing to the school system. Where test scores preclude the legitimate flow of grant money, teachers either “teach to the test” or openly alter the test score results. Where children cannot pass exit exams, the social parasites controlling the system rush to court to invalidate the test on the basis of “ethnic” bias or simply lower the standards needed to pass an already lowered bar.

Williams asks

What's to be done about this tragic state of black education? The education establishment and politicians tell us that we need to spend more for higher teacher pay and smaller class size. The fact of business is that higher teacher salaries and smaller class sizes mean little or nothing in terms of academic achievement. Washington, D.C., for example, spends more than $15,000 per student and has class sizes smaller than the nation's average, and with an average annual salary of $61,195, its teachers are the most highly paid in the nation.”

“What about role models? Standard psychobabble asserts a positive relationship between the race of teachers and administrators and student performance. That's nonsense. Black academic performance is the worst in the very cities where large percentages of teachers and administrators are black, and often the school superintendent is black, the mayor is black, most of the city council is black and very often the chief of police is black.”

Black people have accepted hare-brained ideas that have made large percentages of black youngsters virtually useless in an increasingly technological economy. This destruction will continue until the day comes when black people are willing to turn their backs on liberals and the education establishment's agenda and confront issues that are both embarrassing and uncomfortable. To a lesser extent this also applies to whites, because the educational performance of many white kids is nothing to write home about; it's just not the disaster that black education is.”

The failure of black leadership …

Somewhere along the line, so-called black leaders – mostly purporting to be respectable ministers – have sold out to the democrat power structure for walking-around money and a few token appointments to political position. I suggest that you read Dr. Lenton Aikins’ well-researched book titled “While African Americans Slept: Leadership by Parasites” for a better understanding of this type of relationship.

One need only consider the disaster that the democrat liberals have visited on the black community; starting with legal restrictions against a male being present in a home which received certain welfare payments.Policies which incentivized black women to have children to increase their welfare payments. Men who thought nothing of having multiple children out of wedlock who they did not financial support. Thus burdening the one-parent black family where the mother, and often the grandmother, struggled to survive.

My questions … 

  • Why would blacks continue to  tolerate such conditions?
  • Why would they continue to follow church leadership which preached Marxist philosophies of victimhood, entitlements and reparations instead of individual initiative?
  • Why would blacks support a democrat party which has done more to destroy their environment through corruption and neglect than any other political entity?
  • Why would blacks sit idly by and watch their communities and precious jobs be given to illegal aliens who are openly supported by the democrat party as the “wave of the future?”

Back to Walter Williams …

Remove the Troublemakers

“Many black students are alien and hostile to the education process. They have parents with little interest in their education. These students not only sabotage the education process, but make schools unsafe as well. These students should not be permitted to destroy the education chances of others. They should be removed or those students who want to learn should be provided with a mechanism to go to another school.”

“Diploma Fraud”

Another issue deemed too delicate to discuss is the overall quality of people teaching our children. Students who have chosen education as their major have the lowest SAT scores of any other major. Students who have an education degree earn lower scores than any other major on graduate school admission tests such as the GRE, MCAT or LSAT. Schools of education, either graduate or undergraduate, represent the academic slums of most any university. They are home to the least able students and professors. Schools of education should be shut down.”

“Yet another issue is the academic fraud committed by teachers and administrators. After all, what is it when a student is granted a diploma certifying a 12th-grade level of achievement when in fact he can't perform at the sixth- or seventh-grade level?”

Prospects for improvement in black education are not likely, given the cozy relationship between black politicians, civil rights organizations and teacher unions.”

It is this last point that Williams makes that irritates me the most. Because I believe that he does not go far enough to point out it is the democrat politicians that seem to be at the root of the problem. Democrats with openly Marxist views, unions with openly Marxist views and civil rights organizations which have been infiltrated by Marxists. All altering textbooks and curricula to teach revisionist history, promote community activism over core subjects needed to achieve success in an increasingly modern world. To suppress individual achievement in favor of union-style collectivism which promotes and rewards mediocrity over individual initiative and achievement.

Bottom line …

Politicians on both sides of the aisle claim that they are against waste, fraud and corruption in government, they claim they are for better education, more jobs and better living conditions – and yet nothing changes, except the money allocated from the taxpayers is diverted into supporting the special interests where it is squandered to purchase more campaign contributions, political influence and votes. The system is thoroughly corrupt – mostly by those who create a new generation of victims seeking even greater entitlements to address the fundamental inequities of life they see on a daily basis.

Perhaps if someone, anyone, told them that they are responsible for their own destiny and actually did something to reduce drugs, crime and poverty – progress can be made. But, in my opinion, not while we continue to vote for corrupt and complacent politicians.

Vote the bastards out of office. Do not vote for incumbents, professional politicians, political science majors, lawyers or celebrities. Vote for your friends and neighbors who will understand that their position will evaporate after two terms. It is time to return responsibility and accountability to politics and the population.

Reference Links …

Investors.com - Teacher Union Holding Back Black Students

P.S. I can’t help but note that President Obama appears to be our first affirmative action President. Here is a product of distinguished universities, but who has no record of outstanding achievements. Here is a man who appears to be well-spoken, yet his words are written by others and delivered using a TelePrompTer. And here is a man whose past associations with individuals of less than sterling character make him suspect. It is my opinion that he was elected because the media demonized President Bush and set President Obama up to be the anti-Bush. Now that it is his watch, we see undesirables in the White House and acting as government officials. We see many of the Bush policies re-branded with Orwellian words and quietly implemented. With his healthcare initiative exerting control over each citizen (and non-citizens too) and his cap-and-trade initiative exerting control over our economy, I wonder what is to become of the United States as we know it. Certainly not becoming a better place I am afraid.

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