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Lindsey Graham: The face of a RINO sell-out!

Once again, I am worried about the fate of the Republican Party due to the absence of a true party leader. Especially when the corrupt and/or complicit mainstream media – no friend to Republicans – is busy promoting Senator John McCain as the party’s senior spokesman and Senator Lindsey Graham as the face of the party’s junior spokesmen.

Both men appear to be RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and have demonstrated their proclivity to abandon conservative principles in order to hop across the aisle to aide the democrats in the pursuit of their agenda. Thus strengthening the democrats rather than the Republicans.

The story of John McCain is both simple and easy to understand. Here is a man who is an ill-tempered so-called war hero for standing up to the North Vietnamese while being brutalized in a prison camp. But that was a long-time ago and it is his present history that bothers me.

McCain-Feingold – campaign finance reform, part of which is probably unconstitutional. This is the legislation which gave rise to all manner of funding loopholes and allowed George Soros to become the dominant political power broker for far-left causes.

McCain-Kennedy – an ill-disguised amnesty bill for turning illegal aliens into American citizens without first securing our borders and preventing the flow of even greater numbers of illegal aliens to destroy our social and economic infrastructure. Something which would further the rise of Hispanic politicians who seek to serve the needs of “their” people rather than all of their constituency.

McCain-Lieberman – legislation built on the man-made hypothesis that man is responsible for the global climate and that enlarging government, increasing taxes and eliminating American’s freedoms will save the planet.

And now we see Lindsey Graham attempting to push the same old climate crap down America’s throat. Based on highly suspicious, deeply-flawed government-run scientific research, we see Lindsey Graham jumping to the forefront to offer anti-American legislation which will do little or nothing for controlling the climate, but everything to enslave the American people in a system which features the perpetual domination of the political process by democrats.

From the Washington Post …

"I don't think the Senate has an appetite for another such epic, polarized legislative war this session," said Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.), who met with Sens. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) and Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) on Wednesday to strategize on how to enlist support for a compromise climate bill they are writing.

Compromise …

How do you compromise over legislation based on a lie and which will enlarge the government’s bureaucracy and control over the American people, raise taxes and subvert the individual freedoms of Americans?

Lindsey Graham – or Lindsey Gramnesty as he is often called – is not the face of the Republican Party as much as he is the face of surrender, compromise and John Kerry-style appeasement to international environmental interests who do not wish America well.

Bottom line …

Lindsey Graham and his fellow travelers need to be purged from the Republican Party in favor of principled conservatives who will offer their platform to fellow Americans and invite all to join us. As opposed to waffling on all issues and compromising with the democrats to destroy American values and economic interests in favor of Marxism and socialism.

In his 1984 Republican National Convention speech, Ronald Reagan said …

“Four years ago we raised a banner of bold colors—no pale pastels. We proclaimed a dream of an America that would be "a shining city on a hill."

“We promised that we'd reduce the growth of the Federal Government, and we have. We said we intended to reduce interest rates and inflation, and we have. We said we would reduce taxes to provide incentives for individuals and business to get our economy moving again, and we have. We said there must be jobs with a future for our people, not government make-work programs, and, in the last 19 months, as I've said, 6 1/2 million new jobs in the private sector have been created. We said we would once again be respected throughout the world, and we are. We said we would restore our ability to protect our freedom on land, sea, and in the air, and we have.”

And, in more ways than one, Lindsey Graham represents the palest of the pale pastels. A Senator who does not deserve to head our party or set its legislative agenda.

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I say … “It’s not about the weather, it’s about whether or not American will succumb to the domination of the international environmentalists who are openly anti-American.”

-- steve

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