Lindsey Graham: The face of a RINO sell-out!

Just saying ... Wasn't the primary reason to form DHS was so they could "connect the dots?"

If I remember correctly, the Department of Homeland Security was specifically formed to provide a comprehensive agency to coordinate intelligence and law enforcement agencies to “connect the dots” to prevent another 9/11 terrorist tragedy.

The DHS has failed in their mission. Janet Napolitano has failed to provide leadership to the DHS – spending her time on issues related to secure amnesty for illegal aliens. She should be fired. DHS should be disbanded and the various components reorganized along functional lines with a core services component.

It seems to me that the gross stupidity of the government can be easily illustrated by those who believe that adding additional layers of government staffed by self-protective bureaucrats will make the American people safer and reduce communications sight-lines.

What we need is to shrink the lines of communication, not stick additional desks in the chain of command.

As for allowing lawyers and civil libertarians such as the ACLU to dictate safety and security policies is crazy.

As for allowing bureaucrats to hide beyond anonymous leaks is also crazy. The media needs to start holding the leakers accountable for the damage they may cause.

And for those who believe that we need another “blue ribbon” panel, commission or report – you are out of your “effin” mind.

I know at least three people who could provide decent analysis and guidance based on actual, in-field experience. They are not bureaucrats and they are not politicians. They are results-oriented and care little for the bureaucratic niceties. Unfortunately, they would also just as kill the terrorists after interrogation than spend their lives in court being questioned by ACLU lawyers.

-- steve

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