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Janet Napolitano should be fired for incompetence ... if not outright stupidity! (Upated)


It appears that DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is not as focused on protecting Americans from terrorists as she is preparing the deparment to process the coming amnesty so favored by the open borders crowd. It also seems that she is down with granting amnesty to those who overstayed their foreign visas -- like the one held by the terrorist who attempted to blow up an aircraft with a crotch-rocket.  We are now learning that someone said that the terrorist's father's warning did not "rise to the level" where his visa could be pulled. How very lawyerly -- from the party of lawyers who want to treat this attack on the United States as a criminal act rather than an act of terrorism.  

It appears that we are no safer today than we were on 9/12 and that "bigger" government does not equate to "better" government.

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I am tired of Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano explaining that our government is conducting a review of safety and security procedures to protect against terrorists boarding aircraft carrying Americans.

Let’s review …

But for the grace of God, sheer blind chance and the relative incompetence of the would-be terrorist, the bomb would have exploded and not a damn thing that Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama or the Department of Homeland Defense could do would have prevented the explosion and possible destruction of the aircraft and American life. It is one thing to claim that you are conducting a review of all systems, procedures and personnel, it is far more important to take common-sense measures to protect American lives.

Enough with the bullshit about political correctness and profiling …

The flying public is now at risk …

It appears that there is no more effective anti-terrorism measure than making it “job one” to deal with those who appear to be terrorists. Starting now, all visas and passports held by those who appear to be Muslim males of a certain age are now canceled. Especially those who have traveled to suspect countries.

If a visa is issued to such a person, that person undergoes a mandatory background check, document check and strip search before allowing to board an aircraft. For those of you who might think that the new "millimeter" radar that can see under clothes is the answer -- it can easily be defeated by placing the explosive in body cavities which demand a strip search. That is, if they do not board an aircraft after having swallowed the explosive (like drug smugglers) and then taking a powerful laxitive to expel the drugs for use.  

The silliness of not allowing bathroom access, sitting in your seat the last hour of the flight, not having a blanket or personal electronics on your lap is ludicrous political theatre. This is stupid … to maximize the damage to the aircraft, the bomb will be set off at cruising altitude rather than on landing when the plane is relatively depressurized. 

If CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) or the ACLU should bring suit to delay, curtail or eliminate such protective procedures, their tax-exemption should be revoked and they should be designated as having provided aid and comfort to our foreign enemies.

Should an American be found on foeign soil to be aiding and abetting a foreign enemy, especially as a combatant, their citizenship is revoked and their ability to re-enter the United States denied forever. If they are found on American soil, they should be tried for treason by a military tribunal.

Idiocy …

This is the classic case that every American knows will trigger inquiries. A person buying a one-way ticket with no passport, paying cash, boarding an aircraft with no luggage on a multi-leg transnational flight – and no one does anything.

Bottom line …

Bye Bye Napolitano! Get a true manager with expertise in security to head the DHS.  Let Google do the computer searches – they seem to be more competent in performing large-scale background searches than the government with their puny database.

Remember: Janet Napolitano and the DHS did exactly NOTHING to make us safer. The terrorist plan succeeded – it was that specific bomb that failed. Only the grace of God prevented a tragedy. It is time to forgo political correctness in favor of safety and security.

-- steve

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