Gore: Hiding in plain sight ...
Obama: Amnesty is NOT immigration reform, it is radical activism which might destroy our country financially, socially and demographically!

Obama Bows to Japanese Emperor: You would think he is meeting a lobbyist!

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Did someone forget to mention that custom and protocol dictates that the President of the United States does not bow before the leaders of sovereign nations, be they royalty or elected officials?

From the depth of his subservient bow, you would think that Obama is paying homage to Chicago’s unelected political leaders or cash-bearing lobbyists.

The American way …

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Here Dick Cheney greets the Emperor as an equal. Say what you will about Cheney’s marksmanship, but here is is right on target.

Obama’s message to America …


Bend Over Here It Comes Again!

A reminder: many a truth is revealed in jest.

--  steve

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