Obama Bows to Japanese Emperor: You would think he is meeting a lobbyist!
California burns while Schwarzenegger fiddles …

Obama: Amnesty is NOT immigration reform, it is radical activism which might destroy our country financially, socially and demographically!

The first consideration is that not all illegal immigrants are Mexican … they may be Muslim, Chinese, Haitian and others who have been here for years … or those who anticipate coming NOW and obtaining the necessary forged papers that would prove that they have been here all along.

The second consideration is that we are now creating a very powerful political class with the legal power to vote further entitlements, including the further relaxation of immigration standards, off our own lands and out of our own homes.

The third consideration is that this action may be tantamount to treason, to breach the sovereignty of the United States, be unconstitutional and to open our borders to our enemies, both foreign and domestic – in a time of grave national crisis, both financial and military.

What the hell is the Obama Administration thinking …

This action goes far beyond the normal Chicago style of politics: with its corruption, thuggery and history of voting “irregularities.” It appears that the Obama Administration and its motley collection of Marxists, socialists, communists, anarchists and others who do not wish the United States well are going to stage a political coup – one that might forever alter the vote dynamics in America in favor for a almost permanent one-party democrat rule … that is until they find that a cohesive voting block has thrown them out of office and the United States has turned into just another bananna republic. Or as Obama is likely to state, just another member of the United Nations, unexceptional and unremarkable.

It is time to rein in Republicans like John McCain; RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who are slowly destroying the Republican Party from within – like any other foreign agent – with his pandering and appeasing liberalism. I, for one, am no longer impressed with his war record of terrible treatment at the hands of our enemy. In no way does this qualify him as a warrior, a man of superior military knowledge, or – it seems – a man who will stand up to fight against our enemies when they are not wearing helmets. He has lived on his reputation long enough and now is the time for us to examine the danger he has brought to the forefront. McCain-Feingold, a toxic campaign finance law that gave us even more ways to shovel “special interest” money into politics. This is the man who has enabled George Soros to wield disproportionate power over the democrat party using his billions as a weapon of mass distraction and destruction. McCain-Kennedy, another attempt at illegal alien amnesty without controlling the borders or instituting meaningful safeguards. And let us not forget McCain-Lieberman which attempted to impose controls over the entire nation’s energy supply based on speculative science without a sound basis in fact.

Napolitano … following Obama’s orders …

According to CNSNews …

“Napolitano Announces Obama Administration Plan to Give Amnesty to Illegal Aliens”

“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Friday that the Obama administration will push for ‘immigration reform’ by giving the estimated 14 million people who are in the United States illegally ‘fair pathway to earned legal status.’”

“’A tough and fair pathway to earned legal status will mandate that illegal immigrants meet a number of requirements—including registering, paying a fine, passing a criminal background check, fully paying all taxes and learning English,’ Napolitano said Friday at a panel discussion at the liberal Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C.”

We have heard this all before – on numerous occasions and from both political parties seeking to attract a voting block which would allow them to gain or maintain their political power. Both sides of the aisle willing to pander to racial, ethnic or others in order to secure a political advantage. This is not immigration reform, it is radical immigration activism.

Our system is not broken: its the politicians who openly refuse to enforce the laws on our books …

“’These are substantial requirements that will make sure this population gets right with the law,’ Napolitano said. ‘It will help fix our broken system.’
Napolitano said the Obama administration is working to end the recession and put Americans back to work but said giving legal status to illegal aliens will ‘strengthen our economy.’”

There is absolutely no proof that illegal aliens will strengthen our economy. In fact, how can we trust an Administration that can’t even provide an accurate estimate of how many illegal aliens might be here and refuses to ask for immigration status on the upcoming census forms – the statistical basis of most public policy initiatives. However, there are significant indications that the Administration can weaken the country significantly with their politically-motivated actions. Enlarging the burden on our social infrastructure, including medical care, which would force the rationing of healthcare services and denial to others. Enlarging the social security pool which would hasten its demise as people who have not paid into the system become eligible for benefits. Changing the fundamental culture of many neighborhoods in America. And insuring that these toxic and ill-advised immigration policies will serve as a magnet to hasten the demographic bombing of America.

Excuse me, the law requires illegal immigrants to register now, why is the law being flouted by our elected officials and our legal system?

“’Requiring illegal immigrants to register to earn legal status, as I discussed earlier, will strengthen our economy as these immigrants become full-paying taxpayers,’ Napolitano said. ‘As labor leaders have made clear to me, immigration reform will be a boon to American workers.’ ‘Think about it: unions will never achieve the best terms for workers when a large part of the workforce is illegal and operates in a shadow economy,’ Napolitano said. ‘By contrast, the status quo not only hurts American workers, it also stifles potential opportunities to grow our economy.’”

The unions? Now we see why the democrat party and the Obama Administration is pushing hard for their policies. It’s for the unions. Unions which consolidate political cash and power in a relatively few corrupt hands. Unions which reward seniority over merit, demand increasing pay and benefits for shorter work hours, stifle American productivity and in general result in feeding a continuous inflationary spiral of wages and the cost of products and services. Considering the Marxist underpinning of most unions, are we willing to accept European socialism and unionism – with their country crippling strikes and lame politicians – to insure the survival of the democrat party?

The real law that needs to be passed: real immigration reform starts here …

We need to remove the provisions of the 14th Amendment which was designed to confer citizenship on stateless salves. Simply put, the law should state that children born in America assume the nationality of their parents. No more de facto American citizens or anchor babies. At the same time, we should ban dual citizenship – loyalty to a foreign sovereign nation is not, and should not be, a matter of economic, social or political convenience.

“Napolitano said that she has seen a ‘major shift’ in the immigration landscape, which the Obama administration hopes will make it easier for Congress to pass new immigration laws.”

Saying a cat is a dog does not make it so …

“Included in that shift, Napolitano said, is a more secure border between the United States and Mexico, tougher law enforcement that has resulted in more arrests of criminal illegal immigrants and confiscation of contraband, and fewer people coming into the country illegally because of current economic conditions.”

The big lie …

Illegal immigration is not slowing, it is not being measured and counted. The Obama Administration, and to be fair, the Bush Administration, severely curtailed immigration enforcement activities and hampered local and state law enforcement trying to do their job. Openly providing federal law enforcement funding for those municipalities and states which were openly breaking the law with their sanctuary policies. While it may be true that economic difficulties have deterred some from illegally entering the United States, the converse is also true: many employers are turning to illegal aliens to cut costs and maintain productivity in there economically challenging times.

I call bullshit …

“’For starters, the security of the Southwest border has been transformed from where it was in 2007,’ Napolitano said. ‘The federal government has dedicated unprecedented resources to the Mexican border in terms of manpower, technology and infrastructure—and it’s made a real difference. ‘Compared to last year, seizures in all categories—drugs, smuggled cash, and illegal weapons—are up dramatically. For example, just looking at bulk cash, Customs and Border Protection has seized at the border more than $34 million in cash being smuggled southbound so far this year—more than four times as much as at this time last year.”

We do not really know the size of the smuggling activities so to use year-to-year comparisons is false and misleading. Providing a false indicator that the government is taking action when they are, in fact, doing everything they can to bring about borderless entry. Why are they doing everything in their power to stop Sheriff Joe Arpaio from enforcing the law in an area being overrun by illegal aliens? Why are they not helping him in enforcing the existing laws of the United States might be a better question – and an indication of government malfeasance.

Illegal is illegal condoning bad behavior is never correct …

“Moreover, the immigration debate in 2007 happened during a period of historically high levels of illegal entry into the United States. Two years later, because of better enforcement and the current economic circumstances, those numbers have fallen sharply. The flow has reduced significantly – by more than half from the busiest years, proving we are in a much different environment than we were before.”

There is nothing that should change the immigration conversation – short of a Constitutional Amendment, voted on by the legal citizens of the United States and ratified by the states.

“’These are major differences that should change the immigration conversation,’ Napolitano said.
The secretary said the Obama administration is ‘committed to this issue.’ ‘When Congress is ready to act, we will be ready to support them,’ Napolitano said.”

The bottom line …

The Obama Administration and the democrat Congress are not honest brokers for the immigration question. I am sad to say we can’t trust the Obama Administration or Congress to do the right thing for American citizens. In fact, the President of the United States refuses to release his birth certificate and college papers – setting the example of a “do as I say, not as I do” Administration. Until we see the President’s passport records for his foreign travel and investigate his”dual citizenship,” he does not appear to be someone we can trust on this issue.

Out first action, even before sealing the borders, is to enumerate our illegal immigration problem. Demand that everyone register within 180 – 360 days as an illegal alien or face deportation. Anyone found after the registration period will be deported – with their families – with little or no exceptions.

I suspect millions of dollars worth of foreign money, legitimate and illegitimate, is being pouring into this nation to sway the issue – by purchasing the political support of those who favor corruption over the Constitution.

-- steve

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