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Lessons from New York: GOP conservative Doug Hoffman defeated by GOP liberal …

Doug Hoffman, the conservative candidate running in New York’s 23rd Congressional District  has graciously conceded defeat to his democrat challenger Bill Owens.

Lessons learned: “We have met the enemy and it is us …”

So goes the famous Pogo quote. And nothing can be closer to the truth. The GOP party bosses initially selected a candidate, Dede Scozzafava, to run as a “moderate” Republican against a democrat challenger. Who knew that her social and fiscal bent was not moderate, but extremely liberal? The GOP knew and they proceeded to back her anyway. The theory being that she would attract many of the independents and soft blue-dog democrats to her candidacy.

Setting up an epic battle between the blue-blood Rockefeller elite wing of the GOP and the blue-collar Reagan conservative wing of the GOP. It was the conservatives who decided that they would run on a conservative platform and invite like-minded people to join them. Whereas the Rockefeller wing though they needed to be more inclusive and offer a platform palatable to the independents and blue-dog democrats. In essence, democrat-lite. Almost indistinguishable from the democrat candidate. Bill Clinton-style triangulation where you simply co-opt the oppositions strongest positions and make them your own.

Enter Doug Hoffman who was running from outside this district due to some previous gerrymandering of district lines. A likeable enough chap – but one without political experience, charisma or a distinguishable selling point. Backed at first by an enthusiastic group of conservative supporters who were either afraid of what was happening to the nation. And later by some nationally-known figures. Of course, at the last minute, Scozzafava decided to drop out of the race as her polling numbers and fundraising faltered. True to her RINO (Republican In Name Only) roots, she later went on to endorse the democrat. What remaining GOP support remained was grudgingly given to Hoffman.

The problem …

The GOP leadership chose the wrong candidate, virtually pitted a political unknown against an incumbent backed by the full support of the democrat machine – including White House support. For his part, Hoffman did his best and it is a testament to his efforts and his supporters that he came within 4-5 points of his democrat challenger. That with the traitorous Scozzafava remaining on the ballot and polling between 4-5 points.

Enter the heavyweights …

Governor Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others entered the fray – along with an embarrassing effort by Newt Gingrich who backed Scozzafava. But with all of the attention, it was not enough

The solution …

This defeat is illustrative of schizophrenic divide between the Rockefeller wing and the Reagan wing  and the fight on the type of expanded inclusivity that would narrow the gap between democrat and Republican ideologies. Since the democrats have embraced the far-left socialists and Marxists, this means a significant move to the left. Something that would have Ronald Reagan spinning in his grave.

Unlike those who want to do or say anything to win, we need to return to a principled stance that supports traditional American values. If this is not attractive to a majority of Americans, then America as we now know it is lost forever to democratic socialism.

Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve

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