Global Warming: Is the “hacked e-mail” story hiding the real story: the raw climate data has been destroyed?
Global Warming: Was "hacked" data release a hoax to mislead the public from a more troubling truth: the original raw climate data was destroyed?

Global Warming: Is the Obama Administration prepared to side-step Congress on cap-and-trade?

Cap-and-Trade one of the chosen weapons of the far-left radicals who want to use “redistributive change” to move the United States from free-market capitalism to a socialist system …

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Marxists, socialists, communists and anarchists that are now controlling the democrat party need the healthcare legislation to control individual behavior and the cap-and-trade legislation to control our economy.

Unfortunately, both issues are being pushed by the dishonest brokers in Congress, the Administration, the Judiciary, the educational institutions, the media and in the corporate world to secure both political and financial rewards.

Whoops …

It appears that there are toxic elements hidden within the 2000+ pages of the democrat healthcare legislation and that much of the data and science behind the global warming computer models may have been manipulated for to pursue a private agenda.

A reluctant Congress …

With the revelations that certain key scientists and institutions may have intentionally manipulated the raw data used for climate models, misused the “peer review” process to suppress the work of dissenting scientists, and worst of all, destroyed the raw data underlying most of the global warming calculations, it appears that Congress does not look forward to further investigating institutional scientific malfeasance or fraud and may be reluctant to attempt to pass cap-and-trade legislation.

Enter the Obama Administration …

Totally circumventing the Constitutional protections of a robust checks and balances system, it appears that the Obama Administration is considering an end-run around Congress when it comes to implementing cap-and-trade.

By using executive orders and agency directives, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and other White-House-directed groups will simply promulgate rules and regulations imposing that which has been denied by legislation.

The democrats, long known as the party of lawyers and who famously use the judiciary to get what they can’t get from Congress or at the ballot box, is sure to use every means at their disposal to implement their anti-American policies which harm American citizens in favor of supporting our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Bottom line …

The democrats must be purged from the government starting with the 2010 election cycle and continuing until the 2014 election cycle to insure that the last remaining corrupt and complicit Senators are removed from office.

If implemented, both healthcare and cap-and-trade legislation might rise to the level of governmental tyranny so egregious as to demand the impeachment of elected officials and the implementation of a new Constitutional Congress to address the never before seen spectacle of a thoroughly corrupted government operating in their own personal and political self-interests.

Perhaps the survivalists and self-protectionists are not too far off the mark as they urge individuals to pay strict attention to their own welfare and that of their family in these troublesome times.

-- steve

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