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Where is the United States Attorney General?

Considering the multiple states in which serious charges of election-tampering and questionable financial practices have been brought against ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), why is the United States Attorney General not investigating the organization for alleged election fraud, violations of the tax code and serious misuse of non-profit restricted funds for political activities. Could it be that ACORN’s activities served the democrat party and was a major force in the election of a democrat President, Barack Obama? Could it be that the United States, rushing to pursue, prosecute and imprison Border Patrolmen for allegedly violating the civil rights of illegal aliens wants nothing to do with this potentially disastrous hot potato? 

If ACORN was a national corporation under investigation, you bet that the government would have already put each and every entity on notice to “protect all documents or face an obstruction of justice charge.” So why are we finding that a massive document purge seems to be underway in multiple states … and apparently nothing is being said or done while potentially incriminating evidence is destroyed.

Here in California …

Here in California the democrats are caught in a squeeze play. They are the traditional party of lawyers, in bed with the unions and openly promote indulgences and benefits for illegal aliens – which is a criminal act in and of itself.

You can bet they are loath to investigate this major source of campaign funds, voter support and an essential leg of their power base.

Enter Jerry Brown …

Complicating matters is that California’s Attorney General is former democratic governor Jerry Brown who is exempt from the term-limited bill passed after he left the governor’s office – and who just happens to be running for another term as the governor of this formerly golden state.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jerry Brown is a product of the democrat machine. Trained by his father, former Governor Pat Brown, and inculcated with years of entitlement social policies and leniency towards illegal aliens.  Jerry Brown, as the recent mayor of Oakland, California inherited a cesspool of poverty, crime and civic decay. By all accounts, not much was changed on his watch, it appears that Oakland is still not a destination of choice for those seeking a good time or a decent job.

The Orange County Register is reporting …

“Editorial: Jerry Brown vs. ACORN: State AG should take allegations seriously”

“It might sound little cliché, but ACORN is the gift of controversy that keeps on giving. This time the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is putting Jerry Brown, California's attorney general and likely gubernatorial candidate, in an awkward political position. Can you say Acorngate?


Political activist Andrew Breitbart broke a story this week about ACORN, a national association of community organizers that claims to advocate for low-and-moderate-income people, on his Big Government blog. This time ACORN is accused of a massive document dump at its San Diego office. The discarded papers contain sensitive personal information about clients and employees, such as Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, voided checks, tax returns, even credit reports. Other documents, according to Derrick Roach, the private investigator who retrieved the data, contained detailed information about how ACORN operates in California.

Is the democrat fix in?

The real story, though, is the timing of the disposal, which occurred six days before representatives from the Attorney General's Office visited the ACORN offices for their investigation into potentially illegal advice and misconduct captured on video by two activists posing as potential ACORN clients. The videos caused a national stir in September.

The party line: It’s not the organization that’s the problem, it’s the individual activists?

“If he doesn't, it might cost him at the ballot box. The attorney general's office claims the investigation of the controversial ACORN videos is ongoing, but according to David Lagstein, Acorn's chief organizer in San Diego, the state's top law agency is in ACORN's corner. In a recorded speech he gave to the East [San Diego] County Democrat Club last month, Mr. Lagstein said that every bit of the communication he had with Mr. Brown's office suggests that the fault will be found with the activists who made the videos, not the people with ACORN.”

Capture11-27-2009-12.29.04 PM 
Read more …

The democrats need ACORN, or whatever they will be calling themselves and their politically-connected ally, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union)  …

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the democrats face an especially contentious election cycle in 2010, an off-year in which voter turnout is usually light – where the major voter strength comes from activists and others committed to the political process rather than from the wider voter base which would normally turn out for a national election.

This is the time when the democrats desperately need the campaign cash and dedicated support of organizations like ACORN and the SEIU. Both, to my way of thinking, corrupt and thuggish organizations supporting the democrat power base in California. Standing for everything that has driven California into a financial hole and threatens to rip the social fabric of the state into rags.

Consider the spending of the state’s “one-party rule” legislature on entitlement programs which provides benefits to illegal aliens, unions and the special interests.

Consider the ever-increasing failure of state policies to repair or replace our crumbling infrastructure while producing an increasing governmental bureacracy with does little or nothing of value other than to sit around and develop socialist/Marxist policies into a restrictive business environment that is driving tax-paying, job-producing business  from California into the arms of neighboring states with business-friendly climates.

Consider that the titular head of the State, Governor Schwarzenegger acts more like a liberal democrat than they fiscal conservative he promised to be. And that the State’s republicans openly conspired with one another (in a closed door caucus) to sacrifice the fewest number of their own members in order to vote with the democrats in saddling Californians with one of the highest tax rates in history.

California in crisis …

As with our national programs, California is in crisis … caused by corrupt and complacent politicians on both sides of the aisle. But mostly by the democrats who should be called to account for the destruction of the Golden State. I urge my family, friends, colleagues and fellow voters, not to allow the democrats to complete the process of turning California into alta-Mexico or some debt-ridden third-world nation. We need to hold those who have destroyed the California dream to account – starting with all of the incumbent politicians, especially the democrats.

Time to face the evil in California politics …

-- steve

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