Now that San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom has quit his run for California's Governor -- probably to avoid the embarrassment of polling 20-points behind an unannounced candidate and the fact that nobody would contribute to his campaign, we technically have no democrat candidate running for governor. Not that Newsom was a credible candidate given his past actions supporting sanctuary policies which resulted in the death of a husband, a father and his two sons.

Jerry Brown aka “Governor Moonbeam” is, once again, running for governor. Although Brown spent two terms as California’s Governor (1975-1983), he ran before California’s term limits legislation and is now qualified to run again.

Of course, Brown is a lifelong far-left democrat who will continue to advance a radical democrat activist agenda which will virtually turn all of California into Oakland, California – not so coincidently where Brown served as Mayor (1999-2007) leaving in his wake a political cesspool and a continuing crime problem.

Brown’s “BIG LIE?”

In a similar vein to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s now demonstrably false claim that “I’m too rich to be bought by the lobbyists and special interests,” Brown’s supporters claim that he is now OLD enough that running for further political office is unlikely – making him immune to the special interests and more likely to pursue a course of action that is beneficial to California.

We have heard this before – from both sides of the political aisle – mainly from politicians who will do or say anything to get elected. Followed by complacency and corruption. The more things appear to change, the more they really stay the same.


As reported by the Sacramento Bee …

“Unions all across the state and country have poured more than a million dollars into Attorney General Jerry Brown's campaign coffers – even though he has yet to officially announce his candidacy.”

“That includes influential statewide bodies such as the California State Council of Labor and the California Nurses Association as well as out-of-state carpenters unions from New York to Honolulu.”

Why would out-of-state unions be pumping money into the campaign of a candidate that has yet to make an official announcement of his candidacy? Could it be because one of the greatest costs facing California relates to soon-to-be-negotiated union employee contracts – and, even worse – the potential necessity of the State of California to bailout the union’s pension funds after major losses in the current financial crisis?

No more democrats …

Democrats and their one-party rule of California (remember Schwarzenegger is a RINO – Republican In Name Only – who votes like a liberal democrat) have ruined California with their profligate spending and social engineering. Failing to repair or replace California’s crumbling infrastructure in favor of providing social benefits to illegal aliens and executing programs that favor special interests. It is the democrats that are willing to destroy some of the most fertile farmland in the nation in favor of a useless three-inch fish – as well as pursue other environmental legislation which is guaranteed to bankrupt California. Perhaps leading to a Mexican-style socialist government which will turn us into Alta-Mexico.

Not to say I would vote for someone like Meg Whitman …

When faced with a choice between two liberals – a liberal democrat and a liberal republican – there is no apparent difference. California will continued to be screwed over by complacent and/or corrupt politicians. Yes, Meg Whitman says all of the right things – sounding just like Arnold Schwarzenegger – but there is no proof that she can actually accomplish her stated goals given a hostile mostly democrat legislature and bureaucracy. Executive ability and the attainment of CEO status does not always translate into effective political programs.

What we need is a conservative …

Truth-be-told, if there was a politician like Jerry Brown’s father, Pat Brown, I probably would vote for them. Pat Brown took the long view – projects that would serve the people for decades. He gave us freeways, unparalleled universities and a host of public works projects. He was a pragmatic politician. But if someone ran as a credible conservative, they would have my vote. Notice I said credible. What we need is a conservative candidate like Doug Hoffman who is upsetting the republican party in New York – a party which chose to run a republican so liberal she could be mistaken for a democrat.

Bottom line …

California has been screwed over by the democrats and to repeat the mistake would have tragic consequence for all Californians. We had a Governor whored out to the unions -- Gray Davis -- why would we want to repeat the mistake?

We need to implement the citizen’s term limits program: not reelecting incumbents, not electing professional politicians and not electing lawyers. We need to elect our friends and neighbors, people like us, that will serve to the best of their ability and then come home when the legislative session ends. Not becoming a part of the Sacramento social scene where souls are lost to lobbyists.

Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve

P.S. There has been some talk of Gavin Newsom joining a Jerry Brown ticket as the Lt. Governor -- who can serve as Governor if the old bastard, Jerry Brown, dies or becomes incapacitated.

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