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Obamacare: killing seniors and containing costs one crisis at a time ...

Death panels and state and federal secrets … 

… participants suggested that the names of triage officers charged with making life and death choices among patients at each hospital should be kept secret. The secrecy would be needed, participants said in interviews, to avoid pressure and blame from colleagues caring for patients who were selected to be taken off life support. (see below)

A glimpse at Obamacare – the Socialist doctor?

Imagine medical decisions based on Marxist principles: from each according to their ability, to each according to their need … or in terms of Obamacare: “best practices.”

Just wondering if politicians and union leaders get preference over corporate executives and ordinary citizens?

ProPublica is reporting … 

Flu Nightmare: In Severe Pandemic, Officials Ponder Disconnecting Ventilators From Some Patients

With scant public input, state and federal officials are pushing ahead with plans that -- during a severe flu outbreak -- would deny use of scarce ventilators by some patients to assure they would be available for patients judged to benefit the most from them.

Obamacare in brief: adding millions of patients to the system without a corresponding increase in physicians, facilities and equipment which would lead to denial of care, rationing and prioritization by rules which will create a corrupt healthcare system.

Playing God

“The plans have been drawn up to give doctors specific guidelines for extreme circumstances, and they include procedures under which patients who weren’t improving would be removed from life support with or without permission of their families.”

They laughed when Sarah Palin spoke of “death panels” and high-ranking Obama advisors spoke of involuntary organ harvesting.

“The plans are designed to go into effect if the U.S. were struck by a severe flu pandemic comparable to the 1918 outbreak that killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide. State and federal health officials have concluded that such a pandemic would sicken far more people needing ventilators than could be treated by the available supplies.”

Simulating Obamacare when patients will exceed the resources needed for proper medical care.

The death panel …

“Many of the draft guidelines, including those drawn up by the Veterans Health Administration, are based in part on a draft plan New York officials posted on a state web site two years ago and subsequently published in an academic journal. The New York protocol, which is still being finalized, also calls for hospitals to withhold ventilators from patients with serious chronic conditions such as kidney failure, cancers that have spread and have a poor prognosis, or "severe, irreversible neurological" conditions that are likely to be deadly.

Suspending the Constitution?

“New York officials are studying possible legal grounds under which the governor could suspend a state law that bars doctors from removing patients from life support without the express consent of the patient or his or her authorized health agent.”

Want to speak of anarchy, armed resistance and all of the other violent remedies against state and federal tyranny … makes it more obvious why local, state and officials want to disarm law-abiding Americans and increase the para-military capabilities of their police departments.

A Government-created crisis to seize power?

The words of Rahm Emanuel about never letting a crisis go to waste when it can be used to advance a political agenda and those ideas of his brother, Ezekiel “E-Z-Kill” Emanuel regarding “end of life” procedures are echoing in my head.

State and federal officials involved with drafting the plans say they have been disquieted by this summer’s uproar over whether Medicare should pay for end-of-life consultations with families. They acknowledged that the measures under discussion go far beyond anything the public understands about how hospitals might handle a severe pandemic.”

Hope is not a plan …

“By every indication, state and federal officials expect to weather this year’s flu season without having to ration ventilators. That assumes that the H1N1 virus will not mutate into a more serious killer, the vaccines against it and the other seasonal flus will continue to prove effective, and any dramatic surges in the number of patients in need of ventilators will occur in different parts of the U.S. at different times.”

Rehearsing the death panel … 

“In recent months, New York officials have met three times with physicians, respiratory therapists and administrators to rehearse how their plan might play out in hospitals in a severe epidemic. In one of those ‘tabletop exercises,’ participants suggested that the names of triage officers charged with making life and death choices among patients at each hospital should be kept secret. The secrecy would be needed, participants said in interviews, to avoid pressure and blame from colleagues caring for patients who were selected to be taken off life support.”

“When they posted their plan on the web in coordination with a video conference in 2007, New York officials promised to solicit public input. Since then, they have consulted with medical and legal professionals and other experts, but few members of the general public. They declined to make the comments they have gathered immediately available for review, and those comments are not published on the Health Department's Web site.”

Another oxymoron: transparency in government …

“In the initial proposal, officials called public review ‘an important component in fulfilling the ethical obligation to promote transparency and just guidelines.’”

This is pure socialism, based on “collective” decisions made for the benefit of society (the government) and which does not recognize the rights of individuals. In fact, this implies the belief of our government and its elected officials that they, and they alone, own all of the critical infrastructure facilities and can dictate their usage based on government needs.

Targeting senior citizens …

There is no doubt in my mind that senior citizens comprise the most vulnerable target audience of any proposed government actions.

I wonder if some elected officials consider the targeting of senior citizens to be a win-win proposition in terms of saving retirement funds and ongoing medical costs?

“Beth Roxland, the current executive director of the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law, said the ethicists included in the state's planning process focused largely on vulnerable populations. ‘Even if we didn’t have direct input from vulnerable populations,’ she said, ‘their interests have been well accounted for.’ Roxland said that public comment solicited when the ventilator plan was posted on the Health Department Web site was ‘sparse.’"

We need a crisis …

Dr. Guthrie Birkhead, Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Public Health for New York State said he wondered whether it was possible to get the public to accept the plans. ‘In the absence of an extreme emergency, I don’t know. How do you even engage them to explain it to them?’"

How do you tell an older person that they will be denied life-saving medical care in order to save the life of a person judged more worthy by a state or federal bureaucrat?

Situational ethics and political expediency …

“Even so, other states, hospital systems and the Veterans Health Administration—which has 153 medical centers across all states -- have drafted protocols that are based in part on New York’s plan. The inclusion and exclusion criteria for access to ventilators, however, are different. For example, under the current drafts, a patient on dialysis would be considered for a ventilator in a VA hospital in New York during a severe pandemic, but not in another New York hospital that followed the State’s plan, which excludes dialysis patients. The VA’s exclusion criteria are looser because the patient population it is charged with serving is typically older and sicker than in other acute care hospitals. Different states, reflecting different values, have also established different criteria for who gets access to lifesaving resources.”

“Altered standards of care” – hiding the true intent of an evil practice by using Orwellian language …

“The Institute of Medicine, an independent national advisory body, is expected to release a report on Thursday morning, at the request of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, that will recommend broad guidelines to help guide planners crafting altered standards of care in emergencies.”

Warning: Obamacare cedes tremendous power to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and as yet unnamed bureaucrats governing agencies which do not exist.

The Governor as God?

New York officials said they were currently working out legal options for implementing the plans, such as gubernatorial emergency declarations or emergency legislation.”

The clear and present danger …

“’You can take something today that’s not necessarily active and overnight flip the switch and make it into something that has those teeth in it,’ said Dr. Powell, who served on the committee that drafted the plan. Dr. Powell cautioned that it is critically important to maintain flexibility in the guidelines. Any rationing measures taken in a disaster must be calibrated to need and severity.”

Perhaps we need some additional laws …

“Some states, including Louisiana and Indiana, have adopted laws that immunize health professionals against civil lawsuits for their work in disasters. Other states, including Colorado, have drawn up a series of relevant executive orders that could be applied to address these issues.”

Instead of blanket immunity for government officials, bureaucrats and healthcare personnel, maybe the public should demand a law which makes it a felony – punishable with a mandatory jail time – for anyone giving preference to elected officials, government employees or other “special people” such as the wealthy or the politically well-connected.

Highlighting the clear and present danger …

“Dr. Carl Schultz, a professor of emergency medicine at the University of California at Irvine and co-editor of the forthcoming textbook, Koenig and Schultz’s Disaster Medicine (Cambridge University Press), is one of the few open critics of the establishment of altered standards of care for disasters. He says the idea ‘has both monetary and regulatory attractiveness’ to governments and companies because it relieves them of having to strive to provide better care. “The problem with lowering the standard of care is where do you stop? How low do you go? If you don’t want to put any more resources in disaster response, you keep lowering the standard.”

From the people who brought you the disaster response to Hurricane Katrina and who have decimated our healthcare system …

“Federal officials disagree. ‘Our goal is always to provide the highest standard of care under the circumstances,’ said Ann Knebel , deputy director of preparedness and planning at the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, Department of Health and Human Services. ‘If you don’t plan, then you are less likely to be able to reuse, reallocate and maximize the resources at your disposal, because you have people who’ve never thought about how they’d respond to those circumstances.’”

What they will not talk about?

Want to see a politician squirm? They talk about hard decisions -- demand that they create a rule that in times of emergencies, American citizens take precedence over illegal aliens. Not that this is right or moral in terms of human behavior – but it does make politicians squirm.

Bottom line …

Perhaps, we need to establish and maintain regional supplies of medical equipment. Perhaps using the equipment in depressed areas. There is no doubt that we need to re-tool our healthcare system and our disaster planning capability.

But we need honest brokers and honest politicians to deal with the matter. NOT A CORRUPT POLITICIAN LIKE OBAMA AND HIS DEMOCRAT MINIONS who plan to use every crisis and every piece of legislation to further advance their socialist agenda and further secure their political control over the nation.

Let’s elect some honest people and then reform the system.

-- steve


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