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Is Meg Whitman another Manchurian candidate? (Updated)


"Former eBay executive Meg Whitman , the 2010 gubernatorial candidate who has recently portrayed herself as a 'darned good' conservative Republican, endorsed Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in 2003, records show. "'Whitman contributed $4,000 to Boxer in the 2004 reelection campaign -- and endorsed Boxer as a part of Technology Leaders for Boxer,'' confirmed Boxer aide Rose Kapolczynski today."  <Source>

Whitman is looking more and more like an opportunistic RINO (Republican In Name Only) whose policies as California's Governor might be similar to those of current failure Arnold Schwarzenegger. Listening to Barbara "Call Me Senator" Boxer is almost painful. Arguably one of the most stupid and liberal Senators -- pushing toxic policies while California sinks into the abyss of corrupt politics and political correctness.

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Can we afford to elect a liberal posing as a fiscal conservative?

Readers know that I am a Reagan conservative and despise RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) who only appear to be Republicans while voting with far-left and liberal democrats. The prime example being the tough-talking fraud, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who couldn’t wait to appoint a life-long democrat, liberal, lesbian who was the former chief of staff to Gray Davis, the free-spending, tax-raising recalled Governor whom Schwarzenegger replaced. It should be noted that Schwarzenegger was soon to out-fundraise Gray Davis who was famous for his non-stop fundraising and pandering to the special interests.

The last thing California needs in these desperate times is a chameleon, some one who appears to be a tough-talking Republican but who can morph into a touchie-feelie liberal who is willing to allocate funding to illegal aliens over repairing and replacing the crumbling infrastructure which affects all legal taxpaying citizens of California.

It would not be the first time to find a RINO running for high office …

There have been numerous documented incidents where liberal democrats changed parties in order to be elected to a high government position. Mostly for reasons of convenience; they did not need to compare credentials with other older, more established candidates in their traditional party; they could more easily access funding in a less crowded race – and they could more easily win the vote because they seemed “moderate” and in touch with more of the electorate.

Notwithstanding the fraud that they perpetrated on their newly chosen party, the people that donated time, effort and money to the campaign and the voters who believed that they were who they said they were, these quislings were able to work from inside their new party to advance a political agenda that would be unpalatable to their new supporters had the candidate openly declared their intentions.

Another billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, comes to mind.

“A lifelong Democrat before seeking elective office, Bloomberg switched his registration in 2001 and ran for mayor as a Republican, winning the election that year and a second term in 2005. He was frequently mentioned as a possible independent candidate for the 2008 presidential election and fueled that speculation when he left the Republican Party in June 2007 to become an independent.” <Source>

I have my doubts about Meg Whitman who is running for the governorship of California …

First, I have an inborn suspicion of rich, bay area women who seem to be naturally predisposed to a liberal agenda. Yes they talk tough, appear in the beginning to be fiscally conservative – but, in the end, morph into liberals supporting a liberal agenda.

Can we afford Meg Whitman and/or Carly Fiorina in California politics? |One Citizen Speaking

Second, I read Meg Whitman’s quote where she openly and effusively praised Van Jones, a radical activist who was forced to resign from the Obama Administration for his prior radical utterances that called into question his impartiality and ability to execute the duties of his office without invoking a radical agenda.

“He [Van Jones] has been praised from leaders ranging from Al Gore to former eBay CEO (and Republican) Meg Whitman, who in May said  that Jones is doing ‘a marvelous job… I’m a huge fan of his. He is very bright, very articulate, very passionate. I think he is exactly right.’”

Remember: this is the radical that claimed he was a communist, assisted in the formation of STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement) which has roots in Marxism and Leninism, and signed a petition suggesting that George W. Bush may have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.

Update: here is Meg Whitman in her own words praising communist Van Jones …

A convenient Republican?

And third, we now find that the Sacramento Bee is reporting that Meg Whitman refuses to address the issue that “there was no evidence that she had ever registered to vote before 2002 and she had not registered as a Republican until 2007.”

CBS News is reporting …

“Meg Whitman Under Fire Over Voting Record”

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman sought to redirect attention from her spotty voting record Saturday as she promoted a platform of fiscal discipline to the party faithful.”

“Speaking to the state Republican Party convention near Palm Springs, the billionaire former CEO of the online auction company eBay Inc. outlined a program of severe austerity for state government if she is elected next year.”

“She promised to slash an additional $15 billion in spending and reduce the state government work force by 40,000, reiterating points she made earlier in the week when she formally announced her candidacy. She provided no details about how she would achieve those goals.”

Campaign promises in the Barack Obama Mold?

“Whitman told GOP delegates that California simply can no longer afford the level of government service it has been providing.
‘If elected, I will identify and implement at least $15 billion in permanent spending cuts from the state budget. I'll eliminate redundant and underperforming government agencies and commissions,’ she said.”

“Eliminating waste and abuse also has been a theme for the governor she hopes to succeed, fellow Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, who must leave office next year due to term limits. His efforts to do so have achieved only modest success in providing savings to the state.”

"’The issue is not money. There's plenty of money. It's how the money is spent,’ Whitman said.”

“Whitman's speech did not touch on questions that have surrounded the campaign for days, after The Sacramento Bee published the results of an investigation into her voting record.

“Shortly after Whitman gave the state party $250,000 of her own money for voter-registration efforts, the Bee reported there was no evidence that she had ever registered to vote before 2002 and she had not registered as a Republican until 2007. “

“On Saturday, Whitman refused to answer repeated questions from reporters about the issue. ‘I did not vote. I should've voted. It is inexcusable,’ she said. ‘I've said what I'm going to say about it.’”

Was Whitman even a Republican, much less a conservative Republican, before announcing for the gubernatorial position?

"One of Whitman's opponents for the GOP nomination, state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, has called on her to drop out of the race. He said Whitman's apparent failure to participate in elections for 28 years suggests a lack of engagement in politics and government.”

I have also been extremely critical of another rich candidate, Steve Poizner …

Poizner also faced questions from reporters about previous campaign donations to Democrats, including the presidential campaign of Al Gore. He said his wife is a Democrat and they share a joint checking account.”
"’The fact is, I've been a Republican since 1981 and I am married to someone who's been a Democrat her whole life. ... We've had some very interesting dinnertime conversations,’ he said.”

Sounds like Schwarzenegger and his life-long liberal democrat wife, Maria Shriver, daughter of the politician Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Bottom line …

I am still ambivalent about Meg Whitman. For all of her noteworthy success at eBay, one should remember that eBay often functions as a benevolent dictatorship ruling by unilateral fiat. And that it was not all sweetness and light; that there are a number of stories about high-handed and egregious behavior by eBay floating on the Internet.

But most of all, I am worried that we will elect another Arnold Schwarzenegger – someone who proclaims that they are “too rich to be bought by the special interests” only to invent new ways to solicit money from special interests while avoiding full disclosure. Someone who lacks the guts to stand up to the socialist paradise contemplated by the far-left democrat liberals in the Congress.

Whitman will face formidable odds – a potential Lieutenant Governor from another party, other elected officials who have ambitions and agendas of their own. And a toxic legislature containing both democrat and republican politicians who pander to illegal aliens, the unions and the special interests.

I fear that Meg Whitman will turn out to be as big a poseur as President Barack Obama or Arnold Schwarzenegger – someone who is politically naive and will supports a toxic liberal democrat agenda for California. Such as disarming law-abiding citizens, enacting economy-killing global warming initiatives based on false science and, of course, pushing for citizenship for illegal aliens.

The Governor’s office is not for sale on eBay – to the high-bidding billionaire willing to commit their own funds and make outrageous promises – saying or doing anything to get elected.

Let me know what you think.

Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve


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