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AARP Headline from the September, 2009 AARP bulletin …




How to tune out the fear-mongering and misinformation and make sense of the healthcare reform debate


AARP: Where We Stand

AARP: Where we stand …

“Throughout the debate we want to help you cut through the noise and find the facts about what health care reform means for you and your family.”

“To be clear: AARP has not endorsed any comprehensive health care reform bill – but we are fighting for a solution that improves health care for our members.”

“We urge you to make your voice heard. Tell Congress not to let the myths get in the way of fixing health care.”

Analysis …

AARP, like any other large multi-million dollar organization, is about protecting the organization first, their executive leadership second and their dues paying members last. Considering that AARP does have a for-profit component and earns a significant amount of money directing its members to insurance and travel programs, it stands to reason that they are about protecting this business first and foremost – even at the expense of some of their disgruntled membership.

While it is true that AARP has not endorsed any comprehensive health care reform bill, one may question why AARP would spend millions of its member’s dollars on creating and running commercials that urge their membership to side with Congress and the Obama Administration without knowing exactly what is in the proposed draft bills or what deals have been cut with the special interests prior and during the period when draft legislation was being crafted.

AARP does not know what is in these draft legislative copies – nobody does: not the President, not members of Congress and certainly not the people. That is because much of the power to promulgate rules and regulations, set guidelines and implement the health care program is left in the hands of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the leadership of Bureaus and Boards yet to be created and, of course, the unspecified wishes of unelected, unconfirmed health czars appointed by Obama and his minions.

So why is AARP pushing health care reform without knowing what form it will take and how much it will cost? Why are they offering blanket support to the Administration and Congress by telling their members to call Congress to demonstrate their support for an unknown health care bill?

Why is AARP portraying some vocal opponents as obstructionists, impeding the path to health care much as cars deliberately blocking an ambulance speeding toward a hospital with lights and sirens?

Conclusion …

In my opinion, AARP is corrupt and its leadership apparently blindly supports the Obama Administration and the democrat vision of a socialized America. They mention the role of Congress in shaping health care, but we can plainly see that it is not a bi-partisan effort; the Republicans who represent 46% of the nation were totally and completely shut out.

They tell the literal truth and then distort the message with half-truths and the demonization of anybody who might dare question the Obamacare program. The hype and the lies are coming from those crafting the legislation. And the facts are being obscured by Obama’s fellow travelers who see the road to health care as the road to political dominance and a method to push their far-left ideology on all Americans.

You need only consider that this program will be enforced by the Internal Revenue Service, people will be fined up to $3800 if they do not have healthcare coverage. And that the government will build the most massive database of personal information on each and every American in the history of the world.

You need only ask, if this program will not become effective for at least four years, what is the rush to push this program through Congress – in the form of a rough outline? And why is AARP spending millions on commercials for a program they know nothing about?

Could it be that AARP has sold out its membership to curry favor with the Obama Administration, perhaps to further the political career of its Chief Executive Officer, A. Barry Rand? 

Something stinks – and I believe it is the rotting decay of AARP’s concern for its senior citizen membership.

AARP asks you to believe their version of the health care debate, I ask you to believe your own eyes, check for yourself what H.R. 32oo, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, contains. Beware, the PDF version of the bill contains 1017 pages, once again proving that the devil is in the details.

My parents were life-long democrats, hard-working people who believed in America. I am honoring their memory by opposing any program which I believe is dangerous for both American and her senior citizens.

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-- steve


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