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It is with great sadness that I note that the number of stupid people with strange ideas are being feted in the media – mostly by far-left liberals who care nothing about humanity and everything about raw political power. With them, it is a game of controlling the law-abiding taxpaying citizens for political gain.

As an example of utter and complete idiocy, let us consider the new proposed ban on handgun ammunition. Starting with the self-evident facts.

1.  Self-defense is a God-given right and nobody or nothing should stand in the way of being able to protect yourself and your family. Whether or not to use deadly force to protect your property is debatable.

2.  You can not protect society against psychopaths and others who have cognitive dysfunction – whether attributable to physiological disease or the impairment that results from drugs and alcohol. There will always be crazies walking the streets, seemingly normal until they snap and turn deadly.

3.  Criminals, by the very nature, do not respect the laws that they break and will do anything in their power to obtain the weapons they need to intimidate, injure of kill their intended victims.

4.  The duly constituted authorities cannot be everywhere they are needed, when they are needed. In fact, the police and other first responders are charged only with maintaining an orderly society and dealing with egregious situations as they develop. In most cases, their duty is to society and not the individual. You cannot sue the police for not protecting you, seeking redress for your injuries or incapacitation and your estate cannot recover damages for your death.

5.  The Second Amendment was not written to protect the rights of hunters or the sporting use of firearms. It was not even written to protect man’s right to put food on the table. It was written to protect individuals against government tyranny and egregious abuse of power.

6.  There are always people who are immune from the rules and regulations that their demand be imposed on others. Insulated from the problems of day-to-day living by their wealth, power, position or other circumstances. These are often the far-left limousine liberals who live in gated communities, have access to armed bodyguards and somehow believe that they are “special.”

7.  These are the liberals that confuse crime control with gun control. The very same people who are championing a stone cold cop killer as a misunderstood political activist. The people who march to protect the rights of criminals – assuming they are the right color – because they must be oppressed victims of society.

8.  And there are the politicians whose egregious and imperious actions make them afraid of the public – the public which elected them as the representatives of the people, to do the people’s work and to benefit their constituency. They are afraid of the people, especially when their actions, allegedly in the people’s name, were self-serving: personally, professionally and politically. These are the people who want to most disarm the public and render them helpless against duly constituted authority.

9.  And finally, and hard as it is to believe, there are people among us who do not wish the United States well. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, want to see America suffering from chaos, lawlessness and anarchy. The believe that significant disruption – whether from illegal alien gangs, militant environmentalists or other activists – will advance their agenda of big government, tighter control and, eventually, a societal turn towards socialism.

It is against this background, that I see those who are attempting to impose gun control by the back door – by controlling ammunition rather than the weapons themselves.

To this end, we find the media lying about gun death statistics – failing to note that most people involved with weapons die because they decided to take their own life, point a weapon at a police officer or simply are killed by someone protecting their own lives. Statistically speaking, accidental gun deaths are far less than is being reported. The proponents of gun control have been caught, time-and-time again, fudging the numbers … numbers which are reported without critical examination my a corrupt and complicit media.

Consider the sheer idiocy of the following media report …

“A bill regulating sales of ammunition for handguns would save lives.”

The same could be said for the regulation of tobacco, drugs, alcohol and automobiles.

“’Guns don't kill people, it's true. Bullets do.’ ‘Without ammo, a handgun is only good for pistol-whipping someone,’ notes Assemblyman Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles). ‘Ammo is the lifeblood of a handgun.’"

This from a man who supports giving taxpayer money and support to illegal Mexican aliens. Perhaps instead of making it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves from the burgeoning Mexican criminal gangs and their drug-dealers, de Leon should be demanding harsher sentences for gang bangers caught with weapons. Or, at the very least, mounting a campaign against the growing public menace of illegal alien gangs.

“On Sept. 11, the last day of this year's regular legislative session, De Leon narrowly won final passage of a bill to regulate sales of handgun ammunition.”

Disarming his own constituency – in favor of the illegal alien gangs which prey upon his own people.

“The assemblyman has a long list of gang shooting horror stories from his district, which stretches from Hollywood to the Alhambra city line and includes Echo Park, Lincoln Heights and part of East Los Angeles.
Stray bullets from gang crossfire have killed a 9-year-old girl playing in the kitchen, a 14-year-old girl as she sat in the back seat of her family's SUV and a 4-year-old boy while walking with his sister outside their home. Plus there has been a barrel-load of gangbanger assassinations.”

So how does regulating ammunition for law-abiding people stop criminal gangs from buying ammunition out-of-state or out-of-country? 

On the surface, it sounds reasonable …

De Leon's bill, AB 962, would make it illegal to knowingly sell handgun ammunition to criminals. Strangely, De Leon says, it's against the law for criminals to possess ammo but not for someone to sell it to them knowing they are criminals. The bill also would prohibit hard-core gang members -- those under court injunction restrictions -- from possessing handgun bullets.”

It is already against the law for an illegal alien or alien to possess a firearm. It is against the law to possess a weapon when drunk or under the influence of drugs. None of which seems to stop those bent on intimidation or worse.  

Now consider the implementation: which only goes to prove that the devil is in the details …

“And -- the more controversial part -- it would require:
* Ammunition dealers to keep bullets out of easy reach of potential shoplifters, similar to cigarettes.
* Dealers to check a purchaser's identification, take a thumbprint and make the records available to local law enforcement. There'd be no waiting period before delivery of the ammo, as there is with firearms.
* Handgun owners to buy their bullets face-to-face from a licensed dealer. They could order through the Internet or by mail, but they'd have to pick up the ammo at a store, just as they now must when buying a gun.”

Spinning the story …

What can you expect from the liberal Los Angeles Times and columnist George Skelton? Spinning the story into a tale of inconvenience while noting that the law creates a “de facto” gun registration program along with a new massive government database of gun owners. Worrisome, because here in California you can be turned into a criminal and prosecuted as a felon just because a gun “looks” bad and may have the wrong type of grip. Other less evil-looking guns with identical functionality are somehow judged to be “ok” for sale to the public. And most of these guns are legally allowable – notably in states not ruled by far-left liberal democrats.

“Opponents -- Republican legislators and the gun lobby -- complained about inconveniencing law-abiding citizens.
"I'd rather be inconvenienced and alive than have criminals convenienced and be dead," says Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, one of many law enforcement officials who support De Leon's bill.”

County Sheriff Lee Baca, it should be remembered, is more of a politician than Sheriff. Often threatening to release criminals from jail if the people to not pass a tax increase.

"’The problem is the criminals' easy access to ammunition because of the overemphasis on not inconveniencing law-abiding citizens,’ the sheriff adds. ‘The price we all pay is random violence. A safer society will also be a somewhat more inconvenienced society. . . . Those of us in the crime-fighting business need more solutions to control criminal violence.’"

Sheriff Baca is lying … there is no polite way to say it. The violence is not random – it is localized in gang-infested, crime-ridden areas. It involves mostly drug dealers protecting their turf or addicts attempting to rob their fellow citizen. Had Lee Baca been an honest broker, he might have noticed that the greatest deterrent to violent crime is tough gang enforcement, a tougher judicial system which removes violent offenders from the streets and keeps them locked away for long periods of time; and an armed citizenry. Criminals are far less likely to attack if they do not know if their victim may be armed.

For liberals to demand schools, shopping malls, housing projects and other areas be labeled as “gun free zones” is tantamount to saying “here is a pool of victims waiting to be robbed.”

Demand that Governor Schwarzenegger veto the bill …

We know that Schwarzenegger is termed out, looking for his next political gig and there are no special interests that will pay for his cooperation. But we can shun him and all of his ventures should he not do the right thing and veto this poor excuse for legislation.

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has not signaled a position on the bill. But he vetoed another version by a different author five years ago. In the veto message, Schwarzenegger pointed out that the federal government once had a similar law and concluded it "was simply unworkable and offered no public safety benefit."
The federal law existed from shortly after Robert F. Kennedy's assassination in 1968 until President Reagan signed the repealer in 1986 -- a prehistoric era before the Internet and high-tech databases.”

No public benefit! Unworkable! You bet! Because the criminals will always find ways to obtain banned weapons and ammunition. Leaving the citizens to be taxed and harassed by the politicians and their feel-good policies.

Modern technology is not an answer …

“Since then -- and since Schwarzenegger's veto -- several California cities have proved that, with modern technology, they can use dealers' records as a crime-fighting weapon. They're able to track down felons and other people -- spousal abusers, the criminally insane -- who have violated the law by obtaining ammunition.”

This is the database I mentioned! This statement is pure and utter bullshit. One, law enforcement does not inspect dealer records to find those who are criminally insane or are spousal abusers. This information may be developed after the fact for prosecution purposes, but as for proactive law enforcement – forget it. The justice departments, at local, state and federal levels cannot even provide uniform records on the criminals who have been processed through the system, let alone engage in proactive crime control. In the County of Los Angeles, the rape kits with DNA are still facing a backlog and there are certainly more purchasers of ammunition than rapists.

“Los Angeles, Sacramento and 12 other cities -- including Beverly Hills, Carson, Inglewood, Pomona, Santa Ana, Santa Monica and West Hollywood -- have adopted ordinances requiring dealer record-keeping of ammo purchases.”

“In a 17-month period, L.A. police arrested 25 people; confiscated 20 weapons, including a machine gun; and seized more than 2,900 rounds of ammunition, according to Deputy Chief Charlie Beck.”

Considering the million or so people in the vicinity, this statistic is absolutely meaningless. They do not tell you under what conditions these weapons were found. They do not tell you anything about the people who were found with these weapons and ammunition. In fact, the story only juxtaposes paragraphs which lead you to believe that the results cited somehow were connected with dealer record-keeping. I just don’t believe it.

“Sacramento has California's most comprehensive ammo-control program. In less than 20 months, it found that ammunition had been illegally purchased by 229 people, including 173 felons. The district attorney filed charges against 190, trial was set for 136 and all but eight pleaded guilty. Seized were 160 firearms, including seven assault weapons and eight explosive devices.”

Again, the statistics and the conclusion is misleading. The real question one must ask is: were these people found via the ammunition control program or was it found that these people had purchased ammunition after they were arrested for crimes or on other circumstances such as parole violation. There is also something funny about claiming they found “eight explosive devices.” Were these bombs? Dynamite? Or fireworks?

“Police Capt. James Maccoun, who heads the Sacramento gun detail, says dealers file their information to the department electronically. Every transaction is checked against a database of people prohibited from possessing weapons.”

Go to MacArthur Park and buy what appears to be a valid driver’s license and you can buy anything you want. Just ask the illegal aliens who purchase such documentation on a routine basis.

Whoops … loophole!

The dilemma for Sacramento, L.A. and the other cities is that when criminals learn about the dealer record-keeping, they can drive into another community and load up on bullets.
’We don't catch the smart ones,’ Maccoun says.”

Another banned article that will promote a vigorous black market in out-of-state ammunition and insure that there is more revenue pumped into criminal activity. And if you can’t catch the smart ones, what’s the point in inconveniencing everyone.

I am naturally cynical and believe that this measure is more about the coming restrictive taxation than it is about crime control. Taxing bullets as heavily as tobacco in order to feed an out-of-control legislature who engages in supporting illegal aliens at the expense of legal and law-abiding citizens.

More liberal statistics pulled from their collective asses …

“Beck says L.A.'s law ‘would be 10 times more effective if it were statewide.’ The L.A. ordinance covers all ammunition, including shotgun shells. De Leon's bill would cover only handgun bullets, a concession to hunters.”

This proves the political perfidy … “a concession to hunters?” If they were serious, why would they exempt anything. Of course, political expedience still reigns supreme! They seem to be afraid of alienating hunters – but care not one whit for the man trying to protect himself and his family.

“But that still didn't attract any Republican legislative support. The measure passed each house with no votes to spare.”
"’This bill is going after rural communities like no other gun bill has,’ declared Assemblyman Joel Anderson (R-San Diego), whose district covers rural areas. ‘So all I ask is: Why can't you just let my people go?’  That drew some chuckles. But most of the half-hour Assembly debate produced predictable opposition verbiage with seemingly little real passion. Republicans complained about infringing on 2nd Amendment rights, which Democrats vehemently denied.”

Conflating the issue …

"’As a law-abiding citizen, staunch supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, a Little League coach who is required to have a thumbprint to coach and required to provide a thumbprint for a driver's license, I rise to support this bill,’ said new Assemblyman Steve Bradford (D-Gardena).”

Bradford is an ass if he does not realize that the activities cited, driving and coaching Little League, are not fundamental rights like self-protection and are not activities to protect an individual from an existential threat.

The big lie …

“Schwarzenegger should sign the measure. Sheriffs and police chiefs want it.

It's a crime-fighting tool that doesn't stomp on the rights of lawful gun owners. And it would keep loaded weapons out of the hands of some criminals and gangbangers.”

I call bullshit.

This legislation does impinge on the rights of lawful gun owners and puts them at more risk of violent crime should the security and privacy of the ammunition list be compromised as well as the increased risk of additional taxation and future weapons confiscation.

They are lying: nothing will keep loaded weapons out of the hands of criminals and gangbangers. In fact, it will do the opposite and make weapons more desirable as the population is discouraged from obtaining weapons and ammunition – as well as incentivizing the black market dealing of unregistered ammunition.

And, by the way, aren’t these some of the same Sheriffs and police chiefs who hand out badges and gun permits to celebrities and high-powered executives with known drug,   alcohol, spousal and anger issues? Aren’t these the same Sheriffs and police chiefs who have subverted the system for their own personal and political gain. One need only look at Mike Carona, the former Orange County Sheriff, and his cadre of friends to see what these people do to favor the rich and powerful. While denying ordinary citizens the same rights of self-protection.

The article cleverly  ends …

“Target the bullets.”

To which I reply, target the asshat politicians who confuse crime control with gun control. People who do meaningless and ineffective things to advance their personal and political objective. Perhaps we should spend more time demanding that politicians keep airtight records of their campaign expenditures and funding sources. And then prosecute them for failing to keep adequate records – instead of allowing them to file amended returns. This might save more lives, property and reduce crime than a meaningless ammunition control bill.

Capture2-11-2009-6.54.19 PM

Our America is under assault – at the local, state and federal levels – from far-left liberals who cite an unachievable perfect world as the reasons for their actions and who use false and misleading science and statistics to advance their controlling political agenda. Their heads are buried so far up their corrupt asses that they don’t see the harm they are causing to the legal, law-abiding citizens who have elected them to office.

Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve


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