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Selecting the next LAPD Chief: Politics or Professionalism?

Many view soon-to-leave Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton as a consummate professional. For others, the chief is a socialite and political wannabe seeking higher office with greater visibility.

Unfortunately, his untimely departure to seek more money in the private sector and be closer to his wife’s job as a New York television personality has left the position open to the wrangling of special interest groups.

Of course, the blacks want a black police chief; the Hispanics want a Hispanic police chief; the downtown developers who wield an extraordinary amount of political and financial influence want someone to reduce crime in and near their re-development projects – and the citizens want protection from the growing number of gang members, both foreign and domestic, who continually battle over turf and the drug trade.

Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villar (his real name), a Mexican activist since his college days would like to see the LAPD chief as a political ally who can help him eventually achieve a higher political office.

I hope the Mayor, the police commission and the special interests look beyond the racial politics which produced such losers as Willy Williams in 1992 who could not legally carry a gun without a special concealed carry permit or Bernard Parks in 1997 who was more about shined shoes and political correctness than about real policing reform.

After these two losers, it was Bratton’s turn. To his credit, he brought about reform and a continuing measure of political correctness.  Refusing to modify Special Order 40 which gave a sense of immunity to those illegally present in the United States. Bratton appeared to be more about picking his way through a minefield of political issues than really cracking down against illegal aliens.

According to the Los Angeles Times …

“Bratton and Villaraigosa have developed a tight political alliance in the last several years. The mayor reappointed Bratton to a second term and spearheaded efforts to add 1,000 additional officers, while Bratton aggressively campaigned for Villaraigosa's reelection and ballot initiatives.” <Source: LA Times>

When Bratton plans to leave his post on October 30, 2009, it is hoped that the new LAPD Chief will be in place, having been selected from among the fine officers who now service the city. A candidate selected on merit, performance, education and the ability to manage the department and retain the respect of the LAPD rank and file. A chief who puts crime-reduction first and foremost over politics.

-- steve

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