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While the Obama Administration is wont to blame the Bush Administration for anything and everything that has or is going wrong, you never questioned the patriotism of former President George Bush, former Vice President Cheney or former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The disagreements were over policy and procedures, but never over the final goal: protecting America and Americans from their enemies, both foreign or domestic.

Unfortunately, not the same thing can be said about the Obama Administration which is comprised of a number of far-left radical/activists who hated the military and, in general, see the United States as being at the root of the world’s ills. Everything to them is a political or media calculation designed to make them look good – even if it means sacrificing substance for style.

Considering our nation’s dependence on computers, one would think that substance would triumph over both style and politics. But in the Obama Administration, from all indications, you might be wrong – big time, dangerously wrong.

I want President Obama to explain this …

  • Why did Melissa Hathaway, the Administration’s acting cyber-security coordinator walk away from her position and withdraw her name from consideration as the permanent cyber-security coordinator.
  • Was the formal position description watered down and mangled by politics – with other groups and agencies fighting over turf, budget, access to the President and the internal command and control structure?
  • Was Hathaway’s 60-day review of the present United States cyber-security policies flawed?
  • Were her recommendations to implement changes to the current policy flawed or did they step on powerful toes?
  • Is the President and his Administration adverse to mounting the strongest possible cyber-security policy in the history of the United States?
  • Did the well-publicized disregard for an all-powerful national cyber-security chief rankle the powers that be at the National Security Council and the National Economic Council?

And why would someone compromise the mission effectiveness of a cyber-security chief by demanding obeisance to two or more agencies – sure to exacerbate an inherent conflict of interest and political maelstrom?

What part did the ever-growing and increasingly “too big to manage” Department of Homeland Security play in her decision?

I think that there should be closed-door hearings and an airing of all issues before President Obama appoints a weakened political hack to the position. Someone with no real background in cyber-security, but a wily political nature and an ability to manage the department while dealing positively with the press.

Enough of the political bullshit and talking points. It is time to get down to business – perhaps by mandating a costly, but necessary, switch to IPv6, said to be able to support the addressing and security issues of the next generation of Internet connectivity.

With the Administration considering the SMART GRID and other technology ventures which rely on Internet interconnectivity, it is time to start on solutions instead of fighting time- and money-wasting political battles in order to provide contracts to the special interest defense contractors and others who smell big money in return for big campaign contributions?

Considering that our nation’s infrastructure is a stake, what ever happened to the security vetting of employees with access to critical system and the relatively low-paid, ill-trained (and possibly enemy agents) that guard the guarded?

And will anybody of real technical accomplishment and managerial ability want the relatively low-paying job that comes complete with 24/7 up your butt analysis and commentary by politicians and pundits alike?

Time to move for that Change that Obama is always talking about …

-- steve


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