Obamacare: another staged town hall meeting to tell you what Obama wants you to hear ...

Obama is not the Joker and what he is doing to our America is not funny!


Where is the Obama who ran as new type of transcendent candidate: one above partisan and racial politics, above the corruption, complacency and sleaze that was traditionally found in beltway political circles. A uniter, not a divider. The man who offered up HOPE and CHANGE  to an America besieged with a debilitating and costly war against terrorism and an economy in dire straits?

Where the hell is that Obama?

Apparently hiding behind his Chicago-style politicos, ballet dancer/politician Rahm Emanuel – and most certainly behind his speechwriters, groomers and his ever-present TelePrompTer.'

Letting a toxic Congress that is being led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid fill-in the details he is too important to master …

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When will President Obama stop blaming former President Bush and accept the responsibility for the actions being taken on his watch?

And when will President Obama stop lying to American citizens about the implicit taxes they will have to pay every time they gas up the car, turn on a light switch, purchase a loaf of bread or a carton of milk? Or the loss of jobs caused by his economic policies?

Time to consider 2010 …



Be well, be safe and protect yourself and your family first.

-- steve


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