The last refuge for a black politician/scoundrel/minister: playing the race card!
In the guise of "freedom," is the system being compromised?

Hey! You stupid liberals over there -- crying about Gitmo -- want to see some real torture camps ? is reporting …

Iran's "special" prisons for breaking political opponents

“Exposed here for the first time are the seven secret prisons where opponents to the Iranian regime are subjected to murder, rape, broken bones and other abuses. The infamous Kahrizak prison on the southern outskirts of Tehran was not shut down as reported. Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wanted the building demolished to the last stone to conceal the atrocities perpetrated there but he was not obeyed.”

“The commander of Iran's internal security forces Esmail Ahmadi-Moghaddam said Sunday, Aug. 9, that he would not deny his share in the blame for the ‘terrible things that took place in Kahrizak’ where two protesters were admittedly found dead. He claimed that two of the security officials responsible for ‘widespread prisoner abuse’ had been fired and awaited trial.”

“The prison remains open and our sources doubt those responsible for the outrages will be brought to trial. Six more jails and detentions centers operate in the Tehran area.”

Why am I not seeing this in the mainstream press? Perhaps it is being crowded off the front page by President Obama’s travels in which he claims that the United States is at fault for some of the world’s ills? Or maybe it is because the braying of the far-left, democrat liberals who think Guantanamo is the root of all evil and must be closed?

Last time I checked, murder, mayhem, maiming and rape were “normal” occurrences in the Muslim nations. Last time I check prisoners who were being detained were lucky to survive the experience. Unlike that tropical paradise known as “Gitmo” where prisoners get decent treatment.

Harsh interrogation methods, you say?

How about interrogations with hand tools, power tools, electrical devices and medieval torture instruments – where a doctor is nowhere to be found unless he is the torturer.

You stupid people – time to open your eyes and see that you are being manipulated for a malevolent cause that wants the United States economy to crater, the military to be weakened – and for the citizens to passively accept socialism with a ruling elite.

Wake up before it is too late.

-- steve

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