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With the Secretary of the United Nations, it is extremely hard to determine where politeness, political diplomacy and pure and utter bullshit stops ...

A few examples:

Politeness ... "The world is looking to Korea for leadership. This powerful emerging economy can serve as a bridge between developed and developing countries."

Political diplomacy ... "Korea should now go further. It should make itself a model of international engagement on climate change."

Pure and utter bullshit ... "We have just four months. Four months to secure the future of our planet."

A few facts ...

Prior to the industrialization of the world and coal-fired energy production, the Earth was hotter and colder; the carbon dioxide levels were higher and lower; and man was not a significant factor.

While the regulation of carbon dioxide by energy producers and others is necessary to achieve political control over national economies, it remains an observable fact that the rise in carbon dioxide lags the rise in temperature by by 600 - 1000 years (depending on the data set used) and thus cannot be a factor of causality. This single fact suggests that we could cease all carbon dioxide production this very second and we would not see any measurable results for another 600 years at the minimum.

The research on global warming, whether sponsored by the government or the private sector,  is reported in such a manner as to provide a reason for continuing multi-billion dollars investments in global climate research, grants and subsidies. Patronage of the arts and sciences, pure and simple.

And the fact that if most often overlooked by those who want to believe in global warming is that external factors, not man, are responsible for much of our global climate change. Factors such as: solar output and variability, Earth's orbital path in relation to the Sun, the rotational dynamics of the Earth, the deep oceanic currents and the ever changing winds driving the greatest greenhouse gas, water vapor, from place to place.

A false standard ...

Given our current ability to adequately measure climate change -- with much of the temperature effects being lost in the natural variability of climate, we find that the politicians want to measure things that are measurable -- but not important.

Prove to us that you can measure how much you are crippling your economy ...

"Second, developing countries need to take nationally appropriate mitigation actions in order to reduce the growth in their emissions substantially below business as usual. Their actions must be measurable, reportable and verifiable."

Prove to us that you can measure your wealth re-distribution to the developing countries ...

"Third, developed countries must provide sufficient, measurable, reportable and verifiable financial and technological support to developing countries."

You can measure all you want, but it still will have little or no effect on the global climate. So you wonder why I don't give a rat's ass about the UN and its anti-American, socialist policies.

The global climate may change, but human behavior is a constant ...

Man has always responded to nature by adaptation: moving from areas of scarcity of natural resources (water, food, shelter) to areas of abundance. In each environment, hostile or benign, man has further adapted by adopting better clothing and better-designed artificial shelters. Thus it was in the days of yore, as it will be tomorrow. The belief that man, in his infinite hubris, can control the awesome forces of nature that he can barely describe is akin to adopting a religious belief in the unknowable.

We are seeing science subverted by politicians for the benefit of a political ideology. Supported by those who will personally and professionally profit from playing courtier to the emperor with no clothes.

Enough is enough!

With all due respect to the Secretary General of the United Nations, you are the leader of a malignant and impotent force that has outlived its usefulness. You sit idly by and watch the aftermath of genocide. You sit idly by and watch humanitarian relief supplies confiscated by warlords. And when your so-called "peace-keeping" forces encounter armed  resistance, they retreat to safe positions rather than attack the enemy and remedy the situation. Your agencies have grossly misstated important information: population growth patterns, the level of HIV/AIDS, the effects of H1N1, and now, global warming; all to amass greater political influence, funding and media attention. Today's United Nation is a parasitic organization whose benefits are touted by celebrities and others whose critical thinking is replaced by a written script. Self-serving actors on the world stage.

Even the extremely small number of scientists who signed off on your global warming reports did so under political pressure. Your peer-reviewed protocol is flawed and misrepresents the process.

In other words, your pronouncements are UNbelievable and should be accorded no further consideration.

-- steve

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