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It has now been announced that United States Attorney General Eric Holder is considering appointing a prosecutor to investigate the CIA’s treatment of detainees with respect to interrogation methods that the Obama Administration – and their far-left radical/activist supporters claim is torture.

Clear and present danger to in-country troops in a time of war …

But one must question whether or not allowing civilian lawyers, possibly with a far-left ideological agenda, access to data which may prove to be embarrassing to the United States and pose a clear and present danger to our brave troops in the field? Whether detainee program revelations will result in heighted recruiting efforts by the enemy, justification for more brutal treatment of Americans and allies encountered on the battlefield or simply the denigration of American ideals and policies abroad, it serves no purpose to aid and abet the enemy at a time of war.

It’s not a war …

No matter what the politically correct asshats in the Administration call the war on terror – it is a war; with a portion of militant and violent jihadists and others seeking to kill anyone who is not Muslim. Killing infidels is inculcated in certain populations from an early age. These people revel in a culture of death where the highest good is portrayed as being martyred for the cause – and the more infidels you kill, the higher your stature. Putting aside the 72 virgins being offered to repressed young men with raging hormones, violence and its acceptance in the culture is a given. While the Administration waffles on and on about gun control, it is not unusual to see  pre-teens and teenagers armed with the weapons of war – that is if they are not being asked to sacrifice themselves as a human-delivered bomb.

The “style over substance” president …

While President Obama struggles to convince the world he is different from former President Bush and is worthy of global respect, the self-evident truth garnered from his actions presents a very different picture. A president who is feted as per the protocols mandated by state visits and openly scorned behind his back as being weak, idealistic and very, very naive. With enemies who respect only force and the will to use force to obtain a political objective, the man is a joke; a post-partisan, politically-correct joke.

Conflict of Interest?

Attorney General Holder was a senior partner with Covington & Burling, a well-known, well-connected and prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm, which is said to  represent detainees currently being held at Guantanamo. It is possible that the results of any investigation could be used for the benefit of the detainees which are considered by the Obama Administration as if they were civilian criminals, with Constitutional rights and an unlimited access to criminal defense attorneys.

I am surprised that the democrats in the Senate overlooked A.G. Holder’s radical actions to advocate for the release of 16 extremely violent, bomb-making, FALN terrorists against the advice of the FBI, NYPD and the U.S. Attorneys who were prosecuting them – all to achieve a political aim.

“Holder was also involved in Clinton's decision to reduce the criminal sentences of 16 members of the Boricua Popular Army, an organization that has been categorized by the FBI as a terrorist organization. The clemency request was initially opposed in 1996 by U.S. Pardons Attorney Margaret Love. When Holder was elevated to Deputy Attorney General in 1997, he was asked to reexamine the issue by three members of Congress. In July 1999, Holder recommended clemency to Clinton with a report from then U.S. Pardons Attorney Roger Adams that neither supported nor opposed clemency. A month later, Clinton granted the clemency. According to The Hartford Courant, the clemency was unusual because it was opposed by the FBI, the federal prosecutor and the victims. According to the newspaper, it was also unusual because, before the commutations, the Boricua Popular Army members were not required to repudiate their actions, and they were not asked to provide any information concerning the whereabouts of Victor Manuel Gerena, a co-conspirator and one of the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, or the millions of dollars stolen by the group in a 1983 robbery of Wells Fargo in West Hartford, Connecticut.” <Source>

Can we trust A.G. Holder to put politics aside?

The fact that Mr. Holder, while Deputy Attorney General, pushed for the release of 16 violent FALN terrorists against the advice of the FBI, the US Attorneys who prosecuted them and the NYPD officers who were maimed by them, suggests that he was perfectly willing to put politics before the national security interests of the country. He is not suited for the job of attorney general, which is central to the issues surrounding the disposition of war on terror detainees

We are at war …

The Obama Administration has yet to learn that we are at war with a segment of the Muslim population that wants to kill us and that recruiting efforts abroad are also said to exist in the jails and prisons of the United States. Calling a lion a big pussycat and showing pictures of cuddly little lion cubs does not make the hunter safer when pursuing a wild and dangerous animal.

If President Obama believes the situation is well under control, let him disband the unionized TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and return air travel to normal.

Destroying American Institutions …

The far-left radicals are seemingly bent on disarming the United States with the complicity of the democrats led by such anti-military, anti-intelligence proponents as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now, Barack Obama. Far-left socialistic radicals have continued to demonize the military and have infiltrated and subverted educational institutions and the unions -- and are now trying to “work from within” in bankrupting the government as per the socialist prescription for a bloodless takeover using our own laws and institutions against us.

They know not of what they speak …

According to the Los Angeles Times, “A senior Justice Department official said that Holder envisioned an inquiry that would be narrow in scope, focusing on ‘whether people went beyond the techniques that were authorized’ in Bush administration memos that liberally interpreted anti-torture laws.”

The Administration continues to use the emotionally-charged word “torture” to describe enhanced interrogation techniques which would be described as “non-torture” techniques by the rest of the world. Perhaps we should give the American people a look at the devices and methods of real torture in Muslim nations where routine extreme physical punishment by whipping, beating, raping, maiming, mutilation and protracted death is a routine staple of life.

While our lawyers waffle on-and-on about lethal injections for condemned murders, the Muslim clerics are specifying the size of the rock to be used for stoning a half-buried person to death so that death should not come quickly to the condemned. Or ignoring altogether the fact that hand tools, as well as power tools, are the routine instruments of torture in foreign lands where I am sure that the person tortured might like to try a little sleep deprivation or even waterboarding rather than have his genitals wired to a battery or body parts sliced off one-at-a-time.

Where is the common sense?

Certainly not in an democrat Administration thoroughly steeped in Chicago-style thuggery and far-left radical politics.

There is but one solution …

Considering it is unlikely for the Congress to investigate itself and/or believe that politicians – on both sides of the aisle – will prosecute one another, there is but one solution.

Capture2-11-2009-6.54.19 PM 

It’s now becoming apparent that this is the only way to save our nation and preserve our future as free Americans. Our politicians have ceased to represent “we the people” and have engaged in an orgy of self-interest politics for personal and professional reasons. It seems that it may be only a matter of time until the government restores the rights of incarcerated criminals to vote as a large, controlled democrat block. Don’t laugh, democrats want to confer victimhood on everybody and reward them with government entitlement programs to redress their grievances against their own country.   Personally I believe that, if they are that offended by our country, our government should arrange to revoke their citizenship, cancel their passports and drop them off in the enlightened country of their choice. Let the Muslims return to the idyllic life in the Middle East.

It’s becoming a “now or never” situation as the government is proposing a takeover of our economy and the bankrupting of America with their stimulus packages which do not stimulate anything but political power. The pork- and rules-laden programs such as cap and tax, and healthcare for everyone except seniors – all designed to destroy our current institutions and allow the socialists and democrats to build their evil incarnation of a “free” country.

Vote the bastards out of office! It’s the only answer at the present time.

-- steve


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