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PASS ID ACT: more democrat duplicity and hypocrisy ...

Exploiting “Big Brother” when politically expedient …

There are those democrats who claim that the REAL ID ACT would in essence create a “national identity card” which could be used to track all citizens, all the time. An emotional charge which resonates with Americans opposed to ever-increasing government intervention in their lives and he spectre of “Big Brotherism.” The basis for this claim is that the Act would require uniform standards for identification cards and a format that would allow the information to be electronically exchanged with duly authorized law enforcement agencies.

However, their real opposition seems to be the requirement that these cards be used in employment verification checks to identify illegal aliens and in voter registration/voting identification checks which would severely limit the introduction of spurious votes – the great majority of which are encouraged and cast in favor of the democrats. In tightly-contested elections, such as the recent Norm Coleman/Al Franken election in Minnesota, the elimination of duplicate and spurious votes could have tipped the outcome of the Senate race.

Enter the democrat hypocrisy and duplicity …

Has anyone noticed that the Obama Healthcare plan would require tamperproof identification cards and create a national database of  some of the most personal details of your life including, but not limited to, your employer, your occupation and other non-medical information items? Has anyone noticed that there are no real provisions from preventing any healthcare provider or law enforcement agency from snooping in these records without a warrant or by simply generating an Administrative Notice? Has anyone noticed that the very same problem that dooms the TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) ludicrous watch list to failure will also allow the accidental compromise of thousands of records. That is, due to the duplicative nature of personal names, a warrant in the name of John Smith can be used to access each and every John Smith record in the database. Especially if other identifiers (Social Security Number, Driver’s License, Address, etc.) are unknown or inaccurate at the time of the search. Aren’t these the very same concerns that the democrats are posing to kill the REAL ID ACT in favor of their weakened PASS ID ACT?

Identification is only a valid as the original identification used to secure the new identification card …

By vetting applicants and verifying their current identification before issuing a new card – complete with biometric information to prevent duplicative identification – the newly issued cards can be thought of as inherently more secure.

But not according to the democrats …

According to the Washington Post …

“Under that [REAL ID] act, states must shift to ‘secure’ driver's licenses and identification cards by verifying that anyone who asks for a driver's license or identification card is actually the person he or she purports to be. States are required to verify an applicant's Social Security number, lawful immigration status and identity.”

Sensible, practical and secure. (DUH!) But not for the democrats who want to embrace illegal aliens, unionize the world and subvert our voting system in their favor. Can you say ACORN – where the confluence of malignant democrat policies are on display for all to see.

“Despite the fact that a unanimous Senate -- including then-Sen. Barack Obama -- passed the Real ID Act, several senators recently introduced legislation known as the Pass ID Act, which promises to return the nation to pre-Sept. 11 dangers.”

The democrat tweak to destroy security …

“Under the Pass ID legislation, about which the secretary of homeland security testified last week, states would no longer need to verify a person's identity before issuing a driver's license or identification card. They would not be required to resolve Social Security number mismatches; nor would they need to ensure the person does not possess duplicate or additional licenses or identification cards issued from other states.”

All for the benefit of illegal aliens and community organizers who want to steal elections by casting illegal and spurious votes that benefit democrats.

Killing present progress …

“So far, 16 states are complying with benchmarks set by the Department of Homeland Security or are on track to comply by the end of this year. States have until 2014 to begin issuing the "secure" driver's licenses and identification cards and until 2017 for full compliance. Why stop the progress we've made?”

What happened to bi-partisanship …

We have just witnessed the passage of  a number of highly suspicious and dangerous bills which have been created in closed-door sessions by democrats with little or no republican influence. Considering that the democrats have apparently stolen the Minnesota Senate race (see what can happen) and have a super-majority of votes, they have been known to exclaim “We won, get over it” when challenged. As if that settles the question and proves their point.

“While developing Real ID, the Bush administration sought and received bipartisan participation. DHS received more than 21,000 comments on the proposed rule and made numerous amendments before issuing the final rule in January 2008. The process was transparent and responsive from beginning to end.”

A clear and present danger …

“The Sept. 11 commission recognized that a driver's license is only as good as the information it contains. The ability of terrorists to obtain multiple driver's licenses and state-issued identification cards increases the security threat to America. The implications are clear: Valid driver's licenses that are issued based on a fraudulently obtained or fake birth certificate exacerbate our national security vulnerabilities.”

Bottom line …

“The Pass ID Act would not fine-tune Real ID; it would neutralize or weaken numerous protections that Real ID provides.

“Congress should not reverse course and ignore the findings of the Sept. 11 commission. Sadly, that is exactly what the Obama administration and a handful of Democratic senators are trying to do.”

It is bad enough that democrats are trying to bankrupt our nation, weaken our military and assume control over the industries and institutions which control our economy – are we going to let the democrats steal votes and aid and abet illegal aliens to break our laws?

I say NO – HELL, NO!

Another egregious deception by democrats ...

It appears that H.R. 2159 the "Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act" is more about a domestic liberal democrat "gun control" agenda than it is in keeping arms from the bad guys. Common sense will tell you two things: One, criminals and terrorists do not respect any laws and will steal the weapons they require; and two, law-abiding citizens are the only ones facing criminal penalties for trying to protect themselves and their families when no official police presence is available. More liberal democrat lies and legislation designed to disarm Americans so that our criminals and enemies do not encounter any further diffculty when they injure, maim or kill ordinary law-abiding citizens. Perhaps what scares the government the most about the Second Amendment is that it was created not for sporting events or even self-protection -- but to protect against a government engaged in tyranny! Certainly where the Obama government is heading with their march towards socialism and restricted freedoms.

Remember: be careful and be safe; take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve

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