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Is AARP playing racial and social politics at their member's expense?

Why would AARP blindly support a healthcare system which is ill-defined and which appears to feature a “best practices” approach which may be extremely hostile to the needs of senior citizens seeking advanced healthcare in the last stages of life?

Is this man seeking a government job in the Obama Administration?

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According to the AARP website …

“Barry Rand has been selected by the AARP Board of Directors to be the next CEO of AARP, a membership organization of over 40 million people age 50 and older, half of whom remain actively employed.  AARP’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for all as we age.”

“Prior to joining AARP, Mr. Rand distinguished himself as a leader of social change in some of our nation’s largest corporate and educational institutions.”

“He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Howard University and has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avis Group Holdings, CEO of Equitant Ltd., and Executive Vice President for Worldwide Operations at Xerox Corporation.”

There is no doubt that Rand is a smart, articulate executive. But is he 100% behind AARP’s mission to “enhance the quality of life for all as we age?”

Conflict of interest?

How does Rand reconcile the fact that AARP may have a built-in conflict of interest …

“AARP operates as a non-profit advocate for its members and as one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the United States, and it also sells insurance, investment funds and other financial products.”

“Approximately seven million people have AARP branded health insurance, including drug coverage and medigap, as of April 2007  and AARP earns more income from selling insurance to members than it does from membership dues.”

“In 2008, AARP plans to begin offering several new health insurance products: An HMO for Medicare recipients, in partnership with UnitedHealth Group; and a PPO and "a high-deductible insurance policy that could be used with a health savings account" to people aged 50–64, in partnership with Aetna. AARP will likely become the largest source of health insurance for Medicare recipients, and AARP estimates the new products will increase its health insurance customers to 14 million by 2014. AARP is not an insurer and does not pay insurance claims. Instead, AARP allows its name to be used by insurance companies in the sale of insurance products, for which it is paid a commission like an insurance agent.” <Source>

… openly advocating positions of interest to senior citizens, but also earning substantial sums from offering government-regulated products.

Associations with far-left organizations which support illegal aliens and the unionization of healthcare workers …

There is no doubt that unionizing healthcare workers will drive healthcare prices ever higher with no corresponding benefit to the patients.

“In early 2007 AARP launched "Divided We Fail," designed to address health care and long-term financial security. The initiative was launched with Business Roundtable and the Service Employees International Union, and encompasses advertising in national outlets and in the primary states, online activities, and traditional grassroots work, in order to engage the public, business and elected officials in the debate, and to encourage public leaders to offer solutions, according to the AARP.”

The SEIU, under investigation for corruption within the leadership of some of its locals, openly advocates for “in-home” family health workers in California (a program riddled with fraud)  and is trying to unionize these workers with an eventuality of becoming California State employees. It is my opinion that the SEIU is to unions as ACORN is to community organizing.   

Which AARP are we to believe?

“At present, there are two affiliated organizations:

the AARP Foundation which operates on a non-profit basis and AARP Services Inc. which is managed wholly for profit.”

  • “The AARP Foundation runs programs on: free tax preparation and counseling, work training for older people of low income, training of volunteers on matters concerning the elderly, crime prevention and safe driving.” 
  •  AARP Services Inc. offers: Medicare supplemental health insurance, discounts on prescription drugs and consumer goods, entertainment and travel packages, long-term care insurance and automobile, home and life insurance.”

Not without controversy …

I am not the first one to question AARP’s political motives, note the organization’s inherent conflict of interest or question the loyalty of AARP’s leadership to its members.

“In an editorial column in the Los Angeles Times, critic Dale Van Atta wrote that AARP does unauthorized lobbying for its membership, and lobbies against the best interests of its membership. Van Atta says that by lobbying for the above-mentioned Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, AARP leaders betrayed the membership.”

“BusinessWeek magazine says that in the past questions have arisen about whether AARP's commercial interests may conflict with those of its membership, and characterizes many of the funds and insurance policies that AARP markets as providing considerably less benefit than seniors could get on their own.”

Bottom Line …

There is no doubt in my mind that senior citizens will be hurt in the Obama healthcare initiative and that the “best practices” approach will lead to the rationing of healthcare and the denial of advanced healthcare services to an aging population in their last years of life.

Therefore, I must question AARP’s motives in supporting President Obama’s healthcare plan and wonder whether or not AARP is acting on the social agenda of its President or in its best commercial interests?

Bottom line – It’s your money and your life that is on the line.
Do you want to sacrifice either for political expediency and the Obama “power grab” agenda.

-- steve


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