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Before you dismiss the idea that our government would engage in propaganda and behavior modification, you need to see what is contained in H.R. 3247 … “to establish a social and behavioral sciences research program at the Department of Energy, and for other purposes.”

Department of Energy?

The Department of Energy? Why not Health and Human Services? Or some other department more aligned with government research dealing with anthropology, psychology, learning theory or the study of other human attributes?

What are they thinking?

According to the legislation, it’s all about ENERGY – and possibly coping with the adverse effects of a malevolent “cap and trade” system which will reduce energy supplies while raising costs through the roof.

“The Secretary shall establish a social and behavioral sciences research program to identify and understand social and behavioral factors that influence energy consumption and acceptance and adoption rates of new energy technologies, and to promote the utilization of the results of social and behavioral research to improve the design, development, demonstration, and application of energy technologies.”

For years, advertisers have been using the most sophisticated marketing techniques to consume more energy and switch us between gas and electricity – each utility promoting their own programs with incentives and other inducements.

Now that demand has grown significantly, it is in the best interests of these utilities to maintain their profit margins – and executive bonuses – by reducing the demand which would necessitate additional expenditures in new infrastructure and to allow the utilities to continually raise the price of reduced consumption without a consumer uprising? In Orwellian Speak: for the consumer -- less is more; for the executive – more profit with less effort. 

An entire new government bureacracy – permanently inflating the headcount and the attendant costs of never-ending personnel salaries, perks, bonuses and retirement benefits …


    (a) In General- The Secretary shall establish a social and behavioral sciences research program to identify and understand social and behavioral factors that influence energy consumption and acceptance and adoption rates of new energy technologies, and to promote the utilization of the results of social and behavioral research to improve the design, development, demonstration, and application of energy technologies.

    (b) Director- The Secretary shall appoint or designate a Director of Social and Behavioral Research to carry out the program established under this section.

    (c) Duties of the Director- The Director shall--

      (1) develop a research plan in accordance with section 2;

      (2) implement the research program under this section;

      (3) work with the relevant Department of Energy program offices to integrate the results of social and behavioral research into their work;

      (4) develop tools, practices, and information to apply and integrate the results of social and behavioral research into programs that--

        (A) design, develop, and demonstrate technologies that supply energy and improve energy efficiency; and

        (B) provide information on energy consumption to consumers; and

      (5) assist the Secretary in awarding research grants under section 3.


    (a) In General- The Director, in consultation with the Advisory Committee established under section 4, shall develop a research plan and, not later than 9 months after the date of enactment of this Act, transmit such plan to the Congress. Prior to finalizing the research plan, the Director shall publish a draft of the proposed research plan in the Federal Register with a public comment period of not less than 30 days.

    (b) Contents of Research Plan- The research plan shall--

      (1) set forth priorities and a schedule for carrying out the research program under section 1 and the research grant program under section 3;

      (2) address social and behavioral factors that influence--

        (A) patterns of energy consumption by individuals, households, and businesses; and

        (B) decisions to implement energy conservation measures,

      including the factors that influence decisions to adopt energy efficient technologies and practices;

      (3) include a description of the mechanisms the Department will use to integrate the findings of social and behavioral research into other relevant Department programs; and

      (4) include responses to comments received during the public comment period.

    (c) Review and Revision- The Director shall review the research plan every 5 years and revise the plan as appropriate.


    (a) In General- The Secretary shall provide grants to support social and behavioral research consistent with the research plan developed under section 2.

    (b) Awards- Grant awards under this section may be for a period up to 3 years. The Secretary shall award grants through a competitive, merit-based, peer-reviewed process.

    (c) Authorization of Appropriations- There are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary to carry out this section $10,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2010 through 2015.


    (a) Establishment- The Secretary shall establish an Advisory Committee composed of experts in relevant fields--

      (1) to advise the Secretary and the Director on priority areas for research;

      (2) to assist the Director in the development of the research plan under section 2; and

      (3) to provide other assistance and advice as requested by the Secretary or the Director.

    (b) Federal Advisory Committee Act- Section 14 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (5 U.S.C. App.) shall not apply to the Advisory Committee established under subsection (a) until 3 years after the date the Advisory Committee is established.

Mind Control 101?

You think with all of the psychological research into human behavior performed at universities and the availability of the finest marketing minds in the nation, that the very same results can be obtained for a lot less than $50 million dollars and would not require a permanent expansion in government personnel.

What is really going on?

I have three theories about this legislation:

One, it truly is an attempt for the government to play mind games with the consumers of energy in order to push their radical environmental agenda and deal with the great dislocations and dissatisfactions that will arise from Congressional attempts to implement “cap and trade” legislation.

Two, it is payback to some particular campaign contributor or sponsor who wants to further their social and political agenda.

Three, it is a nefarious plot to embed additional far-left activists into the energy department where they can continue to advocate for a radical environmental agenda. Considering the critical nature of the work done by the DOE (Department of Energy) in the areas of nuclear weaponry, energy independence and other areas critical to our national infrastructure – this could be a ruse to allow for the additional penetration of our nation’s enemies, both foreign and domestic, into the DOE.

Considering the availability of subject matter experts on a consulting basis, I can find no reason why the United States Congress would authorize the expenditure of $50 million dollars and the ongoing expense of more permanent bureacracy – unless there is ulterior motive that is yet to be revealed.

In the final analysis, this is the type of program which should be killed at the committee level and those who have proposed such legislation to the State of Washington’s Representative,  Brian Baird,  be further investigated.

We need to stop this nonsense now, primarily by sending Congress a message … 

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Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and family first.

-- steve


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