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Does it never end? ... random thoughts on July 14, 2009

Obama is demanding to rush healthcare through the system before Congressional holiday adjournment in August – with no time to study the bill that is being crafted behind closed doors by corrupted democrats.

We saw what happened with the “emergency-rush, rush, rush treatment of the TARP funds, the stimulus bill, the pork-barreled spending bill and the carbon cap and trade bill … all significantly flawed without adequate controls over waste, fraud and corruption by insiders. Now Obama is demanding the same treatment for the proposed healthcare bill – rush, rush, rush – it’s an emergency.

It seems that the real emergency is to keep the public from reading the bill before the vote. In fact, if the previous democrat bill handling pattern remains the same, even the legislators will not have time to read this bill before being asked to vote on it – along party lines. This is a dangerous practice and only serves to highlight the democrats as ill-willed scoundrels and thieves pushing a toxic political ideology and rewarding their friends with power, position and profits – lots of profits that come directly out of taxpayer funds. Check out the Associated Press story for more information.

Ceding more control to the toxic unions …

It appears that the “Car Czar” is being replaced by a former official of the United Steelworkers union – a definite conflict of interest considering that the greatest danger to the automotive industry is the government and the unions. It seems that Steven Rattner, Obama’s car czar has potential ethical issues involving his firm which allegedly paid “functionaries” to obtain state pension business. The new czar was involved in negotiating the Chrysler and General Motors deals and is widely believed to represent the Administration’s union friends. More information can be found in the Wall Street Journal.

Monetizing Michael Jackson’s Children: money for everyone … (updated 07/14/09)

"Rowe's lawyer Eric George sent out a raft of letters today denouncing The Post's story and claiming there had been no secret deal reached. 'Particularly insidious is your misrepresentation that Ms. Rowe has accepted money to give up custody rights,' George said in the letter. 'That statement is unequivocally false.'" <Source>

It is no surprise that the surrogate mother (if that’s even the appropriate term) of Jackson’s two children has once again sold her services to the Jackson family; this time for a reported additional $4 million to go away quietly. That on top of a previously reported payment of $8 million and $900,000 annually (for five years) the first time – to insure that there is nothing standing between the Jackson fortune and those that will inherit control; the lawyers and advisors. More information can be found in the New York Post.

To be noted, we are starting to find that the Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam might be heavily involved in the last days of Michael Jackson; including potentially inflating the rental cost of the rental house in Holmby Hills to $100,000/month to earn additional money. This is a developing story and should be watched carefully. Also look for Jackson family members to cash in “big time” by re-inserting themselves into the Jackson family business of exploiting their brother’s talent.

Do the Republicans have what it takes?

Regardless of how the Sotomayor hearings go, what is on display is the Republicans’ handling of an apparent far-left racist being appointed to the Supreme Court. If Sotomayor’s remarks on a wise Latina woman making better decisions that a white male were made by a white man, the charges of racism from the far-left would have been an omnipresent drumbeat. Now is the time to see if the Republicans have the political will or strength to fight the democrats – even if Sotomayor’s victory is insured by a super-majority. Without the will to fight and a willingness to cave-in to a Hispanic voting block, one can make the case that these political weaklings should be replaced as soon as possible by those who will stand up and fight for conservative political principles.

Can Congress be trusted with classified information?

I am wondering if the toxic democrat legislators on the intelligence committee can be trusted to safeguard our nation’s secrets and uphold our national honor? It seems this latest disclosure (leak?) of the existence of a “classified” program to the media, to ostensibly protect Nancy Pelosi from her comments that the CIA deliberately mislead or lied to Congress, represents a reprehensible pattern of leaking U.S. secrets for political advantage. A process which both damages and embarrasses the United States while giving aid and comfort to our enemies. I can understand why the CIA or any other clandestine service might be reluctant to provide classified information to legislators who might be working against United States interests and who might be leaking information to the far-left media for re-transmission to our enemies. This is an area which must be addressed by electing honorable people to positions on both sides of the aisle instead of stupid, corrupt or well-meaning ideologues to office.

-- steve


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