Obama urges leftist bloggers to push his healthcare agenda -- admits he is not familiar with the House bill!
Healthcare: Obama's Happy Talk is empty rhetoric ...

Democrats are buying Black and Hispanic votes with more costly entitlements -- including subsidizing illegal aliens until they are legal citizens ...

The devil is in the details …

Democratic House Leaders Conceal the Fact That Their Health Bill Covers Illegal Aliens

“Last week, Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled their health care reform legislation entitled, ‘America's Affordable Health Care Act of 2009.’  (Bill Text).  Despite the language in section 246 of the bill that states: ‘nothing… shall allow Federal payments [for] individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States,’ the bill actually raises more questions than it resolves with respect to whether the bill will burden American taxpayers by giving health care benefits to legal and illegal aliens.”

“Section 202 of this bill creates a Health Insurance Exchange (exchange) and states that "all individuals are eligible to obtain coverage" through the exchange.  The House Education & Labor Committee has produced a summary of the bill and explains that the exchange will allow individuals and employers to ‘comparison shop for coverage’ and that the bill creates "new affordability credits… for people purchasing [health coverage] through the exchange."  (Education & Labor Summary).”

“Under Section 242, all legal aliens will qualify for the affordability credit.  Subsection (d) states that the affordability credits ‘shall not be treated [as] a benefit provided under section 403’ of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996.  Under Welfare Reform, legal aliens are generally required to wait five years before becoming eligible for welfare or other taxpayer funded benefits.  The House health reform bill eliminates that 5-year waiting period for legal aliens as applied to taxpayer financed health insurance subsidies, such as the affordability credit.  Accordingly, legal aliens will become immediately eligible for this government handout — a handout that would be paid for by the American taxpayers.”

“Given the bill's language, illegal aliens are also likely to qualify for the affordability credit.  This is true because there are no provisions that would prevent an illegal alien from participating in the exchange or from receiving the credit.  Likewise, there are no requirements that a government agency verify eligibility, whether through the SAVE system or otherwise.  Accordingly, without these important safeguards, illegal aliens would probably receive this subsidy.  The bill does limit eligibility to individuals who are "lawfully present in a State in the United States," but that language would be ineffective to prevent handouts to illegal aliens.  (Sec. 242(a)(1)).  Under U.S. immigration law, someone's status as an illegal alien is not determined by lawful presence in a State.  As a result, this language will have no effect in preventing illegal aliens from receiving the credit

“Critics suggest that if the intent of the bill is to preclude illegal aliens from receiving this subsidy, the current language is woefully inadequate and would have to be dramatically revised.  For example, the bill could limit eligibility for the credit only to a ‘qualified alien’ as defined by the Welfare Reform Act, which would preclude illegal aliens from receiving any benefit.  In addition, including a provision that requires eligibility verification, with the SAVE system, for every applicant for the credit would likewise prevent illegal aliens from receiving the credit.”

Wake up …

This is a life or death situation: in a healthcare system in which healthcare will be rationed and possibly denied to older Americans, DO YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE COMPROMISED BY ORGAN TRANSPLANTS AND MEDICAL SERVICES TO ILLEGAL ALIENS WHO HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHT TO SUCH SERVICES?

Bottom Line …

The supply will not cover the demand, especially as coverage is increased to millions of illegal aliens. Are you willing to gamble your healthcare coverage and access to lifesaving procedures based on some politician who is likely to receive (along with his family, friends and special interests) preferential treatment – just so his party can take over the United States of America? If you are older than 50 years old – you are at great risk from a system who might treat a younger illegal alien just because the outcome might be better and he might live longer and pay more taxes into the system.

Screw them all --

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