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Steve Poizner playing politics during business hours?

According to the pundits at the Sacramento Bee, it appears that California Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner, is attempting to play politics in an effort to bolster his name recognition for an upcoming 2010 governor’s race.

According to the Sacramento Bee’s AM Alert … 

“State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has called a news conference in Los Angeles this morning -- and it's not about the budget.

Poizner, a likely 2010 candidate for governor, is taking on Iran.”

“The GOP hopeful will order insurers in California to disclose investments they may have in foreign companies that do business in the oil and weapons industry with Iran.”

Adding hundreds of man-hours and significant costs to the insurers as they comb through investments in mutual funds and other investments which may be linked to multi-national companies who may be under no restrictions on doing business in Iran.

“Department of Insurance officials suspect the probe eventually will turn up billions of dollars of such indirect investments.”

Poizner has no power to make the companies divest, but he can (and will) disseminate the information they provide him. (Perhaps at another news conference....)”

A shameless ploy to attract media attention to his future race for governor?

“Poizner also aims to enforce a new California law that prohibits California-based companies from making direct investments in Iran, one of the countries designated by the U.S. Department of State as a state sponsor of terrorism.”

Perhaps he should leave the real enforcement of California law to those who are Constitutionally responsible for bringing actions of this type: the California State Attorney General?

Just another ego-driven liberal republican looking more and more like the ineffective Arnold Schwarzenegger as time goes on … 

Here we have another billionaire businessman turned liberal legislator ignoring his primary job to regulate insurance companies doing business in California, but attempting to make a broader political statement with his activities.

The United States government already has legislation regarding foreign investments and federal legislation supersedes state legislation. So why is Poizner squandering the time, effort and assets of his office in a critical budget year? Personal politics is the ONLY answer I can find.

This is definitely not a suitable candidate for the California Governor in 2010 – he is simply another republican like Arnold Schwarzenegger, ego-driven and devoid of any real leadership abilities.

He squeaked into office by running unopposed in the primary and faced the much-maligned Cruz Bustamante in the general election.

My opinion …

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