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Obama's foreign policy: screw our friends, reward our enemies ...


According to the Associated Press ...

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed the idea of establishing an independent Palestinian state beside Israel for the first time on Sunday, dramatically reversing himself in the face of U.S. pressure but attaching conditions the Palestinians swiftly rejected."

"A week after President Obama's address to the Muslim world, Netanyahu said the Palestinian state would have to be unarmed and recognize Israel as the Jewish state — a condition amounting to Palestinian refugees giving up the goal of returning to Israel."

"With those conditions, he said, he could accept 'a demilitarized Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state.'" <Source>

It should be noted that the Palestinians have always fought for the "right of return" to Israel -- where they could multiply and simply vote the State of Israel out of existence. Somewhat like the Mexican plan for Southern California.

Original Blog Entry ...

Perhaps the real problem is that President Obama does not recognize who our real enemies might be. After all he constantly confuses war and terrorism for political purposes with criminal activity which should be punished in civilian courts and mis-labels terrorists as “extremists.”

Being more than casually familiar with Islam, perhaps the President needs to explain to the American people  exactly what the Quran says about infidels and lying, cheating and worse to promote the faith.

Perhaps he can explain to the public exactly how Saudi Arabia has done more to spread radical Whabism in the United States and around the world to protect their Kingdom from attack.

Perhaps he can explain why a nutty dictator is allowed to keep building longer and longer range missile systems while enlarging his nuclear arsenal.

And perhaps he can explain why he is pressuring Israel to commit self-defeating acts while openly encouraging a terrorist nation to pursue nuclear energy – especially when he refuses to implement nuclear energy in the United States to achieve energy independence, rational energy pricing and a green energy source.

From …

“Obama will decide how good Netanyahu speech is”

The U.S. president was furious over Israel's stubborn negotiating stance and wrote a harsh letter to the prime minister.”

“Israel is endangering peace, the president warned, and if it continued to reject friendly counsel, the U.S. government would have to reassess its position on Israel.”

This is not foreign policy, this is blackmail, pure and simple. And even worse, blackmail for a personal political purpose which does little or nothing to solve the problems at hand.

My foreign policy expertise surely does not match that of the Yalies and the Princetonians in the State Department, but I am smart enough to know that “peace in the Middle East is a process which is multi-lateral.” 

That is, we need to have enemy combatants and terrorists restrict their activities before speaking of political solutions to military and safety issues.

We need to stop third-party interventionists such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and others from funding terrorist organizations such as Fatah and Hamas.

And we need to change the culture – to eliminate the textbooks and religious leaders who preach hate and violence in the name of religion. Something that cannot be done by a unilateral command from the media-ordained “chosen one.”

But most of all, we need to disrupt the flow of money to those who do not behave well. Yasser Arafat was a cold-hearted bastard who pursued terrorism for personal and political reasons. We were busy pouring billions into humanitarian aid and he was still socking it away in his personal bank account while urging his people to “sacrifice” for the cause,” live in abject poverty and martyr them for their religion. All because of the Jews

There was no infrastructure created which would lead to an orderly society and a mutually-beneficial co-existence with their neighbors. And none exists today.

Obama is a false prophet …

Only the incredibly naive would believe that Barack Obama sat in a church for twenty-some years without having absorbed some of the racist preacher’s anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and radical black liberation theology which encouraged “us vs. them” separatism. His associations with racist Minister Louis Farrakahn of the Black Muslims.  While some mitigate the danger of his radical associations by claiming that Obama was simply an “opportunist” seeking to get ahead in the political establishment, I really wonder if his skimpy background and lack of specificity about his birth documents really leads to the conclusion that Obama is the Manchurian Candidate being manipulated by a, as yet undetermined, anti-American, anti-Semitic philosophy.

So why should we allow President Obama to create a clear and present danger to our only true ally in the region, Israel, while pursuing his own political pipe dream?

Learning from history …

“The president was Harry Truman, the prime minister - David Ben-Gurion. The dispute was over Israel's refusal to take back Palestinian refugees after the War of Independence. At the heart of the American-led reconciliation conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, was the Arab demand for the refugees' return.
Israel did not want the refugees back, but neither did it want a crisis with the United States. The foreign minister at the time, Moshe Sharett, persuaded Ben-Gurion to throw the Americans a bone: Israel would announce its willingness to take back 100,000 refugees in return for full peace. If the Arabs refused, as expected, they would be blamed for the talks' failure. Israel had made clear this was a final offer, but Sharett was worried that the United States would not be satisfied.” 

“Seeking to show how difficult this offer would be politically in Israel, Ben-Gurion and Sharett brought it to the Knesset for debate, making it public after conveying it to the Americans. Sharett instructed lawmakers from the ruling party to oppose the offer. The show was flawless: Speakers from both the coalition and opposition attacked the government, no vote was taken and no real price paid.”

This affair has long been forgotten, but the dynamics have not changed. Today, too, a prime minister is facing off against an American president with a burning desire for achievements in the peace process; one who sees Israel as obdurate. Benjamin Netanyahu wants to find a way to assuage Barack Obama's anger without paying any real price. His solution, like Ben-Gurion's 60 years ago, is to voice solutions that change nothing on the ground and highlight his political risk.”

“Netanyahu needs ‘rebels’ in the Likud Knesset faction and coalition to show Obama how hard even a concession on paper would be, such as agreeing to a Palestinian state. If Benny Begin, Tzipi Hotovely and Danny Danon did not exist, they would have to be invented. Like Ben-Gurion, Netanyahu wants opposition, but is taking no real risk.”

“When he finishes his address Sunday night at Bar-Ilan University's Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, there will be no vote. Likud rebels in the past who opposed Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon were against change created by the withdrawals from Sinai and Gaza, and voted against the government. That's not the case now.” 

“If there are no surprises in the speech, Netanyahu will retreat from positions he has held for many years, but there will be no real change on the ground.”

What success?

Netanyahu's success will be measured by the White House's response. If Obama is satisfied, Netanyahu will have succeeded. If not, Netanyahu will have to write another speech.”

Truth be told, not a damn thing will have changed. The terrorists will continue their plotting and attacking. The people on both sides of the conflict will continued to be screwed over by the politicians. Israel will continue to fight to protect itself and the Obama Administration will attempt to coerce Israel into taking other self-destructive steps to weaken its defenses and accept the further loss of territory – while the terrorists continue to use ceded territory as a fire base from which to attack Israel’s civilian population. Notice these allegedly moral and peaceful people almost never attack military installation, but aim at old men, women and children. All because their religion does not speak as much about innocents as it divides the world up into believers and unbelievers. And as we have seen historically, anything is fair game against the infidels.

There is a way forward to Middle East peace. But unfortunately it must come from the participants themselves and not imposed by third-parties operating in the own self-interests, possibly to secure their need for ever-increasing amounts of oil.

If Barack Obama were a honest broker, perhaps he should embark on a policy of energy independence which would free the United States from the need to support dictators and others who regard human rights as an inconvenience and the need to share their massive wealth with their people as an annoyance.

Before, Osama bin Laden attacked the United States, he wanted to bring down his homeland of Saudi Arabia as a corrupt and evil influence. Perhaps the Saudi’s encouraged an attack on the United States to save their Kingdom in the hopes that the U.S. would continue to protect them from their neighbors and others who wanted the wealth of the nation to be spread among the people and not just the extended Saudi family and their friends. A dispassionate observer might note that the Saudis as well as every other government is based on an overwhelming tribalism which protects and rewards their own people while considering everybody else enemies and/or trading partners. This cannot be changed by a Presidential Executive Order.

Obama, the NEW Jimmy Carter …

President Jimmy Carter, who I personally believe to be self-serving and anti-Semitic, continues to speechify on behalf of the Palestinians.

“A day before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to deliver what has been described as a key policy speech at Bar-Ilan University, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter told Haaretz in an exclusive interview on Saturday that President Barack Obama will not change his position on the two-state solution and Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Carter added that Israel and the United States are on a collision course if Israel refuses to comply on these two issues. ” <Source

Considering the President Carter is almost single-handedly responsible for the rise of militant Islamo-Fascism and the creation of Iran as a hostile theocratic state, one wonders why Carter has not demanded a cessation to hostilities as a pre-condition to peaceful negotiations. Here is a man who claims to champion human rights – but refused to condemn those Middle Eastern nations which actively suppress human rights on religious grounds. Perhaps Carter should request his Hamas buddies formally recognize the right for Israel to exist as a state. Now that would be a major beginning.

Look at the risks and rewards …

Israel cedes more land to the Palestinians which may create a larger security threat. They know that the mostly anti-Semitic United Nations will not protect them and the United States will certainly not respond with nuclear weapons if they are attacked by Iran. There are no guarantees that another Arab state in the region will pacify the Palestinians and their third-party funding mechanisms.

The reward for Obama is to solidify his support of the black community which will certainly be required considering the dangerous domestic and foreign policies he has implemented since January 20, 2009. He is risking nothing by making these demands – Israel is risking everything by complying. Perhaps the best course of actions is to maintain the status quo and let Middle Eastern developments play out over time while we secure our own solutions for energy independence.

Having President Obama imposing a one-sided solution without requiring a major token of peace from the opposition – the cessation of attacks on Israel and the creation of further Palestinian infrastructure in their current territories -- is to cede foreign policy to Obama’s mentor, the anti-Semitic, racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Comments are welcome. Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve


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