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With all the fancy manuevering by our worthless governor and corrupt legislature, the solution to solving California’s problems remains hidden; once again proving that the devil is in the details


The players …

The special interests who seemingly have purchased their favorite legislators. These are the industry lobbyists, lawyers, consultants, public relations counsel and others who funnel cash and support to the politicians in return for allocating and funding their pet projects.

The assembly, comprised mainly of left-leaning socialists who want to become the "perfect people for a perfect planet." Their social agenda is simple: welcome illegal aliens with open arms, push gay rights to the forefront, provide universal benefits to all while making sure that their families, friends and other special interests are fully employed by the government and their vendors.

The unions, are all about money, power and the expansion of their membership. Ideology of the European socialists comes a distant second. They have purchased their power in the legislature and demand obedience. They have grown strong enough to shut down the government – and devious enough to have representatives in key positions in every branch of government. Their goals are modest: everyone needs to be a dues-paying union member to obtain a job in California, and the wages and benefits must continually rise.

The senate, similar to the assembly in ideological makeup. They are a devious and basically untrustworthy group who conspired against the people of California to raise taxes to cover the legislature’s profligate spending. At least the assembly is more open and honest about their goals.

The governor, an ego-driven movie star with a jet set lifestyle, is perhaps the worst of all. Pretending to be a republican, he has shown no leadership, crawled into bed with the liberal and far-left democrats and only wants to be well-taken care of as he contemplates his next political move.

Combined, these are the asshats who are bankrupting California. Siphoning off billions of dollars for their own purposes. The very people who put funding propositions on the ballot and then obscure the real meaning of the legislation or use Orwellian language so a “yes” vote turns into a “no” vote. The people who believe that large unionized construction projects which take years to fulfill should take precedence over other more immediate needs. Yes, what California needs is a high-speed train from Anaheim, owned and operated by Disneyland, to Las Vegas, owned and operated by the big corporations. Moving illegal alien labor conveniently to their unionized jobs in Las Vegas and providing a means to suck money out of our state to provide a “tax free” haven in Nevada for our expatriates which have moved themselves and their businesses from California to Nevada.

You will notice that the citizens are not represented in the pentagram, the traditional symbol of evil …

The citizens of the State of California appear to be a complacent lot who seem to be content that their leadership and the legislature is thoroughly corrupt and acts in their own best interests by promoting the wants and needs of the unions and the special interests above the interests of the citizens of California.

These are the sheeple who stand idly by while billions of taxpayer dollars are siphoned off into a corrupt educational system which is systematically dumbing down the populace, teaching activism and democrat values rather than life-skills and a history of independence and self-sufficiency. Standing idly by while emergency room after emergency room is closed, bankrupted by the costs of illegal aliens who are openly courted by the churches, the unions and the socialists who are vying for additional political power. Watching while our educational, healthcare, judicial and social, cultural infrastructure is decimated. Watching while California’s population is balkanized and turned into competing groups of victims – no group being so powerful as to upset the apple cart without the formation of a hard-won coalition based on divvying up the political spoils. These are the people who bitch and moan about the crowded freeways while all about them our government is spending money on trivial “feel good” projects which have nothing to do with repairing and replacing our crumbling water, electrical an transportation infrastructure.

Threats of a shutdown …

There is nothing more maddening than to see Governor Shwarzenstupid running around threatening a government shutdown – especially reducing the ranks of the first responders who provide police, fire and medical attention to the citizens of California.

Truth be told, these people should have first priority at funding. The repair and replacement of critical infrastructure second. Education next – but only on a severely reduced basis that cuts back on wasteful administration and building huge schools for a declining enrollment. And then parks and recreation. The programs nearest and dearest to the hearts of the governor and the legislature – those involving the so-called “arts” should be eliminated altogether during a fiscal crisis. No more spending millions in public money on special interest community redevelopment for the benefit of the developers and those who anticipate greater tax revenues. No more paying corrupt gang members for gang intervention programs which don’t work. No more paying off churches and other “community” organizations whose accounting is highly suspicious.

Time to cut the salaries and benefits of government employees back to a level commensurate with the private sector or outsource the jobs to the private sector. No more paying a premium for unionized workers with their “can’t be fired” and “reward seniority, not merit” attitudes. We need to downsize government, not find additional revenue sources.

Take Wall Street out of the equation by reducing our debt service on borrowing. Put people in jail for playing games with the people’s money.

How many citizens know that governmental agencies took designated funds and converted them into unrestricted funds by purchasing land and equipment with the designated funds, sold them off to private investors at a loss – and then leased back the very same land and equipment with a handsome rate of return from the state’s treasury? And then spent the unrestricted funds on their private projects?

We need to demand that the legislature start passing single-issue legislation and quit hiding important issues among tons of paper. Giving six-figure salaries to past politicians to work two-days per month. Here you can thank the ideologically-twisted news media for not reporting the whole truth and supporting the far-left agenda which has nearly bankrupted the State of California.

The solution …

Instead of the asshats cutting off our water supply to drive prices higher and imposing far-left liberal conservation efforts, let’s cut off their money. Better yet, let’s fire all of them. No picking sides. Vote for anyone except an incumbent or a returning professional politician.

-- steve

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Example: While California struggles to overcome a $24 BILLION deficit, the "California ssembly approves AB 627, a bill that would set minimum standards for food in licensed child-care centers, requiring a vegetable to be part of lunch and supper and forbidding whole milk for children 2 or older." Now it moves to the Senate. A collection of Neros fiddling while Rome burns.


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