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Just another one of my evil little thoughts …

Consider Barack Obama’s healthcare initiative and its emphasis on efficiency and cost-cutting. The question I pose is related to researching “best practices” and “outcome-based medical management methodology.”

“Best practices” are best for who?

Once the federal government standardizes on “best practices,” might it not restrict or deny certain procedures and drugs to patients by reducing or restricting the funding for these drugs and procedures?  And is it possible that the use of “outcome-based” research may be used to deny healthcare treatment to the sickest among us? Thus leading us down a path of ritualized medicine that does not allow for the individuality of patients or the opportunity to attempt “experimental” or “trial” procedures and drugs unless it satisfies government payor requirements or the attempt is self-funded.

Rationing, euthanasia?

The words “rationing” and “controlled euthanasia,” while not pleasant, come to mind. As do “black market” and “medical excursions” to other countries.

The conspiracy?

Now for the conspiracy – is it possible that an arrangement may be made between the government and the unions to allow union members, including government employees, to be treated differently than ordinary citizens as part of a negotiated union health plan. This would drive union membership through the stratosphere as people sought to become union members as an act of medial self-defense.

It’s a hell of a conspiracy and possibly something for the plot of a novel. But knowing the almost nuclear-strength bond between democrats and the unions, not out of the realm of possibility or probability. Especially since the governments at local, state and federal levels have treated union members under contract different from other workers in terms of “protected jobs and/or minimal layoffs.”

It’s a very small leap of faith …

The government screwed both the medical practitioner and their patients they day they inserted insurance companies into the system as single-source payors and allowed these very same companies to exact tribute for doing little more than processing payments. Eventually, these insurance companies were granted bonuses for capping costs – thus rewarded for limiting or denying a patient’s medical care. This led to the corruption of the United States medical delivery system by insurance companies demanding lower costs from doctors who were forced to band together to compete for coverage contracts. Medical groups demanded that doctors “speed up production” to the point where it might affect patient care. Believing that it was far cheaper to pay for a few egregious mistakes than pay for doing it right the first time.

Watching out for yourself …

Anyway, just a little something to keep in mind as the Obama Administration goes about its way in implementing healthcare in the United States.

Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve

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