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What will Obama's TelePrompTer say in the President's 100-day news conference with hand-picked, pre-screened "journalists?"

Welcome to another snooze-fest, where President Obama can look Presidential while delivering another lecture to the American people. Or recount the Administration’s great 100-day milestones and achievements. I wonder if he plans to congratulate the Navy on the rescue of hostage and mention the FBI to be politically correct?

Perhaps the message should really be: “Don’t look behind the curtains – the wizard is really a TelePrompTer operator. My only question is whether or not he will use his Stevie Wonder (look right, left, right, left) prompter or the big machine at the back of the room which leaves him looking straight at the America he is attempting to subvert with his egregious domestic policy and almost non-existent foreign policy which seems unseemly and overly apologetic.

According to the Associated Press …

“Obama plans prime-time news conference Wednesday”

“President Barack Obama will hold his third prime-time news conference on Wednesday, his 100th day in office.”

“Obama will answer questions from reporters in the East Room beginning at 8 p.m. EDT, the White House said.”

Now that he does not have to pay for extensive media coverage for his continuing campaign, will he hold one  press conference per month to distract the American public from what he is really doing behind the scenes?

Will the headline be: “Breaking news: Obama says nothing new nor substantive!?” As they say, stay tuned …

-- steve

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Obama plans prime-time news conference Wednesday

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