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When the government becomes the enemy ...

Voters as political abstractions ...

I was sitting at my desk wondering why our political system has led to legislative and financial chaos and, more importantly, what can be done to arrest our decent into a downward spiral of negative events.

Funny as it may seem, I think I have found an answer that yields a satisfying result.

The problem …

Politicians, conditioned by big money politics have ceased seeing the individual voter/taxpayer as a person; but as a unit of political power.  An atom or quanta of political energy which can be combined under favorable conditions to create a chain reaction. A chain reaction leading to the election of candidate who purportedly has the aggregated best interests of the individual units at heart. A candidate who will attempt to preserve the status quo and if possible extend the status quo to a higher level.

Whether motivated by money, sex, power, recognition – the candidate often starts out believing that they are a force for good and that they actually can make a difference.

After a suitable period of time being exposed to the system, the voter/taxpayer stop being considered as individuals who have wants and needs that are superior to the candidate’s need to be elected and re-elected to the office to which they aspire.

And after a longer period of deferential treatment and constant media attention, lofty titles and special perks and privileges, the awareness of the individual, the unit of political power, fades into the background. The unit is no longer important as an individual and is valued primarily for what their aggregated value brings to the candidate’s overall political future.

Schemes to manipulate the units are hatched. Costly schemes involving polling and media exposure. An expense that can hardly be born on an elected official’s salary. So, unless the candidate possesses a certain amount of pre-existing wealth, corruption is the only answer. Whether by doing favors for special interests or ignoring important issues of vital interest to the units, favors in the form of legislative positions are traded for money and support.

At this point in time, the candidate no longer serves those who he represents, but those who can guarantee the candidate’s supply of money, power, adulation and whatever else floats their boat.

There is no turning back, just as one cannot be a little bit pregnant.

The solution …

The solution is to elect citizen/legislators which limit the candidate’s exposure to the system using term limits. Accepting the fact that there will be corruption, but limiting the time for the candidate to be thoroughly corrupted to the point of no return. 

To elect citizen/legislators who have some record of past achievement and subject matter knowledge – a person who has made an actual contribution to society.

And, on the flip side, to avoid electing candidates who are professional politicians whose only achievement is found in a series of government jobs or a progression of elected positions.

To avoid electing celebrities whose fame confuses their personal attributes with the roles that they may have played in the past. Trained actors who use their charisma and acting ability to portray a role with convincing sincerity  -- but who, in spite of memorized position papers and teleprompter speeches, remains clueless.

To avoid electing lawyers, who by education and experience are taught to see an equivalency in both sides of an issue, to interject complexity for their own self-interests – and to treat everything as an adversarial encounter worthy of argument. These are the people who reduce simple concepts to unintelligible gibberish by the use of strange words and overly complex sentence structures; avoiding stating the obvious with references to other laws, rules and regulations. People who are uncomfortable without a precedent and who have great difficulty moving through the self-inflicted complexity of a given situation.

And to avoid using titles of respect, such as “The Honorable” so-and-so when the person is neither honorable nor honest. Not that I am recommending the title “Comrade,” but simply the use of their name as if they are still one of the units.

There must be a movement to honor the wants and needs of the units, as individual units, and to resist treating the units as a collective force to be manipulated for political power. There must be no effort to create a perpetual ruling elite that somehow “knows” what must be done with the power conferred by the position. As we have seen, especially in the past years, the ruling elite does not exist. Our elected officials were neither especially knowledgeable or honorable. 

And as the first step toward progress, we might try referring to the political units as people, same as you and I. My solution is simple: elect your neighbor to public office – the type of neighbor that actually lives in your community—rather than the professional politician who uses his relatives address or rents a house or apartment to qualify their candidacy.

We are fast approaching a crossroads of our political and financial future in 2010 – and certainly in 2012. We need to combine our own people into a cohesive force with a single message: throw the current bums out – along with their political parties. Stop treating politics as a team sport – with the psychic benefit of associating with a winning team. This is dead serious and we need to take our government back from those who have lost our trust with their special interest corruption and profligate spending.

It is now time to return to the ideals of our forefathers and reject the corrosive party politics and actions of those who do not wish America well. To return common sense to government before we find government has turned common sense into an Orwellian nightmare.

Consider your place in the political firmament …

Sit at your desk or in your favorite chair and think about our country and the direction it should take. Think about whether or not you want to be an individual with unlimited opportunity or part of the entitlement collective where favors are handed out on the basis of connections or seniority. Think about whether or not you will be manipulated by those who want to divide you by class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or some other artificial distinction – then make you into a victim who needs a particular candidate or political party to address your grievances.

If life has dealt you a difficult hand, just remember you could be playing your cards in China, Russia, Iran or somewhere other than in the United States. Under infinitely worse conditions with no hope for the freedoms and opportunity of achievement available in America.

Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve

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