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Thank you to who published an article titled “100 days: What Obama wants you to read.” The well-written piece contains 7 key message points that are being put forth by the Administration in their attempt to keep the mainstream media, many of who are already in the tank for Obama and his far-left activist agenda, focused in their propaganda efforts.

But, they also leave their fingerprints on all subsequent articles and programs … as well as giving us an easy way to analyze his actual performance.

“Here are seven things the White House wants reporters to write:

  • Obama is a promise-keeper. 
  • Obama is a game-changer. 
  • Obama is the decider. 
  • Obama’s not in the bubble. 
  • Obama is not FDR. 
  • Obama is FDR. 
  • Obama is one cool cucumber.

And here is the truth as I see it …

Obama is a promise-keeper, rewarding those who are corrupt, complacent or incompetent with high-ranking positions in return for their support. Doling out billions of dollars to special interests, including the unions, housing activists and others who were able to “get out the vote.”

Obama is a game changer as he radically moves this center-right nation closer and closer to a socialistic nation relying on soviet-style central planning and governmental intervention in all matters, big and small. Obama has done more to insure the bankruptcy and continued corruption of the political/special interests cabal than any previous president.

Obama is a decider, picking and choosing among options that are presented to him without doing any of the heavy lifting that was apparent in the Bush and Clinton regimes. He has decided to keep many of the Bush-era programs in place, but decided simply to re-name them lest he be associated with actions which he loudly condemned during his candidacy.

Obama is not in the bubble is the political-speak equivalent of an oxymoron. Of course he is in the bubble; the President by virtue of his position is always surrounded by advisers and supplicants. To the extent that Obama stages interactions with his friends and others in the larger community, most of them have been pre-vetted to insure that they conform with Obama’s outlook on life and do not present a questioning or disruptive viewpoint that might be used by Obama’s political opposition. More than former President Bush, this man is not only in the bubble – he created the bubble. When all is said and done, merely observing Obama’s actions proves him to be an “elitist.”

Obama is not FDR any more than FDR was FDR. The reference to FDR is a synthetic compilation of actions, outcomes subject to  media and historical musings. When Obama declares himself not to be FDR-like, he is referring to all of the negativity surrounding the FDR presidency and the fact that his actions prolonged the great depression and moved this nation closer towards socialism. FDR was all about creating victims and big government as the solution.

Obama is FDR in that he wants to be thought of as the savior of a nation and the right man at the right place at the right time. That is he wants to be associated with the mantle of greatness – even though that mantle is more fiction than fact.

Obama is “cool as a cucumber” is an apt description, although a more descriptive one would be that Obama is a “detached” president. Viewing everything from on high with his elitist viewpoint and superior attitude. I believe his is the ultimate “empty suit.” Telegenic and as articulate as un-enlightened as the fictional Ted Baxter who also relied on a TelePrompTer and the words of others to sound intelligent. Remove the TelePrompTer and he is hard pressed to appear both knowledgeable and presidential.

The real Obama remains an unknown quantity …

I know of no other President whose past personal history is shrouded in mystery and whose past associations are so dark and nefarious. Able to clear up the controversy about his citizenship by simply ordering the authorities to release his original birth certificate, he has chosen not to do so. He has also refused (à la Bill Clinton) to release his health records. In addition, he has revealed little or nothing about his past friendships or associations during his early years.

I know of no other president whose history is replete with examples of high-accomplishment while simultaneously not utilizing those accomplishments for any particular purpose. Almost as if the attainment of the title were enough to move him forward on a progressive path.

And I know of no other President who has allowed the Congress to set the final agenda in crafting “signature” legislation without exerting more input and control – other than to sign what was placed in front of him.

My impression of the sum total of President Obama’s first 100 days is that he appears to be a more toxic president that Jimmy Carter and will do more lasting damage to the United States than any other president in the history of the nation. He is a stage-managed empty suit who won office based on his so-called “black” background (even while technically being half-white) and the fact that a large portion of the media so thoroughly demonized the Presidency of George Bush – that merely running as the anti-Bush/Cheney was enough to overcome the tipping point and move him into office.

And like Rush Limbaugh, I do not wish him to succeed in turning our nation into a bankrupt, entitlement-driven, corrupt society that panders to special interests and makes our nation into the world’s largest Chicago or Detroit.

Feel free to disagree with me via the comment’s block at the end of this blog entry or via the e-mail link found under my picture.

Be well, be safe and take care of yourself and your family first.

-- steve

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