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NBC: The dangers of a corrupted media ...

From what I have heard on radio, seen on television and read in magazines and newspapers, NBC, under the management of Jeff Zucker and Jeffrey Immelt has made a conscious decision to support the Obama Administration – possibly to secure access to additional funding and ginormous contracts for General Electric, the parent of NBC.

To me, this sounds like they may have forsaken all journalistic ethics and compromised any value they have previously enjoyed as a fair and honest news broker.

Unfortunately, in time of potential crisis, this time the swine flu, their trustworthiness as a source of unbiased news is so suspect as to be utterly worthless.

I believe that both Jeff Zucker and Jeffrey Immelt have made a deal with the devil and that stockholders should demand that the GE Board of Directors appoint an independent counsel to investigate the matter. Perhaps headed by former GE CEO Jack Welch who, far from being a choirboy, cares for GE, the institution. And in spite of being responsible for the appointment of Immelt, has the integrity and balls to run a fair investigation for the Board and their shareholders.

Me, I am angry that any major news organization,purporting to be fair, would allegedly blow off its audience in favor of courting favor with the government – thus destroying faith and trust in their news coverage.

-- steve

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