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Democrat party faces tough decisions on California Propositions 1A-1F ...

Imagine you were a democrat politician faced with a critical vote … how would you react?

[  ] Vote YES on Proposition 1A-1F and extend the collection of taxes another two years and continue to fund our outrageous and profligate spending as well as providing financial support to the unions who give us campaign funds and voter drives.

[   ]  Vote NO on Proposition 1A-1F and give the California taxpayer, one of the most highly taxed people in the nation, a break. And cut our social engineering, special interest projects and district pork projects spending to close the budget gap.

According to the Sacramento Bee …

“Dem Party resolutions committee endorses May 19 ballot measures”

“The resolutions committee of the California Democratic Party endorsed all the measures on the May 19 ballot after heated debate this afternoon.”

“The measures now move to the floor for a vote of the full convention on Sunday, where the ‘no’ campaign must muster 60 percent of the delegates to block the party's official endorsement.”

“The most contentious debate came over Proposition 1A, the ballot measure that would constrain future state spending and extend the tax hikes approved by the Legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in February.”

Not all is as it seems …

Wink-wink, nod-nod: don’t worry, Proposition 1A is not really a spending cap or limitation, it contains a loophole which allows spending to rise as tax revenues rise.

“Assemblyman Kevin De León, a Los Angeles Democrat and member of the resolutions committee, spoke in favor of the measure, calling it ‘painful,’ but added, ‘We must have 1A.’"

“Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who helped negotiate the package, sat in the front row during the proceedings. After the vote, the Sacramento Democrat said he and other backers of the measures have ‘a strong case to make’ to the full convention on Sunday.”

The deal was negotiated behind closed doors with the democrats taking the lead. The only input from Republicans were the “give me” provisions to secure the three Republican votes necessary to secure the deal. In a candid admission, the republicans voted on which three republicans, the minimum number to assure victory, would be sacrificed to save the rest of those who took tax pledges from an outraged public.

Spinning the story …

“Mike Roth, a spokesman for the No on 1A campaign, called Friday's vote ‘a faction of the Democratic establishment that rubber-stamped a Republican plan.’"

Like the democrats will vote for fiscal responsibility …  (Yeah, right!)

"There will be a vigorous debate on Sunday where the real voice of the Democratic Party will be heard," Roth said.”

“Earlier in the afternoon, Art Torres, the outgoing party chairman, predicted that the party would not oppose any of the measures.'”

"I doubt if the convention will oppose any of them," Torres said in his final press conference.”

What is really at stake is the future of democrat slimeballs and their republican weasel counterparts … 

"What's at stake on these resolutions is the future financial credibility of California," Torres said.”

Bottom Line: Give me liberty or give me debt …

It is bad enough that the democrats have abused their long-term one-party rule of California to turn the Golden State into a giant refuge camp for illegal aliens and a money machine for special interest developers, contractors and such. All aided and abetted by a RINO (Republican Governor) who is so desperate to be the “big man” and be loved by the people that he sacrificed what little principles he may have originally had and acted more like a liberal democrat.

It is time to stop these corrupt and complacent politicians in their tracks.

-- steve



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