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What would liberal democrat hack Debbie Stabenow know about public service or the First Amendment? Is she even an honest broker?

What should you think of a Senator who is pushing for the fairness doctrine if you learned that her alleged hooker-loving husband was an executive of a liberal talk radio vendor who hoped to supply liberal-slanted programming to stations which were compelled by law to air “both sides” in the interests of fairness?

According to Radio Ink Magazine  …

“Senator: Talk Radio Hearings Could Be On The Way”

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) told nationally syndicated talk host Bill Press this morning that the recent flips of liberal Talk stations in several markets were a "disservice to the public."

The First Amendment does not require fairness …

Stabenow said that, in the day of the Fairness Doctrine, "you had to have balance," and continued, "I think something that requires that in a market with owners that have multiple stations that they have got to have balance -- there has to be some community interest -- balance, you know, standard that says both sides have to be heard."

Must we give evil equal time with good?

“Stabenow told Press that the airwaves are ‘dominated by one view’ that ‘overwhelms people's opinions -- and, unfortunately, incorrectly,’ and said that ‘right-wing conservative talk hosts’ are ‘trying to make people angry and saying all kinds of things that aren't true and so on.’"

Like the people can trust what Debbie Stabenow and her fellow travelers – liberal, far left democrats who routinely lie to the American public and pander to the worst segments of our population – thinks should be the truth?

Truth be told, Debbie, what the hell do you think you are doing when you and your fellow legislators spend millions of dollars on your campaign advertising? Are you presenting The truth? The whole truth? Nothing but the truth?

“When Press asked if it is time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, Stabenow responded, ‘I think it's absolutely time to pass a standard.’ To Press' inquiry as to whether she will push for hearings in the Senate ‘to bring these owners in and hold them accountable,’ Stabenow replied, ‘I have already had some discussions with colleagues, and, you know, I feel like that's going to happen. Yep.’”

Is Stabenow and honest broker – or does she have a real conflict of interest?

“Sen. Stabenow's Husband Nailed in Prostitution Bust”

“Bad day for Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.). Her husband,Thomas Athans, cofounder of a liberal talk radio network, is cooperating with police in an Internet-based prostitution bust at hotels in Troy, Mich., according to the Detroit Free Press.

“According to the paper, Athans told police he ‘paid a prostitute $150 for sex at a Troy hotel in late February.’ The story notes that Athans, 46, was not arrested or charged.”

“Stabenow, 57, released a short statement today saying, ‘This is very disturbing and serious. Obviously it's a deeply difficult and personal matter.’" <Source>

No Debbie, what is disturbing is not that your husband likes hookers, but that your husband is the co-founder and former CEO of the liberal-progressive Democracy Radio, an organization that produced and supported liberal talk radio and now the executive Vice-President of another liberal talk radio organization, Air America. Companies which would significantly profit from any requirement for owners of broadcast entities to purchase “liberal” content for their radio programming.

In her own words …

Just another corrupt democrat or merely an ignorant one?

Stabenow, like most of her ilk, do not realize that broadcasters and publishers are already accountable: not to the Congress and politicians, but to the people who can vote with their money. Turning the knob on what they believe is false or misleading. My conclusion is that Stabenow is just another ignorant democrat who believes that they are the arbiter of information and truth in the United States.

We need to question how Stabenow can represent herself honestly when her husband would directly profit from the legislation she hopes to influence.

As for not telling the truth, perhaps we need to demand that our elected officials be subject to the same laws as everybody else. Thus permitting the public to bring charges against those politicians who offer up false and misleading information and attempt to convey special privileges to their campaign donors (or spouses).

Bring Debbie Stabenow up on charges …

If she should attempt to interfere with the First Amendment, perhaps we should bring up Debbie Stabenow on charges that she has violated her oath of office when she swore to support and defend and protect the Constitution from its enemies, both foreign and domestic. 

-- steve

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