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Schwarzenegger taps sixth ex-legislator for six-figure post

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has yet again violated the people's fiscal trust by appointing yet another termed-out lawmaker to a six-figure post in state government, his sixth such appointment in recent months. "The latest appointee, former GOP Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, will earn $128,109 as a member of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board, which meets once a month. Read more ."

One meeting a month for $128,109! Out -- effing -- rageous!

There is an explanation ...

I owe Mathew Kaminski of the Wall Street Journal a significant debt of gratitude for succinctly explaining what has gone wrong with California and its RINO (Republican In Name Only) leader, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

California appears to be adopting the French model of democratic socialism …

“Now there's much to recommend the Old World. California brings to mind my last home, France -- God's country blessed with fertile soil for wines, sun-blanched beaches, and a well-educated populace.”

“The parallels are also disquieting. The French have long experienced the unintended consequences of a large public sector. Ask them about it. As the number of people who get money from government grows, so does the power of constituencies dedicated to keep this honey dripping. Even when voters recognize the model carries drawbacks, such as subpar growth, high taxes, an uncompetitive business climate and above-average unemployment, their elected leaders find it near impossible to tweak the system. This has been the story of France for decades, and lately of California. 

Schwarzenegger wasn’t always an asshat …

“Six years ago, Mr. Schwarzenegger arrived in Sacramento to ‘cut up the credit card’ and give the girlie men at the State Capitol a testosterone shot. California languished then in a fiscal crisis whose causes were pretty much the same as today. The hapless Gray Davis had been recalled, and the Austrian-born actor made a promising start to break the pattern.”

Pretty much washed up as a cartoonish action hero, Schwarzenegger wanted it all: the money, power and adulation that comes from being a powerful legislator. And he was willing to try to fill the part based on his artificially created personal and some good old Hollywood smoke and mirrors.

“In 2005, banking on his popularity, the governor pushed an ambitious ballot initiative to impose a hard state spending cap, limit the unions' political buying power, tighten requirements for teacher tenure, and overhaul a gerrymandered state political map. Arnold lost.”

He tried, at least at one point in time, to fulfill his conservative republican role. But the political realities relating to the relative power of the governor as opposed to a far-left socialistic “tax and spend” legislature finally came home to roost.

Apparently Schwarzenegger gave up and retreated to burnishing his reputation as a strong leader and man of the people by adopting far left causes with significant political upside and very little downside. After all, Schwarzenegger would long be dead before the people discovered that political policy based on global climate change was a political scam and unlikely to make a difference on the future global mean temperature.

“After that setback, Mr. Schwarzenegger shifted his attention to green jobs and energy, winning fans in Europe and among Democrats. ‘He's recognized that California's a pretty moderate place,’ says Darrell Steinberg, the Democratic president pro tem of the Senate. " ‘You've got to govern from the middle.’"

“People closer to the governor offer a different take. ‘Once he got beat, he reverted back to, 'I want to be liked,’ says a former Schwarzenegger aide. ‘It's classic narcissism.’"

Role reversal and playing against type …

For those unfamiliar with Hollywood jargon, an actor is playing “against type” when he accepts a role that casts them in something different from their already established persona. In this case, the hero has become the villain.

“In this budget debacle, Mr. Schwarzenegger found himself back where his remarkable political journey began in 2003. Only now with him in the Davis role. The pill is bitterer still since the budget he signed yesterday will raise the vehicle tax -- the same Davis tax increase he campaigned against and terminated in his first act in office.”

The French-California paradox? 

“California is in a French-like bind: unable to afford a welfare-type state, and unable to overhaul it. ‘The people say they want all these programs, then there's nothing they want to pay for,’ says Hector De La Torre, a Democratic assemblyman. ‘The schizophrenia in the legislature reflects the peoples'."

This is partially true. The true part is that California is unable to afford a welfare state and unable to overhaul it. The false part is that democrat De La Torre is the problem. He is so obsessed with maintaining his position that he panders to the unions for their campaign funding and the illegal alien lobby to retain his legitimacy in the eyes of his Hispanic constituents. It is a sad fact that the system is not corrupt, it’s the politicians who are corrupt. Many acting like Mexican socialists as they continue to import poverty and illiteracy over the border and pay for it with the money drained from the labors of law-abiding, hard working citizens.

Toxic unionization …

Both the democrat political model and the union political model both are built on the platform of Marxist socialism. Where one needs to create a disaffected victim class in order to seize and maintain power – ostensible for the good of the people. Both demand that people be segregated by class, race, ethnicity, religion, gender and any other category which can be exploited by making them victims and which would prevent them from becoming united behind a self-interested singular cause that relied on individualism rather than a collective managed by the political elite. Unions rely on corrupt politicians to work their magic and corrupt politicians rely on unions to obtain or maintain office. A parasitical infestation which will eventually kills its host over time as mediocrity, underachievement and the lack of free will are rewarded on a seniority basis by perks and privileges to those who signed-up for the program first. Consider who is actually driving the illegal alien hoards to America. The politicians who want future voters. The unions who want future members. And a complicit group of employers who want cheap labor. Not to mention Mexico, a foreign sovereign which wants to export their problematical people and reap the benefits of “control by proxy” over a rich and productive region of California. 

There is but one solution: Bankruptcy …

Renegotiation of the outrageous salaries and benefits paid to a bloated California bureaucracy. Reducing the size of government, reducing the taxation and onerous regulations which supports the bureaucracy and drives entrepreneurs and businesses into more friendly environments; not only border states like Nevada and Arizona, but such places as the Carolinas, Florida and other welcoming areas.

“Some Democrats and Republicans privately say the best option may be failure. The rough scenario is fiscal insolvency, followed perhaps by federal receivership. No precedent or legal avenue exists for a state to reorganize its affairs under a form of Chapter 11 protection, but that striking suggestion sounds better by the day.”

Or, in lieu of bankruptcy, the removal of all of the toxic politicians who have brought us to this point of failure.

As for Schwarzenegger, let him return to a life of movie star adulation and private business. He has proven he is incapable of being a political leader and should enjoy the rest of his life in the pursuit of happiness.

 As goes California, so goes the nation?

“Even discounting for the impact of global recession, the most populous state's ills are unique and self-inflicted -- and avoidable. In the last three decades, California expanded the public sector and regulation to Europe-like dimensions. Schools, state employees, health care, even dog kennels, benefited from largesse in flush times. Government workers got 16 official holidays, everyone else six. The state dabbled with universal health care and adopted strict environmental standards. In short, California went where our new president and Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco want America to go.”

What can YOU do?

Vote NO on each and every incumbent. We need to take back our government and right the ship of state – on a local, state and federal level.

Do not vote for any candidate or current politician who is willing to subvert the safety, security, sovereignty and economic strength of the United States or limit an individual's right of self-defense for their personal philosophy, power, prestige or profits.

-- steve

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