Mayor of Juárez, Mexico lives in the United States – just another illegal alien crossing the border?
Los Angeles selling out the people by subsidizing wasteful, incompetent and bloated government operations


Nothing new or inspiring here …

As expected: some doom and gloom -- just another campaign speech.  A broken record: nothing more, nothing less.  

Right, left, right, left – rarely pausing to look forward into the eyes of America – Barack Obama delivers another TelePrompTer’ed speech. Full of fancy rhetoric and pandering to his constituency, Obama said absolutely nothing new.

  • We have problems.
  • We have solutions.
  • We will punish transgressors.
  • We will need more money.
  • Send your money to Washington with a glad heart.

Exactly what the American people want to hear – written by speechwriters who understand oratorical flourishes and the need for applause lines.

Yada, yada, yada.

What I did not hear …

The one-thing I did not hear is Obama’s promise to bring about energy independence using one of the only known reliable sources of clean and cost-effective energy: nuclear energy.

All-in-all, another feel-good, trust us speech which means little or nothing in the overall scheme of daily living.

The Republican Response …

Rising Republican star, Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, provided the counter-response. Again, nothing new here.

  • Republicans screwed up.
  • We can do better.
  • We will regain your trust.

Yada, yada, yada.

Bottom line …

Both parties are vying for power and the public’s approval to spend your hard-earned tax dollars on their pet projects.

Consider what was happening while the rhetoric was hitting the fan …

A rock star performance: the ultimate triumph of style over substance

Like all Obama speeches – “words, just words” – and the devil is always in the details. Obama plans to change the character of the nation by radically reforming:

  • Healthcare;
  • Energy Systems; and
  • Universal Education

Although Obama failed to sell the stimulus package, the greatest thing that Obama wants is a bi-partisan shield for both Presidential and Congressional actions – which may be far beyond his abilities.


In the short period since Barack Obama was elected, Congress has spent more money than we have spent on Iraq, Afghanistan and Katrina for the past seven years.

And ask yourself, if we close "Gitmo," do you want terrorists to be held in local prisons -- possibly to encourage hostage-taking attempts to secure their freedom?

-- steve 

P.S.  What really pissed me off was that Obama claimed we inherited this crisis -- failing to mention that the democrats and the republicans were both complicit in creating the mess that they are now attempting to solve. And even now, under the current dire conditions, the democrats want to change the character of America and the republicans seem afraid that they won't get their share of the pork.

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