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Obama Administration approves Hollywood visiting IRAN! Providing aid and comfort to our enemies ... (Updated)


AFP is reporting ...

"The art advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged a visiting Hollywood delegation to apologise for 'insults and slanders' about Iranians in films, the ISNA news agency reported on Saturday. '(Iranian) cinema officials will only have the right to have official sessions with... Hollywood movie makers when they apologise to the Iranians for their 30 years of insults and slanders,' Javad Shamaghdari said.

"'The Iranian people and our revolution has been repeatedly unjustly attacked by Hollywood,' he said, citing '300' and recent Oscar nominated movie 'The Wrestler' as among offending films. In 2007, the war epic '300', a smash hit in the United States for its gory portrayal of the Greco-Persian wars, drew the wrath of Iranians for showing their ancestors as bloodthirsty. Similarly 'The Wrestler', was booed in Iran and heavily criticised for the scene of breaking and tearing of the Iranian flag by the picture's star, 2009 Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke."

"'We will believe (US President Barack) Obama's policy of change when we see change in Hollywood too, and if Hollywood wants to correct its behaviour towards Iranian people and Islamic culture then they have to officially apologise,' Shamaghdari added."

As predicted, the Hollywood left once again proved to be useful tools of a totalitarian regime by increasing both their prestige (Hollywood traveled to them) and their media access to continue their demands against the United States. Much in the same way that Sean Penn has been used by Hugo Chavez. When will the left learn that approaching our enemies with an olive branch only results in a slap in the face? Our enemies ONLY respect force and the will to use it. Nothing else matters. The inclusion of Annette Bening in the group was an interesting touch, since the Iranian power players are hostile to women's rights ... not to mention the human rights of their citizens.

Original Blog Post ...

I don’t give a damn what you call it … anything that provides aid, comfort and can be used for political propaganda purposes by our enemies is wrong …

Especially when the country they are aiding is complicit in killing American soldiers.

AFP is reporting that”

“A top-level team from the Hollywood movie industry traveled to Iran on a non-government mission, for a weekend of cultural and creative exchange meetings, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Friday.”

" ‘I can confirm that a group of Academy members ... are currently in Iran’ on a ‘completely private initiative for educational and creative exchange and with no political agenda,’ AMPAS director of communications Leslie Unger told AFP.”

No political agenda?

Then why are they there? It’s a totalitarian regime that does not respect freedom of speech, freedom of religion and has a horrible record of human rights violations. They are complicit in supporting Hezbollah and Hamas which has the resulted in the killing of both Americans and Israelis.

“She confirmed Iranian media reports saying the delegation included AMPAS president Sid Ganis, former president Frank Pierson, actress Annette Bening and producer William Horberg.”

Annette Bening: the new Jane "Tokyo Rose" Fonda?

"The Academy group did receive visas and is currently in Tehran," Unger said.

Iranian media said the AMPAS group would hold a series of meetings Saturday and Sunday in Tehran.

Wonderful:  they visit a nation with nuclear ambitions and threaten to wipe Israel off the face of the map …

“US-Iranian diplomatic relations were severed 30 years ago after Iran's Islamic revolution, and the rift has been further aggravated since Tehran controversially revived its nuclear program.”

“But Washington and Tehran have been showing tentative policy shifts after US President Barack Obama earlier this month said his administration would be ready in coming months to hold a "face-to-face" talk with Tehran.”

OBAMA: Signs of things to come?

Is this Obama’s idea of outreach to our enemies? Why is America permitting travel to a hostile nation which is complicit in killing American soldiers and threatens to wipe another country off the face of the map. Is Obama an appeaser … or worse, is Obama the Manchurian candidate?

-- steve

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