Los Angeles selling out the people by subsidizing wasteful, incompetent and bloated government operations

To what lengths will the Los Angeles City government stretch in order to pay for a wasteful, incompetence and bloated government that panders to special interests and the illegal aliens who are choking the lifeblood out of the healthcare, education, judicial, retirement, social and cultural infrastructure?

From the Los Angeles Times …

Los Angeles exploring deal to lease parking structures and meters to a private firm

“Mayor Villaraigosa finds the idea attractive after Chicago received a $1.15-billion infusion from Morgan Stanley for running its parking facilities and meters.”

Morgan Stanley? Isn’t that one of the firms that securitized mortgages and helped to create the current fiscal crisis?

“In a bid to potentially raise hundreds of millions of dollars for ailing city coffers, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is exploring whether to allow a private party to lease the city's parking structures and possibly its meters.”

“The mayor in recent weeks has quietly begun building a team of financial experts and attorneys who could advise him in structuring a deal. In December, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley -- whose city is also grappling with a budget crisis -- leased about 36,000 parking meters and several parking structures to the financial services firm Morgan Stanley for 75 years in exchange for $1.15 billion in upfront cash.”

“The city of Los Angeles is facing a shortfall of $430 million in its 2009-10 budget, and revenue worries have already threatened key Villaraigosa initiatives, including the hiring of more police. While city officials have yet to discuss particulars of a parking deal, the proposal would offer the city a rare injection of cash during a time of government belt-tightening.”

How many times can the mayor claim that the money is needed for more police – or the education of children?  This is a one-time payment that obligates the city for a very long time. And not one word about cutting the bloated government employee roster, demanding that city contracts be performed by the best and lowest bidders – with or without union labor, and curtailing services to those who are not legal residents of the city, state or country.

" ‘The mayor intends to move forward with a parking structure deal that makes the most sense for the long-term fiscal health of the city,’ said Matt Szabo, a Villaraigosa press secretary. ‘We are also aggressively exploring the possibility of a private partnership for the operation of the city's parking meters.’
" ‘While it's cliché to say the devil is in the details, in this case it really is,’ Szabo also said, adding that the City Council would have to approve any such deal.”

Again, these are all one-time deals which would see the money almost instantly evaporate in the morass of waste, fraud, corruption, self-dealing and special interests that is Los Angeles politics. Imagine the political campaign contributions to the members of the city council in order to continually raise parking rates to satisfy their new special interest friends who control parking.

This deal stinks – as well as sells out the future revenue of Los Angeles. All because the asshats currently in power cannot say “NO” to the special interests and illegal aliens.

Although the Mayor has already proven he lacks character and is woefully inadequate on the national stage, there is no secret that Mayor Tony Villar (even his made-up name is a sham) is a former Mexican activist who is seeking higher office. He has already assisted in turning parts of Los Angeles in to Little Tijuana, so perhaps he should run for the Presidency of Mexico.

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Los Angeles exploring deal to lease parking structures and meters to a private firm - Los Angeles Times

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